Hi, I know I’ve been gone way too long. The remote schooling for my kids ramped up to a different level of difficulty. I also got a bit discouraged reading the reviews of those that MTL ahead to the ending that the book wasn’t great. I hate when a book is promising and then turns to crap.

Anyway, I won’t keep apologizing because life got in the way but I do believe just finishing through the work of translation will be the best atonement.

I am not going to mess around with Patreon or whatever and just straight translate. If you guys still want to give Kofi, I won’t say no but I do this as a side hobby. I can’t promise any consistency.

I can’t be like those translators that can mass translate and stockpile. I am a full time mother of two with a full time job.

I also don’t think my translating style means I can work with an editor as I edit while I translate. I work off MTL along with the source text to try and get the right translation. It’s a delicate process to me since various things have to balanced. I will also stop translating the author’s notes as that takes a lot of work since there are usually more colloquialisms that make me go down these weird rabbit holes.

Thank you all for your patience during my very, very long break.

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On the way home, Su Nuo was silent all the way.
Zhao Yunqing sat beside her, browsing around casually on Weibo, then glanced at her afterwards: “You are trending right now.”
There could finally be considered a slight reaction in Su Nuo’s normally placid eyes.
“What did you say?”
He didn’t respond and just handed the tablet directly to Su Nuo’s hand.

#DancerSuNuo #SuNuoRoyalty

These simple four word hashtags trended into the top ten search. When browsing through, not a single one wasn’t praising her for her utmost air of ethereal immortality or as an absolute pinnacle of beauty in the world.

As Su Nuo continued browsing, in today’s premiere for <<Nine Days>>, as soon as 8 o’clock hit for servers to open, the entire server crashed. The most pertinent reason is Su Nuo’s high profile performance at the press conference, every single one of Su Nuo’s movements shown uncut in its entirety  in a live broadcast.

Su Nuo is very photogenic, strikingly rising heads above the masses with a pristine ethereal temperament that is incomparably unique. Su Nuo in the video is brightly glowing and her brows give off an otherworldly appearance, as if untouched by mortal dust.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Beauties are a dime a dozen in the entertainment circle, but beauties with dispositions that capture with a single glance are rare. Meng Yiran relies solely on this glamorous outer appearance of hers to seize onto people’s memories. Although Su Nuo is not the most beautiful, her temperament is the most dazzling and unique.

As can be imagined, countless anonymous netizens started blowing up Su Nuo again.

—Goddess-like temperament.

—OMG, a real life fairy.

—WTF, as a <Nine Heavens> beta tester faced with her awesome movement operations, I’m dead.

——I’m suddenly suspecting if President Shen is actually blind? If there were such a pretty darling around, I would have already long been unable to hold back.


Su Nuo randomly perused a few comments, many were complimentary, though criticisms were not lacking. Nothing more than ridiculing her for the suicide spectacle. The deadly vicious tone could poison one’s life full of frustration.

“You’re not going to pay attention to me at all?”

Su Nuo returned the tablet and honestly said, “I can’t even find my main account password.”

Zhao Yunqing lightly chuckled: “It’s fine to lose it.” He looked over Su Nuo’s homepage. The sparse comments on her Weibo posts were all bashing and malicious abuse directed at this girl. The top hot commenter directly put Su Nuo’s photo as their profile picture. The original poster didn’t even feel that they did anything wrong, arrogantly and complacently mocking other people who spoke up for her in the thread.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Human nature is dark, Zhao Yunqing has always known. Yet he just can’t bear it, can’t bear the world’s injustice to her, couldn’t bear that she who is the best in the world is being maliciously smeared black.

Zhao Yunqing just liked such a girl to this degree. He overturned the nation, forfeited his life, and for this reason rejected reincarnation, instead transmigrating to follow after through nine worlds. He just wanted to protect her, not fearing it would be at the cost of his own life again.

“Then I will contact the company upon my return to cancel your account.”

“Un.” Su Nuo didn’t have many fans at all on that account, so there was nothing to regret even if it was cancelled.

