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After taking the family portrait, Lin Zhi was formally admitted to hospital for treatment.

The next day Su Nuo reported to school. The hospital was close to the school, only needing 20 minutes by bicycle. For convenience’s sake, Su Nuo bought a small pink electric scooter with her allowance and ran both ends to and fro from the hospital to the school every day.

In July, the weather became scorching hot and the sun burned the earth without any mercy. The whole city seemed to be in a huge steamer.

It is now 11 am, as there were no afternoon classes, Su Nuo hurried to the hospital after morning class, dropping by a bun shop to buy a bowl of hot soup and a small steamed bun.

In the hospital ward was an empty stillness. The windows were open, and sky-blue curtains swayed, blown about by the wind.

Su Nuo put the lunch on the table, the bedsheets were untidy. Her hands touched them, feeling some warmth, likely that the occupant hadn’t left long ago. She turned around and went to the multi-person ward on the opposite side. As expected, she saw Lin Shi inside, happily chatting with other patients.

After one month of treatment, Lin Zhi’s cancer was effectively controlled. Chemotherapy had caused her to lose her hair and a lot of weight. However, she appeared in good condition, happy every day, and seemingly not affected by the disease.

Su Nuo leaned against the door frame, her fingers curling to rap against the door: “Mom, time to eat.”

A roomful of people looked over and used Su Nuo as a conversation point.

“Old Lin is so blessed, your daughter* came to see you again.” TL: more specifically, unmarried daughter, but feels odd in English

“Yeah, really envious. For example, my family’s child, it’s already good to see me once a week.”

“And our family’s two wenches. Alas, ever since marrying out, they are only concerned about their in-laws. Look at how filial your daughter is.”


The roomful of uncles and aunties praised this, praised that, and Lin Zhi was praised rotten.

Her heart felt wonderfully inside, but her mouth was humble: “As if, isn’t your son filial as well, and your grandson is so charming.”

Auntie Lin carefully inspected Su Nuo. She stood straight upright, distant and detached, hair combed into a loose fishbone braid that lazily rested on her collarbone, framing her small face to look even tinier. Auntie Li snorted: “Old Lin, this little miss of yours is so handsome, just like a fairy. Is she engaged? “

With this compliment, Lin Zhi was so happy that her face flushed in joy, she waved it off hurriedly: “No, no, our family’s Nuo Nuo is still at school.”

“Then look at our family’s …”

“Aiya, it’s time to eat!” Lin Zhi knew what Auntie Li was about to say, and hurriedly interrupted, stepping into her slippers, “I’m going back first, let’s chat tomorrow.” Then, she held Su Nuo’s hand to rush back to the ward.

As soon as the door was closed, Lin Zhi’s bit of disdain emerged: “The son of that Li family is more than 200 kilograms.* He is still at home living off the elders even in his thirties. She pushes forward her son whenever she can, yet does she actually look at how her son is like? How could he match up well to my family’s Little Cotton?” She smiled and caressed Su Nuo’s face. “In the future, you must find someone who is good to you. You can be poor, but you can’t lose your backbone. The most important thing is that both sides love each other. Only when both sides love each other, will there be a long future together. ” *TL: 200Kg = 440 lbs

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Lin Zhi seemed to have a thought occur, rushing to say, “Oh right, I think the Mr. Zhao who ate with us last time was good. Although he was quite a few years older than you, a large age difference won’t hurt…”

Su Nuo helplessly tugged at her hand: “You’re getting ahead of yourself. I bought buns. Come quickly to eat.”

“Ah.” Lin Zhi knows that children dislike parents nagging them. She could only say this much up to here, otherwise she would be considered annoying if she spoke on at length. She sat on the bed and picked up small mouthfuls with her chopsticks.

“There is no afternoon class. Depending on what you want to eat, I’ll make it later when I get back then let Dad bring it over to you at night.”

Yuan Che* and Yuan Cheng both had classes during the day. Although Su Nuo also had classes, she was relatively free, so she visited Lin Zhi during the day. At night, her father and younger brothers were responsible. She could also then prepare for the next day’s schoolwork. On weekdays, Yuan Ze would also come. If none of them can make it, then there are aides to help. TL: Text said Yuan Guohong but the dad isn’t a student so I think this is a mistake.

