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Anyway, apologies for the long delay in posting. I rushed the translation a bit as a result. I also didn’t get a chance to do my antiscraping/bot measures with the images… Oh well, an occasional chapter here and there should be okay.

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Sweet Finale to a Lifetime of Quick Transmigrations
Chapter 21

Su Nuo is cooking in the kitchen. The others feel uneasy watching, so they got Liao Zheng, the only one who can cook noodles, to go over to lend a hand.

Liao is the oldest in the band. He usually horses around with his buddies and make off color jokes. But he would be serious when he should be serious and understood how to match his words appropriately to the occasion. Just like now, he kept a very proper and dutiful distance from Su Nuo without any hint of exceeding his boundaries.

“Your brother is pretty happy that you have have returned,” he suddenly said.

Su Nuo bowed her head, picking vegetables with scallion pale fingertips.

“Well, you may have heard rumors before regarding Yuan Ze.” Liao Zheng cautiously peeked at Su Nuo, “Don’t trust too much in all that internet gossip. When Yuan Ze set up the bar and underground band, the biggest reason was to look for you.”

Su Nuo was stunned.

“The number of people disappeared everyday this year is already not little. Some of them were trafficked to mountain villages by criminals, while others became auction items on the dark web. In this vast sea of people, wanting to find a single person is extremely difficult. So he organized a world PK tournament, leveraging this connection to cover ground, bit by bit. He didn’t let go of any hint of a lead on you. “Liao Zheng laughed bitterly. “It’s just that we never expected that you are right under his nose.”

Su Nuo was protected too well by the Shen family, changing her name, giving up her origins to use the identity as the pearl of the Shen Group to safely grow up to the age of 19.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

“Yuan Ze cares about you so much, everyone around him all know. I hope that no matter what outsiders say, you won’t have misgivings towards your elder brother. He loves music so much, but forced with no other options, who would like to dwell daily in the dark.”

These music fans’ enthusiasm is not lesser than those of orthodox musicians, but they are inferior. Except for Yuan Ze, no other place wanted them, looking down on their third grade talent for music.

Su Nuo’s fingertips trembled and she saw a picture vaguely. The young Yuan Ze was carrying her on his back in the hazy and lingering afternoon heat, his mouth humming a clear and moving melody.

And what became of this Yuan Ze in the novel all due to Meng Yiran? Arrogantly self righteous and using any means, Meng Yiran had him give up on his dream. That incomparably proud throat could never make anymore sound. After he was jailed, Shen Wang bought out old prison heads to mark him a dead man.

What about Yuan Che and Yuan Cheng? They wanted to speak up in justice for their elder brother, but had their legs broken by Shen Wang’s subordinates. In regards to Su Nuo, as the supporting female role that was the original heroine in the script, there was no way possible that she could end up well.

The system said it before that her original life was a happy family and her parents loved her beyond doting. Her childhood love had nestled her into the tip of his heart to spoil, but the outsider who interfered broke the order. If she wanted to restore her original position, she could only eradicate the root.

Su Nuo gritted her teeth. Many years of transmigration let her value not fighting or snatching, and not being the flashy high profile bird. She thought as long as she protected the Shen family parents’ affection for her, that would be fine. As for how Meng Yiran and Shen Wang wind up, she doesn’t care at all.

But now, she can’t.

Every single day that Meng Yiran continues to exist is a threat. Her big brother, her little brothers, including herself, will all suffer calamities.

“Little Cotton?” Liao Zheng called her back to earth.

Su Nuo reacted then continued to cut vegetables. The knife work was clean and neat, shocking the observing Liao Zheng silly.

“Thank you for telling me all this,” she said. “Whoever treats me well, I will remember. I won’t care whatever other people say, because I know it’s my older brother.”

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Liao Zheng was stunned, then he laughed and his arms suddenly relaxed, “That’s good, I was still worried if you would look down on me.”

Su Nuo’s eyes curved and her voice was soft. Almost laughingly at herself, “If you want to disdain, you should also disdain me. Suiciding over love and creating such a rowdy spectacle, it doesn’t sound good at all.”

Liao Zheng paused, “You are foolish, but those scolding you for this are bad and poisonous. But rest assured, the captain’s sister is our sister. Whoever dares to bully you in the future, we will definitely break his… teach him how to be a person.” Liao Zheng was worried that he frightened this little miss and hurriedly changed his words mid-speech.

“Liao bro, you your mother talk then talk. Don’t be so close to this old man’s sister, you want to die, right?” Outside in the living room, Yuan Ze uttered viciously and gutturally.

Liao Zheng shrugged and pulled away further.

After they finished eating lunch and also baking some bread to serve as breakfast, Su Nuo readied to leave.

Yuan Ze couldn’t relax letting her leaving by herself and wanted to escort her, but was finally tactfully rejected by Su Nuo. He didn’t like to force others and merely sent her to the yard’s gate.

He leaned lazily against the door, “How about I get Mian Mian to bring you.”

