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Apologies again for the inconsistent releasing but prioritizing work and my family. Remote schooling kicking my ass so many ways to kingdom come.

I also burnt the edge of my right palm badly while cooking. It’s blistering and having random stabbing burning pain. My husband tells me that I will have weeks of on and off pain to contend with as it heals. Though it’s drastically improved right now. That first night was utter pain.

Thank you M. Landers for the ko-fi! I admittedly have not prioritized the translation and your ko-fi pushed it back to the forefront. I lost track of time of how long it’s been since the last update. I lost track of time in general, actually.

I hope that there aren’t too many mistakes once this gets published. If there are, please point them out to me! This chapter also seemed very long to me when compared to the beginning few chapters.

Thank you all for your patience and support!

Now, on with it!

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“Is it very funny?” Hearing the laugh, Shen Wang then directed her with a contemptuous gaze.

“Forget it.” Meng Yiran tugged on Shen Wang’s clothing, breathing raggedly, “Su Nuo doesn’t mean anything bad by it.”

Su Nuo’s lip corners quirked up, placidly watching the un-moving elevator floor indicator.


The lights flickered on, the elevator sluggishly started moving again.

Shen Wang supported Meng Yiran upright, softly asking, “Can you stand up by yourself?”

“Un.” She shut her eyes, “You can let go now.”

The moment Shen Wang’s grip loosened, Meng Yiran started quivering again and toppled over to one side. He instantaneously reacted without thinking, securing her within his embrace.

Meng Yiran chuckled in self derision, “I knew that President Shen didn’t want to bother with me, yet I’m still troubling you today.”

He lightly replied, “It’s not a problem.” As he said this, his vigilant gaze slightly swept over Su Nuo.

She has a bad heart and can’t suffer claustrophobic environments. Shen Wang pursed his lips, before finally lowering his eyes without saying a word.

The elevator quickly reached the ground floor, Su Nuo carrying her bag took the initiative to exit through the door first. Shen Wang wore his face mask again, then slowly followed behind while supporting Meng Yiran. Just one couldn’t imagine that Su Nuo would be waylaid by a wall of press upon reaching the lobby, such that not a bead of water could escape, though she was not the objective of these reporters.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

“Yiran, is it convenient to take an interview right now?”

“Regarding the collaboration with Zhao Yunqing, do you have anything you would like to say?”

“President Shen is actually at Heavenly Road now, is it possible to please discuss matters concerning the game promotion?”


The reporters buzzed and hummed, question after question was flung out nonstop. Su Nuo wanted to leave, but the unyielding mass of press did not give way not one inch of leeway. Being shoved repeatedly backwards by this group of people, she frowned. Afraid of twisting her ankle again, she single-mindedly stuck herself to Meng Yiran’s back, temporarily letting her be a meat shield.*

*meat shield is also what they call a tank, gaming term. lol

“Concerning all the media’s questions, I will answer them all. Would everyone please settle down and remain calm.” She was composed and measured, face with a smile that could calm the sweltering summer heat. The originally chaotic media reporters hurriedly restored order among themselves.

“President Shen’s game is about to go open beta, rumor has it that you are the game’s spokesperson. Is this true?”

Meng Yiran’s eyes flickered, “What a pity. I intended to cooperate, but President Shen had already picked a more suitable candidate.”

The reporters asked, “Is it convenient to disclose who?”

Meng Yiran glanced at Su Nuo, “I think that Su Nuo is very willing to answer this question.”

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

The whole room fell silent.

Everybody here all knew that the noble young miss adopted by the Shen Group fell out with the Shen Family young master. The engagement ceremony made it clear that Shen Wang’ felt only utmost annoyance towards Su Nuo. Yet ultimately, although this had just happened, Shen Wang as a game developer went to find Su Nuo for endorsement?

After the throng of reporters were stunned for a few seconds, a mic pointed at Shen Wang, “President Shen, is it confirmed that the spokesperson for <<Nine Heavens>> is Su Nuo?”

Both of Shen Wang’s hands were in his pockets, his eyes and brow emitting iciness and after a short silence, he uttered a single “yes.”

“Then are you two going to make up?”

This question was very pointed, Shen Wang opened his mouth, about to answer when the long silent Su Nuo off at the side finally uttered, “We have never gotten along before, how to even discuss making up?”

At last, the media reporters deigned to shift their focus onto her.

Just before Su Nuo kept hidden and in addition to Meng Yiran’s overwhelming halo, the media personnel didn’t pay much heed to her. Now that she spoke, the cameras were all directed towards her.

