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“Did you provoke him just now?” After returning to the room, Su Nuo asked gently, passing over a glass of ice water as well.

Zhao Xingchen was still grinning widely: “I have a smart mouth and probably said something that he didn’t like, so he got angry.” He took the water and gulped it all down noisily.

Su Nuo didn’t ask any further.

Zhao Xingchen came closer and said, “Big sister, shall we play games?”

“No.” Su Nuo refused indifferently.

“My dad and your dad are talking about work, probably won’t be done until the afternoon. I’m so bored, play with me alright~?”

He was super persistent that Su Nuo felt annoyed to the max and led him to the side hall.

On the sofa, Zhao Xingchen lounged, digging out his mobile phone from his pocket and opened up a shooting mobile game, “Big sister, download this one.” He placed the mobile phone in front of her so that Su Nuo could properly see its name.

Su Nuo went to the app store and soon after downloading the game, she started the first match with Zhao Xingchen.

She hasn’t played mobile games before and so her movements were a bit awkward.

Su Nuo’s unfamiliar movements let flowers bloom in Zhao Xingchen’s heart. “Big sister, it’s fine to just follow behind me.”

“Big sister, there is a gun here, you pick it up.”

“There’s someone behind here, Big sister, go hide.”



Zhao Xingchen felt his boyfriend-level was exploding.

After the match ended, he sidled up to her side without expression, “Big sister, what type do you like?”

Su Nuo’s fingertips paused for a second and she shook her head: “I never really thought about it.”

Zhao Xingchen mouth opened and as he was about to speak, a shadow fell into his eyes, he frowned and his expression became withdrawn. “Do you still like the type like Shen Wang?”

Su Nuo watched the game on the screen intently. Her finger manipulated to turn the camera angle and had the character pick up supplies. As a result, she was blockaded in the house by a group of people the next moment.

With a long cry, she threw down her phone and threw up her hands: “Don’t like it.”

These three words are indifferent and cold, casually said as if answering “What do you want to eat for lunch.”

Shen Wang lurking behind the wall bowed his head, and the fingers shoved into his pockets also gripped tighter.

Zhao Xingchen pressed down his laughter, “Then what if he chases after you again? You won’t agree?”

Su Nuo finally figured out the atmosphere. Her eyes narrowed to slits, she looked up, her gaze fixed and steady.

Zhao Xingchen was panicked by the stare and hurriedly averted his eyes. “I-, I was just asking casually. Because if you are single, can I chase-…”

As he was about to say the last word, Shen Wang stood out, coldly and remotely staring at Zhao Xingchen, interrupting him: “Your parents are about to leave.”

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Zhao Xingchen lips pouted. After a moment of disgruntlement, he tilted his head to look at Su Nuo and unscrupulously plied her in a childish tone. “Big sister, can I have your phone number? If it’s not convenient, WeChat will also work.”

Shen Wang already had no more patience, and with huge strides forward,then a hard yank, grabbing Zhao Xingchen’s back to drag him outside. Shen Wang was a Taekwondo practitioner, so Zhao Xingchen struggled mightily for a long time without breaking free. Finally, he reluctantly and unwillingly followed him to the living room.

The Zhao couple is all ready to go back. Shen Wang pushed the person forward with great force, and then didn’t take any more actions.

“Xingchen, we are going home.”

“Oh.” Zhao Xingchen took care of his messy shirt front casually, and reluctantly stepped behind the two.

Mrs. Zhao gently caressed his forehead. “Did you have a lot of fun with Big brother and Big sister?”

Zhao Xingchen: “Had fun with sister Su Nuo.”

Mrs. Zhao laughed and said, “Thank you for your hospitality. I’ll return the favor one day. Everyone must give me this face then.”

Father Shen and the Zhao family had finished discussing a big matter, so with a rare smile on his face, “That’s for sure. When you invite us, we will definitely go.”

After seeing the family leave, Father Shen hooked his arm around Mother Shen’s slim waist and said excitedly, “With the Zhao family, our market share in Europe will surely increase easily.”

Mother Shen pushed him back and smilingly said, “Look at how happy you look. Since that’s the case, let’s have a good celebration tonight. It just so happens that Nuo Nuo and Ah-Wang also returned.”

“Okay.” Father Shen nodded and turned his neck. Once he saw Shen Wang standing still behind him, his face was immediately gloomy, and after expressing a cold humph, he went straight upstairs.

Shen Wang frowning, “I irked this old man again?”

“Don’t mind him. He has already reached menopause, and just has that type of temper.”

