Translation Methodology

I am a new translator but I am also an avid reader. So I aim to preserve the author’s words as much as possible.

However, due to certain things not translating directly very well from Chinese to English, I will likely need to make certain compromises. If I must pick from changing the phrasing to retain the author’s meaning or atmosphere, I will choose that over a direct translation. I don’t really want to create a ton of side notes to explain. I feel that takes the reader out of the story and is a bit jarring. As I get more experienced in translations, I may change the approach but this is my general view point.

I also don’t really like footnotes because I don’t like jumping back and forth in a story so I rather have them visible in the same local area. Again, I may change this in the future but for now, that is the case.

This is a new hobby for me and I still enjoy reading translated works myself. So I relate more to the reader versus being a translator. If there’s anything that I should know, please feel free to give me constructive feedback.

Thank as always for reading and your understanding!

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