The reporters suddenly discovered that Su Nuo almost seemed to have transformed into another person.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

She stripped her heavy make up and cut her hair, submitting herself barefaced without adornment before the public. Even without any drawn embellishments, she still had a delicately refined face, skin so white as if glowing, sitting below willowy eyebrows were eyes sparkling like gems, every fluttering fan of her eyelashes like a butterfly flapping its wings.

Su Nuo wore very ordinary, nondescript, casual clothing, standing upright with a straight spine, no unnecessary movement or expression, completely composed and easy going.

They have become inured to Meng Yiran’s dazzling looks, so one could say that any other female celebrity standing next to Meng Yiran’s side would be steamrolled. Yet currently, the ethereal Su Nuo is akin to the clean gardenia jasmine. Although not as showy as a rose, yet beautiful in its tranquility, it makes one want to see it again and again.

Su Nuo looked too docilely meek, the foremost reporter couldn’t refrain from voicing contemptuously, “The meaning behind your words is that, there was no relationship between you and President Shen before?”

“There is,” she said, “A normal sibling relationship.”

OMG, they took each other’s V-cards, how is that normal?


Su Nuo didn’t give any opportunity for the reporters to attack, speaking frankly, “The engagement was my adoptive parents’ idea, President Shen and I both did not know. As for the attempted suicide, that was nonsensical gossip. Ever since childhood, my constitution has been poor with a fragile heart. That day I was overly exhausted and fainted, knocking down a flower vase, wounding my wrist. I never would have thought that things transformed into a suicide attempt for the sake of love when it reached the ears of reporters.”

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

The reporters all looked at each other’s faces, “So speaking this way, you and President Shen are not affianced?”

Su Nuo gently smiled, “Gossip can be a big or small stone. A small pebble smashed towards yourself is like a insignificant, mild irritant; but once gossip causes this stone to become big, then it can smash someone to death. I hope that this group of reporters will carefully consider the consequences of their words, not to slander carelessly. Otherwise I will take action, using legal measures to protect my rights and interests.”

Once she said it this way, their mouths were completely blocked.

“Take care,” After uttering these two words, Su Nuo bypassed the throng and departed.

Shen Wang, surrounded by a crowd, watched Su Nuo’s figure. Under the blue sky, she strode alone through the mass of people, through the sea of cars. Her figure gradually melded into the bright sunlight, before finally disappearing without a trace.

Shen Wang’s heart jumped, there was an inexplicable sense of panic.

A whole day gone and she was tired to the bone. After returning home, she changed her clothes and laid down on her bed to rest in sweet, sweet comfortable bliss.

The media moved quickly, she had only just returned home when they uploaded the entire interview. Borrowing Meng Yiran’s fame, Su Nuo siphoned off a good amount of attention.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

— Meng Sis is so beautiful today!

— What the! By the side, is that Su Nuo? I almost didn’t recognize her.

— I’m dead. I actually find Su Nuo good looking. Is her frame really that petite? *

*The literal translation was her bones are that small? It was weird. I think Asians are obsessed with the small face or w/e.

— The bone structure is really good looking. But I don’t believe her words. Utter poppy cock.

— I originally wanted to play this game. Fine, I’m not going to then.

Su Nuo scrolled through the comments, before remembering that she seems to have her own Weibo (TL: Chinese Twitter / Facebook). Vaguely remembering, she entered a password, prompting an error message. After a few attempts, Su Nuo completely gave up. That account of hers only had 300k followers, of which 200k were bought by the company. Of the remaining 100k followers, if they were not bots, then they were advertisers, extremely embarrassing.

After considering, Su Nuo registered a new account again.

[Su Nuo that Forgot the Main Account Password]

The id is cute and whimsical.

She nibbled on her fingernails, set her avatar profile, then made her first post.

[Su Nuo that Forgot the Main Account Password: New home.]


If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

She suddenly received a comment notification.

[Zhao Yunqing v: Then I am the first guest to visit.]

TL: the v is like the victory or peace sign I think. Like so: ^_^v

Su Nuo: …?

If this was discovered by Zhao Yunqing fans, wouldn’t this cause waves.

Su Nuo hurriedly changed this Weibo’s setup to custom visibility, then diverted away Zhao Yunqing followers. Originally, she wanted to send him a text. Then she thought that they only had a one night stand and didn’t really leave behind any means of contact.

TL: He tried to leave you contact info, you didn’t want it, girlie!

Su Nuo sent a private message: Don’t follow me.

Zhao Yunqing responded quickly, with a single question mark.

Su Nuo said: It’ll be bad if fans find out.

Zhao Yunqing: If it’s about our adult sleepover.* Don’t worry, the fans won’t find out.

*TL: The literal translation was you me adult’s night so I did some alterations.

