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Shen Wang said: “I don’t quibble with children.”

He clearly looked down on him.

Zhao Xingchen’s face turned red, and he was thinking about how not to lose face in front of his goddess, so he continued provocatively, “I think you are afraid to lose to this little kid, aren’t you? Useless piece of crap.”

Shen Wang knows clearly that it is an agitation tactic, but still enters the trap.

His eyes narrowed. “Don’t cry if you lose.”

Zhao Xingchen humphed.

“Wait for me to change my clothes.” Shen Wang walked around Su Nuo and entered the main house.

After waiting for him to go far enough, Zhao Xingchen sat snugly beside Su Nuo. “Big sister, please wait and see. I’m sure I’ll slap that scum-… let that Shen Wang be utterly defeated,* let him know who his daddy is.” TL: idiom directly translates to wilting flowers flowing waters to describe spring fading.

His words were tactlessly unrestrained, his whole body wildishly arrogant

Su Nuo shook her head, “Give up, you can’t beat him.”

Shen Wang looks to be scholarly.* However honestly, once his exercise obsession developed from youth onwards and after joining the basketball team, he has never lost once no matter whether they are inside or outside the school. Just based on Zhao Xingchen, this wet behind the ears little kid, he is completely not at all Shen Wang’s opponent. TL: means to be elegant and neat but there’s an associated connotation of a weak scholar vs a athletic military man

Zhao Xingchen, who was being looked down upon, was unresigned in his heart, gritting his teeth, and said, “What if I win over Shen Wang?”


Zhao Xingchen was mesmerized senseless by Su Nuo’s good-looking face, and unthinkingly spoke out, “If I win, how about you be my girlfriend?”

“…” Is this kid’s brain broken?

Su Nuo first froze, then laughed out loud.

“Laugh-, Laughing about what.” Zhao Xingchen blushed red, “My mother always said, marrying older women is like hugging gold*, you-… you are snubbing me for being younger.” TL: Very interesting idiom – translate directly to women older by three hugging gold bricks and are part of folk sayings that essentially condone wives older by ten years but in the end, boils down to a good wife is more important than age.

Su Nuo arched her eyebrow. “What, now your meaning is that I’m too old?”

“No, no – I don’t mean that, I mean…” Zhao Xingchen panicked trying to explain, but his brain went completely blank.

Su Nuo couldn’t bear to continue teasing the little kid again, and stretched out her hands to rub his head. “How about this, if you can win, I can take you, Yuan Che and them out to eat.”

As soon as she spoke, joyful emotions crawled up in the teenager’s eyes.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

The sunlight beamed down blurring figures and Shen Wang, who had already changed clothes, stood not far away looking silently. Su Nuo presented a kind face and gentle smile to everyone no matter who, but once facing him,  she only showed him a cold face, prickly like a hedgehog, as if to spike him to death.

Feeling suffocated, Shen Wang stepped forward with long strides to stand between the two, staring at Zhao Xingchen, while relying on his height advantage to sneer down, “Come.”

“Come at me, you will cry in just a little while.”

“Ah.” Shen Wang’s lips hooked up. “Shameless braggart.”

Zhao Xingchen smiled at Su Nuo joyfully: “Wait for me, Big Sister. You are definitely treating me for this meal.”

The sun began to grow, Su Nuo became so overheated that she directly hid into a cool shaded area.

The two on the court are currently chasing and running around that basketball. Zhao Xingchen is in a defensive circumstance. Su Nuo can see that he is diligently resisting Shen Wang’s attack. In contrast, Shen Wang’s side is akin to a fish in water, dexterously smooth,  or like a cat teasing its prey.

Zhao Xingchen couldn’t help but peek in Su Nuo’s direction, his teeth clenched tightly, and his sweat streamed down, drop by drop.

He can not lose no matter what, especially cannot lose to Shen Wang.

Zhao Xingchen stored his strength and trotted over, preparing to steal the ball directly. Shen Wang retreated to the three-point line and made a jumping action. Zhao Xingchen, without thinking, jumped up to block.