They were all afraid of Lin Zhi becoming lonely by herself, so they tried their best so that she could see her husband and children every single day.

“You run to and fro from the hospital and school every day. Mom feels uncomfortable and distressed just looking at it. The weather has also been hot recently, so don’t tire yourself out. I am much better now. In the future, You don’t have to come here every day.”

Su Nuo sat properly in a chair, picking up a fruit knife to peel an apple. “The school is nearby, it’s not very tiring.”

Lin Zhi smiled, gratified: “Didn’t you just sign on with a new company, how is it?”

“Haven’t gone yet.” Su Nuo passed over half an apple, “It will require a few days for the contract.”

“And there’s also the Shen family, don’t forget to go back and visit.” Lin Zhi could not rest assured without reminding, “They have raised you for more than ten years, even if we did find you, you can’t forget your foundation. Otherwise if word spreads out, you will be accused as ungrateful of past graces. “

“I know.”

While talking, she received a WeChat message.

[Wang Cheng: Are you free this afternoon? The contract has been drawn up. Come over when it’s convenient for you?]

Su Nuo typed back: [Okay, I’ll be right there.]

She put away her cell phone: “I’m going to make a trip to the company. After you finish eating, rest well. Wait for me to see you in the evening.”

“Go on, be careful on the way there. You don’t need to worry about me over here.” Lin Zhi waved her off and turned to clean up the table.

School has just let out so there are many people and cars out on the road. She doesn’t want to hail a taxi. She uses her mobile phone to navigate and rides a small electric scooter directly to her destination.

After riding for a while, she was stopped by a red light. Su Nuo waited quietly.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Beside her, a brand new gray SUV slid down the window.

“Boss, look to see if that is Little sister plum blossom?”

Shen Wang and Liu Jinjin were sitting in the back, and Qian Lai sitting in the driver’s seat, his ears wiggling: “Where?” Craning his neck to swivel all around and search in all four directions.

Liu Jinjin pointed outside: “Riding on that little furry pink one, Little plum blossom also looks good on a scooter…” Liu Jinjin stared straight outside, even smacking his lips a few times.

“Oh hell! It’s really little sister!” Qian Lai also saw her, eight big white teeth appearing on his face.

They shouted joyfully, while Shen Wang leaned idly back against the chair unmoved. He held the phone in both hands while playing music quietly. Only after the checkpoint cleared did he turn his neck back to randomly look out the window.

The noonday sun beat down hot and hard. People riding out in vehicles were sweating all over and Su Nuo was no exception. She wore a pink helmet, her forehead glistening with a thin sheen of sweat, her exposed face and neck flushed deep red from baking in the sun. Su Nuo’s good-looking lips were habitually puckered, her face displaying fortitude and obstinacy.

Shen Wang narrowed his eyes, slender hands flipping the phone over and over.

Su Nuo, a little princess raised with a large honey pot,* how could she have ever experienced riding a small electric scooter on a hot day. *TL: Meaning raised well to the point that she doesn’t even know how good she had it in comparison to others

He snorted internally. “Shut the window.”

Liu Jinjin glanced out yet again, feeling quite sympathetic: “Not stopping to call over little sister?”

Shen Wang, cold and indifferent with a poor tone: “Why stop her?”

Liu Jinjin said: “Today is more than thirty degrees,* best to avoid heat stroke.” TL: From 85 ℉ to 90℉, so quite hot

Shen Wang laughed aloud, ridiculing: “There are so many people outside, why don’t you have them all come in? Ah, there’s also a four- or five-year-old little girl riding in a bike up front. The child is much more valuable than Su Nuo, why don’t you let them come aboard? “

Liu Jinjin stopped talking.

After a while, small murmurs drifted over: “Little sister is our spokesperson, how can it be the same…”

If things were like before, Shen Wang would pretend that he did not hear this. Don’t know what happened today, he inexplicably got irritable, and then retorted immediately: “Don’t keep saying little sister each time, Su Nuo is not your little sister.”

