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In Yifeng’s artist department, Su Nuo has signed her name on the contract.

Wang Cheng inspected the contract back and forth three times before nodding his head in satisfaction, then stood up and stretched out his right hand: “You can rest assured that Yifeng will not treat you poorly.”

Su Nuo shook back: “There have been some problems at home recently. For the time being, I may not be able to accept any engagements.”

“Ah?” Wang Cheng froze for a moment. “But you just signed the contract. If you don’t have any results, it would be inconvenient to validate you to my superiors.”

Wang Cheng signing up Su Nuo can be said to eliminate all difficulties in one move. Otherwise it wouldn’t have taken so long to conclude the contract. The two years since Su Nuo’s debut has not produced any work, but black marks abound in her record. On top of that, promotional bots have constantly smeared her character, resulting in an extremely low impression of Su Nuo in the public eye. Senior management believes that Su Nuo’s lack of market appeal has no way to create benefits for the company. In the end, he only got the nod from upper management after he vouched for her by signing a guarantee.

Wang Cheng hesitated for two seconds and asked, “Is the matter at home important?”

Su Nuo tightly pursed her lips, saying nothing.

Wang Cheng anxiously rubbed the back of his head: “I have already helped you book an engagement, right here in this city. There’s only about five minutes of screen time nor many scenes, but the character is very likeable. The shooting time won’t take more than three days. Would this work for you? “

Three days…

Su Nuo pondered carefully and nodded: “Three days are OK, when do I shoot?”

“The day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is the induction.” Wang Cheng breathed a sigh of relief, “Although this role is only five minutes, there was a lot of competition. I also used a lot of effort to grab it for you,  so if done well, it can attract a lot of incidental fans. You must do it well. “

He patted Su Nuo on the shoulder, and then continued, “I’m Yunqing’s personal agent, and I usually don’t bring up a second artist. You know this aspect, so I won’t tag along with you to the group induction.”

Su Nuo looked up: “Are you going to assign me a new managing agent again?” Su Nuo’s face sank gradually when she thought of the previous Wu Manni.

Looking at her nervous expression, Wang Cheng laughed out loud; “Don’t worry, I’m still your main agent. Your engagements must be processed by me, but your daily activities and lifestyle will be entrusted to an assistant. Don’t worry, I will find you a reliable one. “

Su Nuo didn’t ask any more, and left Yifeng holding her copy of the contract.

She had just left on the front foot, and the back foot had Shen Wang on the 20th floor at the board of directors office. TL: I think this means that they just missed each other ala Korean dramas

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

The office door was ajar, and Shen Wang knocked as warning. Nie Zhou, who was on the phone facing the floor-to-ceiling windows, turned his head in response. Then he spoke facing Shen Wang, quickly resumed to his usual attitude: “Alright, I will definitely go next week. See you next time. “

The phone was hung up, Nie Zhou couldn’t wait to take big steps forward, hands half curled into fists to bump Shen Wang’s chest, “You rascal, how did you have time today to grace us with your presence?”

Shen Wang evaded him, entered the room, inspecting around: “Passing by, just casually touring.”

“Tsk.” Nie Zhou closed the door. “You didn’t understand how to ask your brother for help when you needed someone to film promotions. Now you run over here. Say it, what do you want to ask?”

Shen Wang leaned against the leather sofa’s armrest, his fingers fidgeting, his face absent-minded: “I heard that you signed a new person here?”

Nie Zhou laughed upon hearing: “Big Brother, I’m signing people every hour. Who are you talking about?”

Shen Wang bit down on his lower molars, eyelids raising: “Su Nuo.”

A mere two words stunned Nie Zhou speechless.

It took a long time for him to react before he stroked his chin and said, “She was indeed signed, and it was even Wang Cheng who signed her on. I was still wondering when I first heard about this matter. Wang Cheng’s eyes are so poisonous* that even the Heavenly Father could not enter his sight. And now how could he sign a newcomer…” TL: meaning he is so picky that he is poisonous

“Wang Cheng…” Shen Wang’s lips flattened, and his eyes dimmed.

Who Wang Cheng is, Shen Wang naturally knows.

A gold plate manager with a renowned reputation and unique insight. To be highly regarded by him is the fortune of three lifetimes.

Su Nuo qualifies? TL: implication that Shen Wang doesn’t believe she can be picked on solely her basis alone

Just based on Su Nuo’s type of acting skills allowed Wang Cheng to be interested? What a joke. The best in the world!

Unless she-, borrowed other means to rise up.

Shen Wang’s slender knuckles gripping the armrests tightened constantly, and the excess strength makes the leather creak and groan.

Breathing lowered.

Nie Zhou looked him up and down and said softly, “Old Shen, you okay?”

Shen Wang returned from his daze: “Nothing, you continue on.”