Shen Wang stayed silent, he took his computer bag to sit on the sofa. Mother Shen originally wanted to talk to her son about his interests, but when she saw the dense lines of code on the screen, she immediately dispelled her thoughts and turned to Su Nuo instead.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Su Nuo was in the side hall leaning against the sofa with a thin blanket on her stomach, slowly nodding off.

Mother Shen sat down lightly, Su Nuo startled and awoke at the sound, sitting up quickly: “Mom.”

“Fell asleep?”

“No, just resting my eyes.” That shooting game was too tiring on the eyes. Playing only a few rounds with Zhao Xingchen wore her out some. After rubbing her eyes, Su Nuo focused on listening to Mother Shen.

Mother Shen took her hand. “Your dad successfully negotiated the next contract today. He’s very happy. I don’t think you guys should leave this evening. Stay here to accompany him.”

Mother Shen was afraid that she would not agree, and kept watching Su Nuo with expectant eyes.

Su Nuo is not an ingrate.* The Shen family raised her until she was so big that it’s not like she wouldn’t grant such a small request. TL:  translates to white eyed wolf

After hearing her assent, Mother Shen bustled over happily to tell the kitchen to make her favorite dishes.

The sky quickly darkened, and the moonlight spread along the branches.

After dinner was over, Su Nuo went for a digestive stroll in the courtyard. Right as she left, Mother Shen furtively jostled Shen Wang, “You also go for a walk with your little sister.”

Shen Wang, who was looking down at the phone, gave a gloomy glance towards the door then bequeathed two faint words: “Won’t go.”

“Go!” Shen’s mother couldn’t help but use force to pull. “I looked online and they all said that programmers are baldies. If you don’t want to go bald, go exercise for me!”

Shen Wang, who was forcefully pulled up, helplessly sighed, “Exercise is for my limbs, but not my head. If I were to turn bald, I would still become bald.”

Mother Shen pulled him towards the outside: “Then you go outside and use your head to stand upside down. Anyway, you need to exercise for me.”

Shen Wang: “…?”

Shen Wang: “Mom, could you please use some logic, I’m busy here…”

Even as the words were uttered, Shen Wang was forced out of the door with one push.

He eyed the sealed shut door and was silent without movement for a few seconds, then continued typing with his cellphone as he leaned against the wall.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

The night was peacefully still, and the night view of the Shen family villa was alluring and quiet.

Su Nuo had already walked a loop around the house and was about to start a second lap.

Shen Wang’s typing movement stopped, and he slowly followed her figure from the corners of his eyes. He coughed softly, then put away his phone, feigning nonchalance to follow her.

“Mom asked me to go out and take a walk.”

Su Nuo blinked, stopped, then pulled out the wireless headset from her pocket, wore it, and started jogging after turning the volume to the max.

Shen Wang stumbled, then quickly followed along.


The electronic sound was deafening, Su Nuo’s eyes didn’t flinch, her ponytail swayed to and fro. Shen Wang’s brow furrowed even more, he stood in front of her blocking, “I’m talking to you.”

Su Nuo evaded him.

Completely ignored, just as if he was an invisible person.

After finishing two laps, her body had a slight sheen of sweat. Su Nuo took deep breaths, sat down on one side of the bench, grabbed the drinking bottle left beforehand on it and took a few sips.

Shen Wang was also a little tired, sat to her other side and quietly observed her using his peripheral vision.

The light haloed her face, her profile was delicate and soft, eyes like glistening gems,she  appeared docile with no ability to resist.

As Shen Wang watched, he suddenly felt unable to move his eyes away from this type of Su Nuo.

After his heart suddenly throbbed, he couldn’t refrain from saying, “It’s not good to drink water after running.”

He very rarely cares about Su Nuo, and most of the time he is indifferent and mean.

Su Nuo put down the water bottle and looked at him.

After three seconds.

He only heard a “Pah” as Su Nuo’s five white fingers fell on his elegant face.

This slap of Su Nuo was not light nor too heavy, only really to hit Shen Wang awake. After returning to his senses, he restored his prior baleful fierce temperament and asked coldly, “Are you crazy?”

Yup, this is what’s normal.

Su Nuo narrowed her eyes and said without any remorse: “Your face had mosquitoes.”

Complete nonsense..

Shen Wang was not prepared to forget things like this, “You did it on purpose.”

Su Nuo stuck to the same old line, “Your face had mosquitoes.”

Her face was reflected in Shen Wang’s eyes. His lips hooked and he pinched her cheeks maliciously.

Su Nuo’s face is very elastic and silky smooth.

He tugged to and fro a few times before letting it go, then calmly, “There were bugs.”

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Su Nuo touched her face that was pinched, she felt herself to be dirtied and her face was dirtied.

After kneading it twice hard, Su Nuo got up to go back to the house, ready to wash herself nice and clean.