At this moment, he heard a mocking chuckle in his ear: “Novice.”

Zhao Xingchen felt his heart drop, and twisted his neck to look in shock.

Just now, Shen Wang did a pump fake.

He was fooled!!!

Shen Wang, who deceived Zhao Xingchen, brought the ball to the basket, slam dunking it directly for one point.

He snorted lightly, pulled up his sweatshirt to wipe his sweaty face, and somewhat sardonically said with a grim smile, “You yield?”

Zhao Xingchen clenched his fist hard and shouted these four words desperately: “I don’t yield, -gain!”

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Shen Wang was smirking internally. He was initially too lazy to quibble with high school students. As a result, this little kid doesn’t appreciate him turning the other cheek. As he thought this, his eyes caught a glimpse in the corner.

Su Nuo leaned against a tree growing in the shade. Her black bright doe eyes were actually not as clean and gleaming as before, but swaying and heavy like moonlight.

As Shen Wang kept staring, he suddenly felt odd.

Was Su Nuo… secretly watching him just like this so long ago?

“Hey, what are you daydreaming for, uncle?”

This yell of Zhao Xingchen woke up Shen Wang, his eyes narrowed dangerously: “Who are you calling uncle?” TL: Calling uncle as in calling him old not calling uncle as in submit.

Zhao Xingchen looked sly; “You, the one who is rushing off to thirty is of course the uncle.”


He’s obviously 25, still fresh faced, okay!

Shen Wang resolved, this little kid must be taken care of well, teach him how to be a human being!

This time Shen Wang didn’t hold back, and from the start he went no holds barred against Zhao Xingchen.

The two men were dueling for their life and death* on the basketball court. Zhao Xingchen was also one sidedly being abused, in a life and death struggle.* Su Nuo could foresee the outcome and guess the result. So she had no patience anymore, she turned away from the basketball court and prepared to go back for some water. TL: idiom direct translation means deep waters, raging fires, author used the idiom twice

Neither Shen Wang nor Zhao Xingchen even noticed that Su Nuo had already left. Finally things were reaching a conclusion, Zhao Xingchen finally successfully scored a goal with some luck and little tricks. Happy that he could soar up to the sky, he immediately wanted to celebrate with Su Nuo the good news:

“Big sister, I scored!!!”

Before he could finish celebrating, Zhao Xingchen found that Su Nuo had long since disappeared.

His raised arms slowly lowered, his cheeks slowly puffing up, appearing just like an aggrieved hamster.

Shen Wang sniggered: “Happy for nothing.”

With no one around at all, Zhao Xingchen didn’t bother to continue the pretense: “Happy, of course, happy. But as for you, a grown man like you dealt with a kid like me so seriously, you feel proud?”

Shen Wang leaned against a bench, squinting while feeling the sunlight falling down on him, and said, “Un, I’m very proud.”


Zhao Xingchen glowered at Shen Wang, trying to use his glare alone to kill the other party.

After a break, Shen Wang’s breath steadied. Zhao Xingchen’s look of angriness greatly raised his mood and he couldn’t help sneering. “Little kid, don’t say you can’t beat me. Even if you win, Su Nuo won’t fancy a wet behind the ears kid like you.”

Zhao Xingchen: “Tsk, even if she doesn’t fancy me, she also won’t fancy you. What luxury good do you think you are?”

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

This statement completely offended Shen Wang.

After a few seconds of quiet, Shen Wang got up and approached Zhao Xingchen. He grabbed a bunch of Zhao Xingchen’s shirt front at the chest, his eyes sinisterly cold, forcefully, and spoke one word at a time: “Best you pay attention to your attitude, or else… “

“Or else?” Zhao Xingchen didn’t have one bit of fear at all. “Hit me? Go ahead and hit me, have the times that I, this little master, been beaten few? Which part did I say wrong? But if anyone were a man, they wouldn’t be afraid to admit what they dare to do. Yet if anyone has any conscience, someone wouldn’t be throwing their own gloomy face all around to their own fiancée in front of so many people at their engagement. That you can even do such a thing, what kind of good catch are you.”