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

“Oh.” Nie Zhou gave him a worried glance but continued talking, “When I first heard that Wang Cheng was signing Su Nuo, the department naturally disagreed. As a result, Wang Cheng signed an insurance voucher guaranteeing that he would have Su Nuo produce results within one year. Otherwise he would forfeit his shares in the company. Ai, he brought up so many people, yet this is the first time that Wang Cheng has bled out such a large initial investment. So it does seem strange. And Su Nuo is also your ex-fiancee? Do you know what happened? “

Shen Wang suddenly stood up, surprising Nie Zhou into a standstill.

“Going back now, meet next time.” After he proclaimed these six words bluntly, Shen Wang strode forward and left.

Inside the elevator, he was silent with his head down.

The floor indicator dropped, people came and went, but he kept persistently silent in the corner.

Some imagery can’t be forgotten. Now, like a repetitive playback, it streams around in his mind’s eye over and over again, not fading for a long, long time.

Her indifference, her gaze, her smile …


Finally, it ended abruptly.

[I must have been crazy, in order to love you so much.]

Shen Wang closed his eyes, his blood boiling in the darkness, the muscles of his whole body twisted into a ball, his too rapid heartbeat making him feel irritable and frantic. Shen Wang tried with every fiber of his being to erase Su Nuo, this name, from his consciousness. The more effort he expended, the clearer her brow and expression became.


The elevator reached the first floor.

Shen Wang returned to his senses from his fury, took a deep steadying breath and strode out of the elevator.

On the way home passing by a vegetable market, Su Nuo bought some fruits and vegetables. She wanted to go back and simmer a light and nourishing soup for Lin Zhi.

Just as she opened the door with the key, her cell phone in the pocket rang. Su Nuo put down her bundle of packages and picked up the phone.

“Nuo Nuo, can you come back today?”

It’s Mother Shen.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Su Nuo changed her shoes, went to the kitchen and took out a bottle of cold water, unscrewed the bottle cap first before starting to speak, “Dad’s high blood pressure acting up again?”

“That’s not it.” Mother Shen said, “Your dad seems well these last two days. It’s just that a friend from your dad’s college days will come over. I want to see if we can also discuss a collaboration. This time they will also bring their son, I think the child will find it hard to talk around us. It may be better that you come back, so that the child will not get a poor reception. The most important thing is… Mom and dad miss you, and it’s been a long time since you came home.”

After hearing her not respond despite waiting so long, Mother Shen’s tone gradually lowered, and she whispered, “Nuo Nuo, is it not inconvenient for you?”

“Nothing inconvenient.” Su Nuo shook the water bottle in her hand. “Then I will return tonight.”

Once she said this, Shen’s mother was back to her former vigor, “Ah, then I’ll have the helper auntie make your favorite dishes.”

Hanging up the phone, Su Nuo drank a few gulps of water. She took a few deep breaths and glanced at the time. It’s 3PM, still not too late.

Su Nuo tied up her long hair, wore her apron, and started washing vegetables to cook.

At six o’clock, the soup is finished simmering. Yuan Guohong and the twins returned from outside.

“So fragrant, what did you make?” Yuan Che threw his schoolbag casually on the sofa, and ran into the kitchen with big loping strides.

Looking at the thick stew in the claypot, Yuan Che couldn’t wait to pick up the spoon and have a taste.

Su Nuo struck the back of Yuan Cheng’s hand with one chopstick, and in no polite tone at all: “It’s for mom.”

“It’s so much, Mom can’t finish drinking it all.”

Su Nuo said, “Big Brother is going to accompany mom tonight, so there’s also Big Brother.”

Yuan Che’s cheek puffed up, shaking his head and muttered, “…I’m also your little brother too.”

Su Nuo’s eyes contained a smile, she tilted her head: “What did you just say?”

Yuan Che’s body froze stiff. “I’m going to wash my hands.” He turned quickly to rush into the bathroom.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

“At the hospital today, did the doctor say anything?” Yuan Guohong asked.

Su Nuo replied: “The doctor said that the first stage of treatment had a good response, and mom’s mentality is also good. The cancer cells have stopped spreading. The rest depends on the results of subsequent treatments.”

This can count as good news for the Yuan family. Yuan Guohong breathed a sigh of relief, rolled up his sleeves, and helped pour the soup into the thermos.

Su Nuo took off her apron: “I have to go home at night and go straight to school early in the morning. Then I will go to see Mom at noon.”

It took a while for Yuan Guohong to realize that the family she was referring to was the Shen family. He nodded, actually very reassured: “Whether you ought to return, you should still return. You can’t distance yourself from your adoptive parents just because your mother is sick. They are all good people… “

“Un, I understand.”

“That’s right.” Yuan Guohong put down the claypot and took out money from his wallet. “Last time I went there, I didn’t take anything with me in my haste. You take the money to buy something for your family,  just count it as a small showing of your mother and my intentions. “

Su Nuo shook her head to decline: “There is nothing lacking in the house, so no need.”

Yuan Guohong was vigorously stubborn and forcefully shoved the money into Su Nuo’s pocket. “What is theirs is theirs. What we give is ours. You just buy a little something. Anything works.”

Su Nuo couldn’t say anything good in response, and bid goodbye to Yuan Guohong with money in hand.

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