Still trying to keep to my one chapter per week. Just busy at work and home so currently not able to stockpile.

Nervous about corona in NYC, talks about hate attacks too. I don’t think my work will let me work from home either.

I quickly banged out this chapter. Let me know of any mistakes or feedback! Thanks all for your patience and support!

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Sweet Finale to a Lifetime of Quick Transmigrations
Chapter 22

Su Nuo was planning on traveling to Heavenly Road from her big brother’s house for the contract cancellation. She just didn’t think that she would meet Shen Wang, with his entire body even stained with a sullen air.

After returning home by taxi, Lin Zhi and everyone else weren’t there. Su Nuo touched her clammy back, lowering her head to sniff. Her body wafted a moist and moldy odor, letting one feel incomparably uncomfortable. After Su Nuo scavenged some clean clothes out of the wardrobe, she went into the bathroom for a comfortable hot bath. She then wiped her hair partially dry, dragging her overwhelmingly sore ankle over to sit on the sofa.

The left leg’s ankle that wasn’t fully healed had became red and swollen from contact with the water. She bowed her head and sighed, cursing her fragile daintiness. Even if the system restored her health, but her physical temperament did not change, dainty, and she shattered at a touch.

“Mom, I’m back—!”

Yuan Cheng and Yuan Che entered, all covered in streaming sweat.

“Where’s mom?” Yuan Che picked up the coffee table’s water kettle, noisy gulps swallowed down straight into his mouth.

“She wasn’t here when I came back,” she said, wiping her dripping wet hair tips with a towel.

Yuan Cheng turned his gaze and saw her ankle was slightly swollen, “Weren’t you much better yesterday, why does it look a lot worse today?” Yuan Cheng was attentive and with one look noticed Su Nuo’s sprain became more severe.

Yuan Che also wandered over, saying, “Oh really, did you run around?” Then, his finger daringly poked down.


If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Su Nuo slapped it away and gave him a stare.

Yuan Che pouted, “you deserve it, since you and big bro won’t take us.”

“Applied medicine yet?”

Su Nuo shook her head, “I just took a shower and didn’t get a chance. Can you help me get it from the room? It’s on the table.”

Yuan Cheng nodded and returned to the room to get her medicine.

Su Nuo was about to take it when Yuan Cheng avoided her, “I’ll smear it on for you.”

She retracted her hands.

Yuan Cheng lowered his head, fingers holding the cotton swab, carefully applying it to the sprain. His movements were overly gentle and after smearing for half a day, still didn’t apply much of the ointment.

Seeing his jumpy and nervous appearance, a laugh escaped Su Nuo. Her heavy heart suddenly lightening up a lot.

“Better that I do it myself. By the time I wait for you to finish smearing, the wound will have healed already.”

Yuan Cheng’s face turned red.

“I just saw a few seaweed strands dragged in by the shoes you took off at the door. Did you go into the water?”

Su Nuo lifted her eyes. She didn’t expect that even though Yuan Che a fool, but his observation capability was strong.

“My ex-fiance fell into the water, so I went down to save him.”

Yuan Che’s eyes glared wide open, flustered and exasperated, “No way, big sister? They have already treated you like that, and you are still turning the other cheek! Even dung beetles won’t pick up poisonous turds!”

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Su Nuo applied the medicine, eyes full of humor, “Just called me big sister? Good, call again.”


“… Fuck.” He shouted a few times.

“He fell in the water indirectly because of me. If I don’t save him, I would be in prison now.”

Yuan Che scornfully snorted, lifting up an arrogant face, “Why explain to me, it’s none of my crappy business.” After he finished speaking, he went to the yard with a devil may care attitude.

After he left, Yuan Cheng tugged on Su Nuo’s sleeve and said, “We tested very successfully on our math practice exam today. The teacher praised us. The girl that is Yuan Che’s secret crush actually came over to talk to him. He is actually quite happy and full of gratitude towards you. “

“The kid even has a secret crush on a girl?” Su Nuo tilted her head, and suddenly felt intrigued.

The Yuan Cheng that realized his mouth spilled secrets had a shifty gaze. Due to his nervousness, he stuttered, “You, you must keep it secret, if he knew that I told you, he would definitely be angry.”

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

“Relax.” Su Nuo rubbed Yuan Cheng’s sweaty hair without any disdain. “I won’t say anything.”

Yuan Cheng was suddenly stunned for a second by this touch, and quickly lowered his head, knees in, with trembling fingertips as if shy, “Thank you for helping me and Yuan Che study.”


“It was wrong of us to scare you in the beginning. We- we were just so angry that an outsider came over and snatched away our room, our computer, and mom dad even took part of our pocket money for decorating the house for you. We just felt …… ” He finally said out loud all the things buried in his heart, so his whole body felt refreshed and light as if bathed in a clear spring. Regarding Su Nuo’s acceptance or rejection, then that was her business.

“I know.” Su Nuo said, “I don’t mind, you guys don’t need to take it to heart.”

Yuan Cheng rubbed his heated earlobe. “Then …then can you help us review English tonight? There’s an English test tomorrow.” As he said this, his voice got lower and lower.