Su Nuo suspected that he was an old hand* at this, and furthermore, holding evidence.

TL: This was internet slang that I only picked up on because it was completely out of place. It literally translates into can drive car. So I researched it and it basically means like an old vet or experienced in the field, just not sure what the latter part of the sentence meant so I could only translate it literally.

Su Nuo: Weibo is a place where the wall has ears*. In order not to ruin Film Emperor Zhao’s sterling name, I’ve decided to blacklist you.

*TL: The literal translation of the idiom is more like many people, various eyes. It means that the secret is in a place of too many people with various possible factors preventing secrecy.

The moment after the message was sent, Su Nuo blocked him without any hesitation.

TL: Savage!

Zhao Yunqing was dazed for long while, then he smiled right away.

He didn’t panic or freak out and browsed for Yuan Ze’s phone number. “Hey, is it convenient for you to give me your little sister’s contact info?”

TL: His trump card! But he still gotta contend with a siscon to use it!

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Upon hearing this, Yuan Ze was put on guard immediately, “What you want to do with the contact info of this old man’s sister?”

Zhao Yunqing in a light voice, “You are my life savior. So naturally, your little sister is my little sister. I have an opportunity over by me, so I wanted to see if she was interested or not.”

“Work?” Yuan Ze still had some suspicions.

TL: He really is an actor, can say that with a straight face. Definitely not normal to screw your little sister. Yuan Ze’s siscon senses are on target!

Zhao Yunqing, in a composed and disaffected manner, “Un, work.”

Yuan Ze, without looking at his contact list, smoothly rattled off a series of numbers. Then right after, he warned viciously, “If you harbor any weaselly intentions, this old man will slaughter you.”

TL: Yuan Ze is good at memorizing numbers. Remember how he manually called Zhao Yunqing while he was drunk?” Also the weasel intentions was an idiom it appears that literally translated to yellow mice wolf or Siberian weasel.

Zhao Yunqing’s brow smoothed out, humor revealed in the depth of his eyes. How could he count as harboring weaselly intentions, he was earnestly, seriously harboring grown up intentions.

TL: Implication is that he is all grown up and serious about her, not trying to play around with her.

He waited for Su Nuo for 8 years, anticipating Su Nuo for 8 years, following her to wander this strange and colorful world for 8 years. This time, no matter what, he can’t let this person escape again.

TL: Yup! He must be that despotic king she mentioned! He is also a stalker… Sounds pretty sinister to me how he said it, if not for the author’s note that he is ML, I would suspect he is her enemy. A bit yandere-ish.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

[How are you, this is Senior Brother Zhao.]

Added and sent friend request.

Following this, he clutched his cell in hand and quietly, silently waited in the chair.

Su Nuo was in the middle of gaming in bed, laptop in hand, when she heard the vibration of her cell phone notification. She offhandedly opened it, perusing the message with a simple scan. Contemplating a bit, she tapped to accept.

[Zhao Yunqing: Strange, this is already the second day?]

In response to his humor, Su Nuo’s reply was seemingly indifferent, she said: Senior brother has nothing better to do?

TL: 闲 = the literal translation is idle but it loses some of the subtext that comes with that word. It implies you are bored with nothing else to do.

[Zhao Yunqing: Because I am so busy, my only free slot to idle is given to you.]

Skirt chaser.

Honeyed words, silver tongue.

Sure enough, he is not a sincere person.

Both of Su Nuo’s hands left the keyboard, texting: Be careful that I don’t tell my brother.

Zhao Yunqing arched an eyebrow, this ingenue was quite smart.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

[Zhao Yunqing: I have a drama, it’s currently lacking a support role. There’s only 3 minutes of screen time. Do you want to try out? I can recommend you to the director, as for whether you can get the role, depends on yourself.]

[Su Nuo: Does this count as going through the back door?]

[Zhao Yunqing: Just a matter of one sentence, so it doesn’t count. If you are willing, it can be counted as doing a favor.]

TL: It was hard to figure out if he meant doing him a favor or her a favor as Chinese sentences seem to have a lot of implied pronouns and subjects.

As Su Nuo was about to respond, lines of the game’s private message channel popped out repeatedly, one immediately after another. Dididangdang, the noise making one’s eardrums sore.

She lifted her head to see and found she had died who knows when. Gazing at the screen’s bottom left, the private message channel streamed constantly.

[Send You to Heaven]: Like to seduce other people’s lovers so much?

[You are a Big Watermelon]: Look, this is the incense I lit for your mother.

[……]: Slag thing. White lotus.