Su Nuo shook her head, “You all drank yesterday. It is not safe to travel today. Also, I have to run over to the company first.”

Yuan Ze yawned, his sleepy phoenix eyes about to drift close, and he firmly braced himself. “It’s not convenient to hail a taxi over here, how about I give you the car key.”

Su Nuo said, “I don’t have a driver’s license.” She can drive, but didn’t have time to take the test. She thought she should use these few days to test for the driver’s license.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

“Go back to sleep, I’ll go first.” Su Nuo waved her hand, about to leave. Yuan Ze gently held her wrist, bent down, and pointed to his cheek. “Kiss brother once.”

Su Nuo shivered.

“If you don’t want to, then forget it.” He let go and yawned again.

Su Nuo pursed her lips and rose up tiptoeing to kiss his face once. The big boy that was just frowning instantly bloomed into a smile.

Yuan Ze rubbed her head, “Go back, be careful on the road. If mom asks about me, just say that I will go back when I’m free, and also tell that old fart that his external debt that he owed, I’ve already helped him pay back. The clothing factory and house from before is impossible to regain, but can grab a small kiosk as income for old age. So stop driving around and spend more time with the family. ”

“Why don’t you tell him?”

Yuan Ze stuck out his lower lip. “No time.”

Su Nuo knew that Yuan Ze still had qualms towards Yuan Guohong. But he was stubborn and didn’t want to soften towards Yuan Guohong, not afraid even if the other party was his father.

Su Nuo was not good at persuasion. After seeing Yuan Ze return to the house, she closed the door and turned away to leave.

After taking two steps, she suddenly felt her neck turn cold, as if someone was spying on her.

Su Nuo frowned, her gaze drawn over.

His figure was hidden in a field of grass with smoke clouding at his fingertips. Amid the wafting white vapor, his eyes were cold and gloomy.

Su Nuo glanced silently for two beats before averting her gaze.

After Shen Wang extinguished the cigarette embers and threw it in the trash bin, he caught up with big steps. His legs were long and his pace was fast. In a mere two or three strides, he was blocking off Su Nuo’s path ahead.

“Did you accompany Zhao Yunqing or Yuan Ze last night?” Shen Wang arrogantly looked down upon her, the pressure of his aggressive attitude made one breathless.

Su Nuo was bored of his bullying manner, so she went around him and continued forward.

Shen Wang ran up full of fire, snatching her arm and flinging it against the tree beside him. Then he leaned forward, imprisoning her firmly in the middle.

(TL: a fierce kabedon)

“Didn’t mom ever educate you that girls need to cherish ones purity? Unless upon leaving the Shen family, you just gave up on everything and started to go with the flow. Don’t you know who Yuan Ze is, yet you dare to walk so close to him.”

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Shen Wang can’t see through her the more he looked. If he hadn’t remained here, he would have never thought Su Nuo stayed with Zhao Yunqing last night and even changed men this morning.

Su Nuo lifted up her eyes, showing a smile yet not a smile, “Why are you so angry? Oh, I know. Your virgin complex is acting up. You can’t stand knowing that your first woman is with other men, so you are angry.”

“Su Nuo.” He practically gritted his teeth while saying her name.

The discreet ridicule on Su Nuo’s face faded away, all that remained was indifference.
Shen Wang had never seen this expression before on her face. It seems as if ever since she woke up, she always faced him with this indifferent appearance. Almost as if she treated him as a stranger of no importance or connection, too lazy to even bother bestowing a glance.

This huge disparity inexplicably annoyed and upset Shen Wang, his brain burnt hot and he blurted out thoughtlessly, “Su Nuo, how did you become so cheap, you are degrading yourself, I am ashamed for you.”

After that, he stopped, flabbergasted and the thumping of his heartbeat accelerated.
He was well raised and will still maintain his gentleman’s demeanor even if he doesn’t like a girl anymore. Yet when faced with Su Nuo, he always says that he can’t control his emotions and can’t help uttering all kinds of excessively over the line words, just as if gu witchcraft was cast on him…

Gu witchcraft is a type of poison from bugs implanted in your body that is believed to be capable of controlling the victim. Sort of like a puppet via voodooism. This is an ancient Chinese belief and I only heard of it when I started reading translated Chinese novels.

Shen Wang’s heart felt guilty and his mouth was agape wide open. But before he could even make a sound, he felt a fiery spicy pain from his nostrils. The unbearably burning pain blacked out his eyes, and his mind went white blank momentarily.

Su Nuo grasped that ring, the red spicy oil inside was all gone.

She coldly watched Shen Wang, curled on the ground from pain and unable to refrain from ceaselessly trembling. Then she finally retracted her gaze, turning without emotion.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Shen Wang covered his already long swollen nose, and the hot spiciness of the burning sensation made him unable to even open his eyes. He groped with both hands for support across the ground and tried to climb up with great suffering. Yet he felt his foot stepping on empty air. With a splash sound, Shen Wang fell right in the middle of the round lake behind him.