While almost at their destination, Su Nuo only just now remembered and quickly spoke, “I have signed with Yifeng, so we will be colleagues starting from next week. Formally introducing myself, I am Su Nuo and in the same business as you.”

She teased Zhao Yunqing with a deadpan face. Shortly, Zhao Yunqing’s humor faded and he stretched out his hand: “Then please take much care of me, new coworker.”

Su Nuo’s pear face opened up with a soft and gentle smile while returning the handshake.

His palms are wide, each knuckle is full of power. Su Nuo’s five fingers looked slender and long. Her palms were small yet also pliant and silky soft all over, almost boneless, plucking one’s heartstrings when held.

But it was just such a pair of hands that did wicked things to himself all night yesterday.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Zhao Yunqing sighed jokingly: “This hand of Junior Sister seems tiny, but sure doesn’t lack strength.”

The meaning in his words was clear.

Zhao Yunqing: “I regret. It should be only once a week.”

The chauffeur driving upfront suddenly glanced backwards with an ambiguous air in his eyes.

Su Nuo said nothing, only lifting her feet to stomp on his calf. After covering up by coughing twice, she looked out the window while supporting her chin.

Zhao Yunqing slightly smiled without speaking, merely stretching out his hand to pat her back twice.

Almost home, but Su Nuo didn’t let Zhao Yunqing escort her in and stopped on another small road some ways from home.

She carried her bag and leisurely sashayed in.

The Yuan family will move to live in the house downtown tomorrow. Now that everything is packed, they are only waiting for the 2 day express moving company employees to arrive. Su Nuo waded across the room through the floor crammed full of boxes. The twins had gone to class. Father and Mother Yuan were also not there either. She changed her clothes and tied up her long hair to tidy up the entire house’s mess that was now in the living room.

As she wiped down the table, a thin piece of paper floated to the ground. Su Nuo glanced over and paused. She picked up the paper.

——This is a diagnosis sheet.

Upon seeing the name, her expression tightened tautly.

“Nuo Nuo, you’re back from work.”

Lin Zhi came in from outside, holding a vegetable basket in her hands, looking very spirited from her smile and loose brow.

Su Nuo came over, handed her the diagnosis sheet and darkly asked, “When was this?”

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!


Lin Zhi’s vegetable basket fell to the ground from her hand, her face completely pale white.

“Nuo-, Nuo Nuo…”

Su Nuo remained calm: “That day Dad had something to tell me when he sent me home that day, was it about this?”

Her trembling lips were pursed, half whispering as she bowed her head low while her hands picked at her clothes unceasingly. Lin Zhi wanted to calm herself down, but her shaking shoulders still betrayed herself.

Su Nuo is accustomed to remaining calm, but at this moment, ire inexplicably grew. She grabbed Lin Zhi’s hand: “I’m taking you to the hospital.”

“Nuo Nuo!” Lin Zhi took back her hand, “That day we went, your dad took me, the doctor said… The doctor said that the cancer cells have already spread to the liver, I’m afraid… I’m afraid nothing more’s possible.” Those last five words were uttered with the utmost difficulty.

The sunlight is very warm, and the woman in her view also has a very warm and beautiful appearance.

Yet Su Nuo felt cold, as if ice vapor was wafting off her body, with no way to stop her body from shivering.

She has not felt fear for a very long time now. She has seen corpses, seen the lives of soldiers reaped before her one by one, and also even waves of zombies. She had thought that due to experiencing so much that she would not be afraid anymore. She felt herself to have long become dauntless and fearless.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

“How can there be no solutions? Medical technology nowadays is very advanced. If there is no cure found domestically, then we will just go abroad. There will be one day, one day, that you can become well.” Su Nuo said, “You just found me, you wouldn’t want me to leave you again, right? “

Su Nuo felt herself crying, tears  slipping unceasingly and silently out of her overflowing eyes down into her mouth, tasting slightly salty, yet more bitter too.