“Everyone on the Internet calls her that…” Liu Jinjin wanted to say a few more words, but he was so intimidated by Shen Wang’s ominous expression that he shrank his neck and settled back quietly down on the chair.

Shen Wang settled down, secretly logged into Weibo, and typed the two words “Su Nuo” in the search bar.

Entering the homepage, his fingers swiped down. After the broadcast of the promotional video, Su Nuo’s 100,000 fans have grown to more than 300,000. However, she has not updated Weibo. The first Weibo post was six months ago. .

[Su Nuo v: I’m finally going to get engaged with my beloved, I hope we will always be together. Huaixing-Shen Wang ]

The photo is a picture of their youthful selves.

Looking at the photo, Shen Wang suddenly fell into a trance.

In the photo, Su Nuo was energetically young with a brilliant smile. The sun shone in her eyes.

Shen Wang’s gaze then moved to the side. The Shen Wang of that moment should only be seventeen or eighteen years old, stood coldly with both hands in his pockets, chin arrogantly up.

His fingertips moved, and couldn’t help but stroke it. Only until the car started moving again did Shen Wang get shocked back to his senses, rushing to retract his fingers.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

There are more than 100,000 comments under this Weibo post, and Shen Wang clicked in to view.

[You’re so low class, the dove occupying the magpie’s nest even wants to trap another family’s own blood son.]

[hahahah, roflmao. Last week, got caught  leaving a hotel room together and then got engaged with Shen Wang on the other hand. You think people are stupid?]

[Socialite? What kind of socialite? How much per night?]

[The promotional video was broadcast already, did you threaten President Shen again?]

[Go die Su Nuo, your funeral photo* is already ready for you.] TL: A photo of the deceased to show at a wake or funeral. So it is considered ominous to frame it in black with a ribbon I believe.

[Bus woman,* can you even compare to Ranran**? What little percent can you measure up to.] TL: *Really nasty connotation of a woman being like a public bus with people coming and going… **Ranran = nickname for Meng Yiran


Dirtying the eyes, unpresentable.

Shen Wang frowned, sharply swiping down further.

He was idle and swiped through Su Nuo’s other posts.

[Su Nuo v: Huaixing-Shen Wang, Wang-ge fighting, cheering you on*] TL: 打call is where people would wave glow sticks or phones at concerts to show solidarity, also seems like Su Nuo has been tagging Shen Wang’s Weibo account

[Su Nuo v: Huaixing-Shen Wang, Happy Birthday to Wang-ge!]

[Su Nuo v: Huaixing-Shen Wang, don’t be bothered by confusion, won’t be overthrown by obstacles. I firmly believe that you will cut off all thorns and live under the sun.]

Each post after the other, all related to Shen Wang. There is no comment box available below, and then Shen Wang realized that she set the visibility to self only. TL: This part confuses me because then doesn’t that mean no one else can see?

Shen Wang turned off the phone and took a deep breath while looking out the window. Through the reflection of the glass window, Shen Wang saw himself carrying an anxiety that he couldn’t understand.

“Ah, little sister has gone far already.”

“Catch up to see where Junior sister went.”

Without giving time for Shen Wang to stop them, Qian Lai stepped on the gas to chase.

The next stretch of traffic was much smoother, and after turning twice, Su Nuo stopped in front of a skyrise.

Qian Lai stared at Su Nuo, muttering under his breath, “Is-, Isn’t this Yifeng?”

Liu Jinjin said: “I heard that Yifeng’s newly appointed executive director and our boss are  junior middle school buddies.” As they said this, both looked silently at Shen Wang.

“Boss.” Liu Jinjin humbly crept over, “You-…you want to go in and see?”

“Why talk so much shit.” Shen Wang kicked him away, brows wrinkling up into two distinct furrows.

Qian Lai darted a glance at his mouth, started the engine to prepare and make an about face. 

Shen Wang, one hand on cheek, fingers stroking twice the corners of his lower lips, opened the car door to walk out.

Qian Lai, who was about to drive off, was surprised for two seconds by his move. He rolled down the window and stuck out his head, scolding, “Boss, can’t you say something before you get out of the car? Don’t you understand that you can scare someone to death?”

Shen Wang, both hands in pockets, his back board straight, didn’t give any response.

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