Su Nuo paused her steps and turned her head to look back.

Shen Wang was hydrophobic and can’t swim ever since he was a child. At that moment, the 2m* deep lake waters were like a bottomless abyss sucking him down.

*TL 2m ~6.5

Su Nuo tilted her head, just like that, looking without moving, observing, letting him struggle while battling for his life in the lake.

The splashing waves on the lake began to fade and his thrashing gradually settled. Finally his body sank, leaving only a few strands of black hair floating on the lake surface.

Su Nuo threw down her bag, stripped off her white dress, kicked off the stiletto sandals, and stretched out her arms like a mermaid to dive forward into the freezing cold lake water. She swum fast like she was flying and also gracefully, finally fishing up Shen Wang and bringing him upwards.

Shen Wang’s consciousness was on the verge of fading. The debris in the lake waters stung his eyes. He half opened his eyes and saw a girl’s crow black hair strands floating in the water like seaweed. Scattered thin beams of sunlight penetrated the lake and fell upon her face. The light swayed and glimmered, her glamorous beauty was without compare.

Suddenly, Shen Wang’s heart that was flustered from falling into the water became still.


If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Su Nuo dragged Shen Wang ashore, throwing him up without any gentleness.

Seeing no one around, she hid behind a tree to remove her underwear and wrung it out, before putting it on again. Then she came out to see Shen Wang lying spread open on the ground.

His nose was red and swollen, his body muddy. Where was his usual coldness and arrogant elegance? Su Nuo raised her foot and viciously stepped hard onto the front of his chest. Shen Wang coughed out a few mouthfuls of lake water and woke up.

Su Nuo turned around to pick up her dress and wear it.

Shen Wang slowly clambered up, his eyes narrowing into slits. Su Nuo’s back faced him while she wore her clothes. Due to this, Shen Wang clearly saw the kiss marks traced on that snowy white swan like neck and several hints trailing down her back.

Shen Wang clenched his fists, his eyes burning and his thoughts returning to a clear sobriety.

“If you aren’t dead, go to the hospital yourself.” Su Nuo squeezed her wet hair, picked up her bag, and left his sight with a straight back.

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Author’s Note:

Don’t scold! The heroine saving people isn’t to be a saint, but so as not to be held responsible. Causing death through negligence means imprisonment! Besides, the Shen family treated her so well that it’s impossible to let their son die. The most important thing is that if Wang Wang died, then this work is over. Even more importantly, Nuo Nuo is a good child.

TL: Then the rest is taking too much to translate and doesn’t seem to make sense or seem very important so I will try to do it at a later time.

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TL Notes:

Yuan Ze really didn’t stop at nothing to find his beloved little sister. Thinking back, it makes sense with the author’s elaboration behind the original novel. Like there had to be a reason why Yuan Ze left the Yuan family at a young age. Then he had to have quite a bit of money or power in order to be a good villain for the original novel. But then what would have his motivation been? So all this backstory makes much more sense with the characters’ current attitudes, even that stupid Shen Wang.

I really hate how the original plot of the novel ruined the entire Yuan family now that we really know how they are supposed to be like. Ironically, if we were reading that novel, we would likely agree with their original treatment. So it seems like Shen Wang’s three friends may have had a part in Yuan Cheng and Yuan Che’s legs getting broken in the original plot. I don’t know how I feel about that. They are still teenagers… The fact that Shen Wang even had a hit taken out on Yuan Ze after he was already imprisoned in the original plot speaks a lot about his character. He is the only one that is still like his original character. He is really not a likable ML. I absolutely detest him!

Hahah, Yuan Ze thorough preparation came through! Su Nuo has no time for you to grow up, deal with it yourself. Sort out your own feelings on your own and stop venting it out on others for them to deal with, it’s not their problem Shen Wang!

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11 thoughts on “SFLQT CH 21

  1. Translator sama thank you for your hard work❤❤❤❤❤
    May be you would call me a bit ruthless but if it was me instead of Mc I would not save that rubbish . I mean considering all events that we know for now , they would probably be more than enough reasons not to save him. Not killing him and not kicking his ass is already is being a saint .
    Possibly she saved him because of filial pity to his parents .
    I really like Mc’s brother 😍

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    1. Yea I totally agree but realistically, it’s more trouble than not to not save Shen Wang at this current time. It would also pain the Shen family parents. So I very begrudgingly understand Su Nuo. She made sure to enjoy the sight of him drowning though lol. Savage!


  2. I remember reading something along the lines of the mere existence of the transmigrated girl in the world setting had some sort of warping effect on the characters of the story. So that could explain how those teenagers so easily broke the brothers’ legs.

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    1. Ya, it does but it does also let me reflect more on the trope itself. How writers may like to write mc to be too merciless or lawless and forego character development. Sometimes mindless reading is ok but not all the time. So i like how this novel puts thought into it.


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