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Puhahah, this chapter is so funny!! That’s all that I will say for now.

I apologize if it was misleading that I am the author of this enjoyable novel. I am not, only a reader doing a fan translation! Author’s Note at the bottom and rather short this time compared to the last one.

Thanks everyone for your support!

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If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

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Author’s Note:

Su Nuo: What do men count as, it’s gaming that is really fun.

#E-sports doesn’t need love

The plot in-game is very very little, won’t affect the reading.
My archived copy is really gone, you guys also are mature readers, should learn how to code yourself!

(TL: I think something about her novel in a certain format, like text or whatever?)

Still 100 red pockets.
See you tomorrow QAQ (TL: face emoticon)

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Translator Notes:

So amusing to see a female protagonist comment on male anatomy for once, albeit obliquely. Truly fearless.

Su Nuo keeps it real. *thumbs up*

Shen Wang has it coming though. He looks down on the old Su Nuo for loving him and got used to expecting her to stay still in one place, waiting for him. So many Chinese novels claim the female lead will get their revenge but all it means is they get the same scumbag guy. *rolls eyes* Ugh! I’m glad this novel is different, or seems to be different.

Also, I used to play MMOs, specifically WoW (MMORPGs). I was a healer. So I am quite used to the lingo. It’s just that Chinese slang is a bit odd sometimes and doesn’t directly translate. Therefore, Chinese gaming lingo is also a bit hard to decipher. I will try my best!

Just a general breakdown for MMOs, they have their roots in RPG (role playing games). If you play any gatcha games, it’s kind of like that but you, yourself, become one of the mons/gatcha and slowly level.

There are generally two types of play: PvE and PvP.

  • PvE = Player vs. Environment
    • Against bosses in dungeons
    • Competition in terms of ranking for first kills server wide, nation wide, world wide, etc.
    • Need a large group of players, usually requiring cooperation within a guild
    • Continual grinding needed to get drops off bosses (aka loot) to slowly upgrade one’s equipment. This grind is what is called farming and can be applied to anything:
      • Materials (aka mats) – either by constantly gathering/collecting from questing or in game professions/jobs or killing mobs
      • Gear – usually by running dungeons/instances non stop
        • Party with guild members or friends/family – quality/cooperation much higher and thus, higher efficiency for farming drops/time
        • People without guilds will need to run pugs (pick up groups) to run, their quality are usually much much lower
      • Gold/in game currency – associated with shady underground market fed either by draining hacked player accounts or illegal (usually against Terms of Service for game) bot farming or notorious Chinese gold farmers
  • PvP = Player vs. Player – PK is general Asian term for Player Kill, Americans tend to use gank
    • Casually – more opportunistic such as if conflict arises during questing such as if someone steals your kill or just wants to harass lowbies/newbies or retaliatory action or maybe built in game interactions such as factional friction like Demons vs. Humans (that’s what I would assume from the novel’s MMO Nine Heavens)
    • Competitive
      • In game tournaments – Most games will have their own in house ladder system that is usually server wide or maybe cross server.
      • e-Sports tournaments – This is where professional gamers come in to play. Professional e-sports players earn income through endorsements or paid from being on an e-sports team. These tournaments must have a huge following in terms of games and be broadcast somehow to be profitable.

So either players will mostly concentrate in either one of those categories as well as the rarer types that dabble in both areas. Situational awareness is needed for both types of players to do well. But normally PvE players have a set strategy to follow as group cooperation is emphasized. PvE emphasizes avoiding pitfalls from the environment, such as rocks falling, lava, boss attacks. Hence, the name is versus the environment. PvP’ers must have very good situational awareness to react to the constantly changing and frenetic pace of game play. There’s generally a much higher barrier to entry for doing well in this field.

So when Shen Wang PK’ed or ganked Su Nuo as Tester01, that was PvP. The dungeon she ran to get the umbrella drop with Love One Sword Length is considered PvE.

The author said that in game matters don’t matter too much but I thought I would explain if someone wants to know and is outside their own knowledge base.

Wow, I wound up rambling lots! Good thing this is all after the chapter, haha!

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  1. Oof! He deserved it though!

    One Love Sword Length is actually quite likable, hopefully we get to see more of him!

    Thank you for the chapter!

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