Shen Wang, unmoving, crossed his long legs sitting on the bench.

The sky is raven black, and a few lone stars shone out surrounding the moon. He lifted his head to look and then also deeply looked at his fingertips.

From his impression, Shen Wang only remembered pinching Su Nuo’s face twice. Once when she was just picked up by the Shen family, and once from just now.

He still remembers that the newly arrived Su Nuo was very small and stick thin, only skin and bones. Her face was emaciated, showing only a pair of big and round eyes, looking just like an alien.

Five-year-old Su Nuo hid behind his parents and timidly called him “Big brother”.

Then he squeezed her face and handed over a candy. She laughed, her happy appearance like she had gotten the most delicious treasure in the world.

Later on, Shen Wang only then learned that Su Nuo had suffered neglect and abuse in the orphanage. When they took her out, she had not eaten for three days already.

His memory had drifted a little far,  Shen Wang’s eyelashes trembled a bit, and he took a deep breath, then returned to the house.

Su Nuo finished showering, changed into her pajamas and went to bed.

Wang Cheng transmitted the script to her an hour ago. After receiving it with her mobile phone, Su Nuo diligently studied it.

The film, which stars Zhao Yunqing and Meng Yiran, is called <<Password>> and mainly portrays a series of stories that happened on the Shanghai Bund during the period of anti-Japanese resistance. Among them, Su Nuo played the songstress, Bai Ling, who was also the Wang regime‘s informant. The mission was to murder the other side’s spy, Agent A. Yet she never thought that Agent A was actually her secret crush during her school days. In the end, Bai Ling couldn’t bear to attack the male lead and was shot down dead in a hail of gunfire in order to cover him. Before she died, she couldn’t even confess a single word to her sweetheart.

This character only appears for a few minutes in over two hours of screen time. It can’t even count as a supporting role, at best she is cannon fodder.

The lines are only two sentences before dying, and the rest are all from scenes singing on stage.

After Su Nuo read it all carefully, she wrote a personal biography in her cell phone memo. She planned to write an even more detailed one after going home.

It’s not early anymore, so she put down her cell phone and went under the quilt with the light.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Every time Su Nuo has difficulty falling asleep, she needs to lie in a fetal position, wrapping her arms closely around her knees, and curling up tightly like a shrimp. Only until her brain feels safe and secure will she finally fall asleep peacefully.

The clock hanging on the wall is ticking.

The hour hand is pointing to the 12 position, the room next door opened and a beam of orange light emerged from the crack to fall along the ground.

Shen Wang, who was holding an empty coffee cup, was about to go downstairs and suddenly glanced at Su Nuo’s bedroom.

The door of her room had been blown open by the wind. Through the narrow slit, Shen Wang’s gaze could peek slightly in to glimpse the figure of a slight bump on the bed. His long fingers lightly rubbed the porcelain cup. He pursed his lips and turned to close the door.

Just at this moment, Shen Wang noticed Su Nu’s window was half-open, the summer wind rushed in, blowing the curtains to flutter back and forth.

He lightly entered, glancing at the fast asleep Su Nuo, carefully placed the coffee cup on the table, closed the window, pulled the curtains close, and was about to leave when he noticed that the bedsheet had slipped halfway onto the ground.

Shen Wang frowned, slowly approaching closer, and bent down to pick up the blanket.

A brief sweeping gaze caught her obedient sleeping appearance, like a baby, a pure and innocent expression, completely lacking the fierceness once awake.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Shen Wang’s gaze lowered, he involuntarily stretched out his hand, meaning to tuck in the strands of hair falling over her face to behind her ears.

Suddenly, Su Nuo’s eyes opened. A simple twist of her slender wrists powerfully entrapped Shen Wang’s neck. She turned over and brought the full weight of her body mass bearing down on to his body. Her arms encircled his neck, her eyes with a fierce gaze. Her teeth gritted, appearing just like a cornered and injured beast.

Shen Wang, who was being pressed against the pillow, had his eyes opened wide, both arms spread out and was completely dumbfounded.

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Can tell Su Nuo has like PTSD or some type of trauma remaining from her 10x QTs…


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  1. She is always ready for fight even in her sleep.

    Idk but I don’t comfortable that she still decided to stay for the night. It would have been better if she stay with her mother. But yeah i understand that author just want to show him of this side of hers

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  2. I never understand how the so-called fetal position can be comfortable to anyone. (Perhaps I’m just not flexible enough? 🤔)

    Yep, I agree it’s some kind of PTSD. Tbh she’s doing well by only needing to sleep in a certain position – the effects of PTSD can be devastating and violent.

    Thanks for the chapter and stay safe!

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