TL: 司马东西 literally translates into Sima (the surname) East West, which makes no sense. It’s internet slang. Si ma might be homonym for dead or something derogatory. The East West is dongxi, which sounds like thing to bypass the internet censors I believe. There is alot of nonsensical Chinese internet slang to bypass censors. Like grass mud horse is one common example, since it sounds like F* your mom though written another way. White lotus flower is another way to say green tea bitch. In the olden times, a lotus was admired for its clean beauty that seems to rise above the mud. Nowadays, it’s used as internet lingo to describe a fake bitch that pretends to be angelic but is snake-hearted.

[Clan leader] Miechenshi: Glutinous Rice, what’s with you and Love One Sword Length?

[Devoted Love For You]: I’m gone a few days and you hook up with my man? Are you shameless?

[Love One Sword Length]: Are you there, are you there? Hurry up and log out, my lover hired three assassin accomplices for a hit on you. This is my fault, wait for me to explain and clear your name before you log on.

Just in browsing these few lines of private chat, Su Nuo was killed again. This time, the resurrection point was directly blocked.


What is this?

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

[Zhao Yunqing: Are you there?]

She rubbed her temples, lowering her head to type: [Thanks for Senior brother’s good intentions, if I want it, then I will fight for it by myself. This time, let’s forget it.]

Besides, the two of them have that type of relationship. So even if it’s only a sentence’s effort, Su Nuo doesn’t want it.

[Su Nuo: It’s truly normal for things between men and women to develop. Regarding Senior brother, I was very satisfied. I don’t have any other thoughts outside of this and hope that Senior brother not mind this too much, there’s no need to take too much care of me.]

TL: Line in the sand drawn!

After sending these words, she tossed down her phone and focused back on the game.

Immediately after, another private chat message came in.

[900M Young Girls’ Dream]: Girlie, what happened? Why did someone suddenly post about you in the forums?

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Author’s Note:

Su Nuo: Senior brother, let’s talk about our physical connection, not about feelings.

Then she talks about update times, red pockets. It’s a short note compared to the last one.

Previous / ToC / Next

TL Note:

Meng Yiran is laying it on thick. She is supposed to be a good actress? She sounds more like an over actor. What the hell.

I know people can have trauma and PTSD but it’s not like they will act normal and then randomly can’t move. The psychological aspect of the condition is what triggers the physical symptoms, no? So it makes no sense to me to have no psychological symptoms with only physical symptoms (i.e. altered frame of mind, agitation, emotional, change from normal personality such as detachment, mania, etc.). It’s not an ailment arising from a physical wound, it’s physical manifestation with a psychological root.

Like, why would she talk fine and then only have shivering, shuddering, etc. I guess I am ignorant?

Please comment if you know better than me as I am definitely nowhere close to being a professional! Just annoyed because she’s obviously doing it as a ploy so I find it understandable that Su Nuo saw through it.

Shen Wang is an ass. He wants his cake and to eat it too, so to speak. If he really was so concerned about Su Nuo, his actions doesn’t show crap. Reminds me of the hostage situation again. Concerned about her heart but does bull crap. Useless! He deserves 100% of Su Nuo’s disdain.

I did this work exercise, which everyone bitched and moaned about. Essentially, impacts overrides intention. Sometimes even if you have good intentions, it doesn’t matter if it has a bad outcome. You know the saying that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” right?

Kind of annoyed too that Meng Yiran is working with our ML, Zhao Yunqing. Yet that also makes sense since they are both famous stars under the same management company. Hard to say how Su Nuo will be in the mix from that since she is no longer managed by the same company anymore.

So annoyed at Meng Yiran, what a white lotus flower / green tea bitch. Ugh. Another slap worthy character. So catty. Trying to toss her to the press to roast, quite obvious about it too. Of course, Shen Wang is blind to it. For someone that insisted on dropping her as a gf, he is still biased towards her.

I don’t mind that Su Nuo lied that it wasn’t a suicide attempt. If it was a suicide attempt, reporters should not be reacting this way in the first place and making it salacious gossip. Then that makes it more accepted socially to attempt suicide as a cry for help because when your gut reaction is to assume it’s gossip, it means there’s no sympathy for the pain that led to that decision/action. I just think it’s terrible how people want to use that as gossip.

When you trivialize suicide, you also trivialize the depression and other mental disorders that lead to that state. I think there’s a very strong pressure to conform in Chinese society, values, culture. Hence, the poor support for mental disorders and the feeling of shame, needing to hide it, etc.

How the hell did Zhao Yunqing find her so fast! A little out of the realm of reason I find. Completely stalking her…. I don’t know…

She is completely drawing the boundary lines very clear though. Wonder how the author will progress the love story.

So annoyed that Love One Sword Length’s jealous lover making trouble. Seriously? Feel bad for the guy.

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