Lin Zhi shook her head nonstop: “It was already too late upon discovery, and you also know that things were difficult at home. Instead of wasting time and money on useless chemotherapy, I might as well accompany all of you more. Nuo Nuo, Mommy being able to live until now already has no more regrets. “

She was depressed, from losing Su Nuo to Yuan Ze’s departure, and her health only deteriorated day by day. So Lin Zhi didn’t feel too surprised upon hearing the lung cancer diagnosis. She had her husband hide it from the children, acting like nothing ever happened so that they could live happily just like before. Later, when news of Su Nuo came, Lin Zhi was crazy from happiness.

The heavens pitied us, she can see her daughter one last time again before she dies.

“Actually, we initially didn’t want to bother you.” Lin Zhi bowed her head low, “After all, you were doing so well, and returning will only give you trouble. But Mommy is selfish, Mommy wanted to see our whole family reunite before dying. I had-, I had your dad contact the Shen family. The Shen family is also a family of good people, they allowed you to return home. “

As Lin Zhi spoke on, the pace of her words gradually slowed down. She slowly raised her head and wiped away the tears on her face in distress: “Little Cotton don’t cry, Mommy is still here, don’t cry, Little Cotton…”

She kept calling Su Nuo’s childhood nickname. Su Nuo couldn’t hear her. Tears blurred both her eyes sightless and her brain was throbbing in pain.

[This outfit was sewn by Mommy for Little Cotton. ]

[Little Cotton should listen to Big brother and grandma obediently, Mommy will come home later. ]

[Don’t cry, Little Cotton, Mommy kiss…]

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Entangled memories, chaos, all kinds of sounds are loud and noisy in her brain. Finally a white light broke through and some originally lost memories suddenly emerged and returned to their place in her life.

She reached out her hand unconsciously and hugged Lin Zhi.

——Her mother.

“Little Cotton…” Lin Zhi was stunned for a bit, teary eyed, “Sorry, Mommy didn’t take good care of you, it’s all my fault.”

Su Nuo shook her head and choked out, “You go with me to the hospital, ok?”

She blew her sour nose and nodded in order to reassure Su Nuo, “Okay, Mom will go with you to the hospital.”

Su Nuo chose the best cancer hospital in the city and quickly completed various intake procedures for her. The selected ward was also the best.

This will cost a lot of money. Lin Zhi is quite certain about this and her heart was distressed, but she did not dare say anything in front of Su Nuo.

Su Nuo could still discern it and comforted: “I have a lot of money, you don’t need to worry.” She had a couple hundred thousand of allowance left in her existing bank card, which were all funds deposited by Father Shen. Then later on, the card given by Yuan Ze also had nearly ten million, and also part of the cancellation fee remained, which was all more than enough to pay Lin Zhi’s medical expenses.

While waiting for the test results, Su Nuo called to inform Yuan Ze and his younger twin brother by phone.

After finishing the phone call, the doctor called Su Nuo into the office.

“The patient is at an advanced stage of lung cancer. Due to not seeking timely treatment, the cancer cells have already metastasized to the liver and kidneys.”

Su Nuo’s fists slowly clenched.

Pen in hand, the doctor looked over Su Nuo, “Excuse me, what is the relationship between you and the patient?”

Su Nuo said, “I am her daughter.”

The doctor sighed: “Now an operation will no longer be a cure, we can only use radiotherapy to try and reduce the pain of the patient as much as possible and prolong the patient’s life. But because she missed the optimal time for treatment, even if treatment immediately begins, I am afraid that your desired results may still not be achieved. “

The doctor’s words were already tactfully euphemistic.

Su Nuo left the ward and sat on a bench in the corridor watching the traffic of people in a daze.

She had thought her own experience would make her different, would make her special. But no, she doesn’t have any golden finger cheats, she can’t deal with cancer, she has nothing, she can’t do anything at all.

“System, are you there?” Su Nuo secretly whispered in her heart to the system that she had long disdained countless times.

“Can you transmigrate me again? Any world is good, any type of task is acceptable, I will complete it. Can you… help me?” She held her breath and waited humbly for a response.


Echoing emptiness and silent stillness.

–No response.

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To be honest, this part is hard for me to translate emotionally since my mother died of cancer herself. I can very much understand the grief, horror, helplessness and fear striking at your heart.

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