Yuan Cheng let out a sigh of relief, and gestured okay towards Yuan Che outside.

The twins have strong learning abilities. Helping them to review their English lessons didn’t take much effort. After leaving a few questions for them to do, Su Nuo logged in to the game with her laptop, supervising on one side while playing on the other.

She is still crafting outfits for Tester01’s Celestial crane. The materials are almost all done with gathering, only missing the celestial feather and seven colored stone. These two are high grade ingredients. The former requires completing a chain quest on Celestial Soul Island. The seven colored stone then needed to be dug up in the mining area of ​​the Demon Realm, the official website stated that a mere 10% was the drop rate. The absolute worst was that many good-looking outfits required seven colored stones.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Su Nuo had already obtained the celestial spirit feathers, and crept to the mining area to start automated excavation. She thinks that one night’s work should be able to dig it up.

“I’m done, you check to see if they’re right.” Yuan Che poked Su Nuo’s arm with a pen.

Su Nuo picked up the paper and her one glance scanned past ten lines, “The third question is an imperative sentence, you need to place the verb at the beginning of the sentence. Everything else is no issue.” Also looking at Yuan Cheng, “Are you done?”

Yuan Cheng shook his head, “I’m still short one sentence.”

Su Nuo didn’t rush him, gazed at the character continuing to mine on screen, left her seat to go to the toilet.

When she returned, she saw that she had fallen down to the ground, her sides completely surrounded by a group of people.


What is this situation.

Su Nuo glanced at Yuan Cheng and Yuan Che with raised brows, then her brow returned back to place.

She moved the mouse and was just about to revive. Those people forcibly revived her and then killed her twice. Su Nuo’s experience bar was instantly reduced by a third. She pursed her lips tightly, before noticing that the people beside her were actually Ling Ling Xi and other clan members.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

[Glutinous rice sugar]: Got a problem?

[Ling Ling Xi]: What are you acting for! Give me the seven colored stones!

Seven colored stones?

Su Nuo opened her bags, and then discovered that quietly lying inside was an extra stone, unknown exactly when it came, and it was even bound to boot. In this game, items are dropped by default unbound, and unbound items can be traded. If players are afraid of any losses, they can be bound manually.

But she went to the toilet just now, she had no way to control, that is to say …

Su Nuo raised her eyes, calm gaze fell upon the two.

Almost instantly, the two brothers winced.

“Talk.” The calm word was full of dominance.

Unable to hide things any longer, Yuan Che pouting his mouth, a little unwilling, “I dug it a bit for you just now, and then I saw the ground shining all over. From my past experience, the excavation must be high grade material. The result was that these three people came over insisting that they discovered it first, wanted me to scram, or else kill me into oblivion. I couldn’t promise, so I just retreated for the sake of advancing and waited for the item drop, before getting a step ahead of them to collect and bind it… ”

“I-, I-, I had good intentions, you can’t blame me!” After finishing, Yuan Che picked up the book and sped out with smoke trails. Yuan Che looked left then right, and also followed to run away.

These two naughty imps.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Su Nuo rubbed her brows from this headache, and put her hands on the keyboard to type.

[Glutinous Rice Candy]: It was my brother before, I didn’t know the situation.

[Ling Ling Xi]: Yo, you are such a white lotus. Come, come, come, you get over here to let me kill a bit. I also say it was done by my little sister. Talk less crap, give me the seven colored stones.

[Glutinous Rice Sugar]: It’s bound, I’m afraid I can’t give it.

[Ling Ling Xi]: Ah, ah, then you just wait to be killed down to level 0.

[System Tip] Ling Ling Xi opens mandatory PK on you. You cannot go offline in the PK state.

[System Prompt] Dog 2 Egg Ears opens mandatory pk on you. You cannot go offline in the PK state.

[System Prompt] Sun Wuji…

Their party all opened a mandatory PK on Su Nuo. In PK mode, the names of both sides become red. If the PK target is killed then it is regarded as a failure and three times the experience value of a normal death is lost. Conversely, if the PK initiator is killed, the experience value lost will be five times the normal amount, and PK mode cannot be turned on for three days. This mode is very cruel, so normally, players will not use it. Now these people clearly are relying on using their larger numbers to bully her.

The Demonic Minefield area has many people mining. Seeing PK mode opened, everyone came together to partake in watching the lively spectacle, and even announced in the World Chat Channel. Very quickly, more and more people arrived and gathered.

[Come Liquor Cup]: I say, you guys are not magnanimous. Four level 40s bullying a single level 30 girlie.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

[Gambling King]: Taking bets, taking bets! Friends, let’s bet on who will win?

[Jincheng Beauty Like a Flower]: Can somebody review the circumstances leading up to this? What happened?

[Pei Pei Ai]: Likely over a seven colored stone, Ling Ling Xi said that they saw it first, wanted this girlie to scram. Then this Dancer directly grabbed it and bound it, and that was that.

[Fatter by Three Catties* a day]: Then it’s really deserved.

(TL: 1 catty ~ 1 1/3 lb)

[You’re sleepless tonight]: How could this be deserved? The thing is right there, can her name be written on it? Calling for Glutinous Rice Candy’s Dancer to Fighting!