With every word he said, Shen Wang’s expression would darken bit by bit and his fists would tighten more and more.

Shen Wang had an ill temper from an early age. He is irritable, contrary, introverted and solitary. Even if he has grown up to learn some tolerance, some restraint, the character now set into his bones won’t change.

Just as that last string of reason was about to snap, Su Nuo’s calm voice came to his ear: “Shen Wang, let go of him.”

Shen Wang lifted his eyes and looked over.

Not far away, Su Nuo frowned, and her eyes were ice cold.

Shen Wang’s heart clenched, the hand pulling on Zhao Xingchen’s shirt front slowly, slowly loosened.

Zhao Xingchen took the opportunity to break away from Shen Wang, hanging arms over Shen Wang’s shoulders, smiling brightly and sunnily, like a completely different person than that ruffian before.

“Big sister, let’s play, don’t overthink things.”

Su Nuo didn’t speak, probing gaze steadily focused on Shen Wang.

She understands Shen Wang too well. This person’s grumpiness hasn’t been just a day or two. Zhao Xingchen spoke without any consideration, and likely said something that made him unhappy. After all, Shen Wang is petty and holds grudges. Whoever provoked his ire, he would definitely return the favor. If he can’t do it today, then tomorrow. if he can’t do it tomorrow, then next year. In short, he definitely won’t let himself suffer any grievances.

Zhao Xingchen patted his shoulder: “Bro, don’t you agree?”

His eyes were sinisterly dark, and his tone also was ice cold without any trace of emotion. “Take your hand off.” He said, “Then, go scram.”

Zhao Xingchen licked his lower lips, slowly retracted his hands, and sped over in front of Su Nuo in a flash.

“Big sister, let me tell you, I scored a goal just now, but you didn’t see it.” His hips twisted side to side as he spoke, seeming very aggrieved.

Su Nuo gave Shen Wang a sidelong glance, and then looked back: “Then I will treat you to  a meal next week.”

Zhao Xingchen nodded exaggeratedly.

“Let’s go, go back and drink some water, best not to get a heat stroke.” Su Nuo didn’t give Shen Wang another glance again, leading Zhao Xingchen back.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

The figures of their backs gradually receded into the distance. Shen Wang sat back down again, his eyes lowered, his heads raised to face the hot summer day. He felt baked into a stupor by the sun, though his mind was still quite clear. Shen Wang mocked himself, how big of an adult sparring with a little kid.

Shen Wang gave a deprecating laugh, then got up to go back.

Suddenly, his toe kicked the basketball. After the ball rolled around on the ground twice, it hit the foot of the chair. Shen Wang bent down to pick it up, then discovered four inconspicuous small words on it.

[Shen Wang]

[Su Nuo]

There is even a tiny little heart behind his name.

Shen Wang’s eyes deepened, and dusty gray memories suddenly became clearer.

The teenage Shen Wang would use basketball to cure his boredom in the late night. At that time, only the bouncing thumps of the basketball along with his heartbeat echoed in the dark night. He occasionally felt a look, but every time he turned back to check, there was not a soul.

“Su Nuo …” He frowned until his brow furrowed and couldn’t help but mumble her name.

She will secretly chase after the shadow of his back;

She will also righteously reveal her feelings on Weibo;

She never hid it, so even if the rumors and slander could drown her, she never thought to retreat.

At this instant, Shen Wang suddenly thought.

The moment that the blade sliced open her wrist, did she feel pain?

She is such a pampered crybaby, it must have hurt…

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No matter how down you are, it’s not worth it to take your life.

Life can get worse and better, but the moment you take that step, there is no change possible.

Please get help if you ever feel suicidal.

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  1. Even the wet-behind-ears kid knows that people should treat their fiance nicely. And now he feels suffocated seeing her smiling to others and being all thorny with him? She’s just giving back what he gave her.

    Agree with you. Life is only once. There’s always another person that will appreciate us if the former one is a trash

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