(*TL: Ganbatte or 加油)

They hadn’t even started fighting yet, but the non-participants had already argued into a mess.

Seeing more and more people besides them, Ling Ling Xi began to ridicule Su Nuo elaborately.

[Ling Ling Xi]: Ladies and gentlemen, you all know how difficult it is to dig seven colored stones. We have been digging in this plot for three days, and finally with much difficulty dug it out. She directly grabbed it. If you want it, then you can say it and I can give you. Yet without saying one word and just grabbed it. Would a decent human being do things like this?

Ling Ling Xi once posted a photo of her cosplaying in the official forum. She has big breasts and a sweet smile, which attracted many male players to become her lackeys. Her current pitiful act while selling tragedy instantly turned the situation around.

A group of people condemned Su Nuo in the channel and the world chat, with some even going straight to sending a private chat.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Su Nuo closed the private chats with a heavy gaze and discreetly analyzed the gear of the four people across from her.

Ling Ling Xi’s Dancer, level 45, all her skills were selected for healing. Dog 2 Egg next to her is a Hidden Flower assassin. Hidden Flowers stressed bursting down in one set. Killing long range mages may be easier, but going up against Dancers with their many crowd control skills and healing abilities may not be so easy. Sun Wuji is labelled a Night Sun Daoist Priest, level 39, but with only level 30 gear.

(TL: 法师 and 道长 weren’t previously listed classes in Chapter 6). Really not sure if I translated 一名宿阳工道长 correctly.

What about Su Nuo?

These two days, she was leveling while she was crafting. The remaining materials were used to forge weapons, so her crafting skills were maxed out. It definitely will take a lot of effort for one versus four. However, as long as she kited well and controlled smoothly, these people were definitely not her match.

At this point, Yuan Cheng pulled Yuan Che inside again.

Looking at the nerve-wracking situation onscreen and the poor little Dancer completely surrounded in the middle, even if it was Yuan Che, he still felt a little bit guilty, touching his nose, “Then, why don’t I go apologize to them?”

“No need,” Su Nuo said, “I will kill them until they yield.”



Sister, wake up! You play heals, not a daddy!!

(TL: healers are called nursemaids in Chinese and heals are milk, so like a mom. Hence, she isn’t a daddy)

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Author’s Note:

Go understand violent Dancer daddy a bit ←←

Then she reminisces about playing games and how she had an in game master that beat her up every day in the game city. Then she wonders why healers love to kite. Well, kind of forced to since healers by nature are unable to burst DPS down a target.

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TL Note:

Yuan Cheng is definitely the nicer twin, haha. Yuan Che is a brat but then again, he is the youngest too. I also like how he implied Shen Wang was a shit, because he is a stinking turd.

他叫个几把叫 Wasn’t sure how to translate this except literally… I might change it later, just didn’t have time to research in depth like how I would like.

熊孩子 literally translates into bear children but it basically means naughty imps, like lawless wild kids. Sort of like the Lost Boys and Peter Pan.

White lotus is Chinese internet slang for those that like to act like they are above the dirt/dust but are just faking it. Another common derogatory term is green tea bitch.

Also generally people can toggle on or off PVP mode. Chinese will call PVP as PK, same thing. The avatar/character’s name will turn red to showcase this change and now the PK-enabled player may be targeted. Usually, players can’t attack other players without this mode enabled.

Gaming names: There’s too many but I will try to list some that kind of needs more explanation. I’m starting to hate translating the gaming stuff, it’s hard to keep track of since it’s only occasional and I forget what I translated what in to…

  • 狗二蛋耳 = Dog Two Egg Ears, I translated it very literally, not quite sure to be honest.
  • 孙无极 = Sun Wuji, Its a very xianxia name because Wuji is the same name as Heavenly Sword, Dragon Sabre protagonist I think. It means matchless, no limits, boundless. Sun means grandson and can also be a surname. This is a very role player name in a xianxia game.
  • 来碗二锅头 = Come give me a bowl of Two Cauldron Head or Erguotou, which is a white distilled liquor.
  • 呸呸嗳 = literally the sound pei pei ai, pei is onomatopoeia for spitting noise and ai is like a sigh.

Apparently, “真人cos” is the Chinese way of saying cosplayers. It literally translates to live action or real person cos…

I knew it that Ling Ling Xi was going to be an elitist asshat! Her name said it all. She’s the one that immediately objected to Su Nuo being added to the clan due to not meeting level requirements. She also plays a healer and most likely doesn’t want anyone to compete with her. Kind of funny that she accused Su Nuo of being a white lotus when she is one. Even if Su Nuo sort of stole the mine, she just arrogantly and one-sidedly claimed it. She wasn’t even there, she rushed over!

Also, kiting is a way of PVPing where you will utilize the environment to either line of sight or force opponents to chase you down while you slowly kill them or control them with skills. There’s a lot of skill at play as well as class balance. It’s quite complicated and I was never good enough to really give a good analysis. Just know kiting is basically a way to control your character to give yourself the most advantage by utilizing the map.

Go Su Nuo!!

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