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Father Shen likes drinking tea. Su Nuo used the money from Yuan Guohong to buy a small pot of fine tea, wrapped it, and took a taxi directly to the Shen family.

Mother Shen heard the movement as she was already waiting early by the door, ushering Su Nuo out of the car and hurried to welcome her in.

“Nuo Nuo is here.”

“Mom.” Su Nuo filially greeted.

Mother Shen’s pair of eyes curved, then noticed that she had a delicate box in her hand, so she could not help but ask, “What’s in your hand?”

u Nuo truthfully explained: “My biological father directed me to give you and Dad. He wanted me to tell you, thank you for your care of me.”

Mother Shen’s heart settled down. She had thought that the Yuan family had gone bankrupt. It would already be nice to not be parasites,* didn’t expect that they would spend money on gifts now. So it seemed that it was them with the narrow minded and petty assumptions.** TL: *Actual direct translation was vampires. **idiom translates to chicken intestine in the belly

Su Nuo handed the tea leaves to the helper auntie, and looked around after entering: “Where’s Dad?”

“Taking a phone call in the study.” After Mother Shen said this, she pulled Su Nuo firmly to sit on the sofa. “Hurry up and tell Mom, how are you doing at the Yuan family, is it good over there?”

It has already been a few months since Su Nuo left. Except for the usual greetings by phone, she rarely talked to her family about her current situation. Although there was no blood relationship, she had been their little darling from youth until adulthood after all. So Mother Shen was naturally not at ease.

In order to reassure Mother Shen, Su Nuo casually picked out a few good things to say.

Mother Shen was still a little skeptical, but she saw no traces of abuse or bullying from her white and tender appearance. So she also felt relieved.

Soon, Father Shen came downstairs by himself.

Su Nuo sat peacefully beside him to watch TV in companionship. Occasionally Father Shen would ask about her daily life. Su Nuo answered obediently.

“Madam, Young Master Shen Wang is back.”

Mother Shen glanced at Su Nuo, she was leaning against the sofa, unmoving.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

After a short while, Shen Wang came in with the usual cold expression. When his gaze fell upon Su Nuo, he narrowed his eyes, tossed the car key onto the table, and flopped himself to the sofa on the side.

“Don’t even greet anyone when you come in the door.” Father Shen said with a displeased face.

“It’s not like I haven’t met them before.” Shen Wang picked up the remote control and cut off the TV.

Father Shen coldly snorted: “The Zhao group’s Director and Madam will come over in a moment, so don’t you act up.”

As soon as he said so, the steward came to inform him, “Mr. Zhao and them have arrived.”

Father Shen shot Shen Wang a ruthless glance, and got up to welcome them at  the door.

Su Nuo smoothed her clothing and followed. Shen Wang with both hands in pockets followed behind her, not too far away, his eyes secretly spying on her.

“Don’t look at me.” Su Nuo glared back.

Shen Wang lightly humphed: “My eyes grow on my body, how is it any of your business who I look at?” After finishing, he didn’t even bother hiding his peeking, and stared openly outright.

Su Nuo was too lazy to end matters, just silently distancing herself from Shen Wang.

Director Zhao and his wife have entered the door. The couple look very young, especially the lady, who wears a dark green cheongsam full of glamor and sumptuous luxury. There was a teenager tagging along behind them, appearing to be their son with slumped shoulders and head down with a complete lack of interest.

“President Zhao, it’s been a long time.”

“It has been rather a long time. I hope that this visit didn’t disturb you?”

“How can that be, President Zhao is truly too polite.” After the two exchanged greetings, Father Shen introduced them to Su Nuo and Shen Wang. “This is my little daughter, this is my unworthy son.*” TL: actually says dog son, same way how Zhao Yunqing introduces his little brother, Zhao Xingchen

The tone is completely different for the former compared to the latter.

Director Zhao and Madam Zhao both looked over.

“Hi, Uncle and Auntie, I am Su Nuo.” She nodded politely and didn’t speak again.

Madam Zhao inspected her up and down a round, then smilingly said, “Looks a little different compared to photos.”

Madam Zhao usually pays special attention to entertainment news. Movies and television are her daily pastimes. Others may not be able to remember Su Nuo’s name, but Madam. Zhao absolutely knows her complete history.

“I actually am your fan.” Madam Zhao said, her eyes curving.

Su Nuo is dumbfounded.

She also said, “I watched your first movie more than a dozen times, a particularly good watch.”

Director Zhao also agreed: “I can testify. She printed your stills and mounted them in the study.”

This is what confounds Su Nuo.

Honestly, the role she played is not very pleasing. Although she is the female lead on paper, her character was immaturely shy and blindly servile, far from being as pleasing as the supporting female role played by Meng Yiran. Su Nuo’s protagonist was criticized, even labelling her as the only failure in the movie.

After all, that is Su Nuo’s first film. Even after so much time and experiencing so many things, when she heard someone liked it, she naturally felt happy.

She raised her smiling face. “Thank you. It’s rare that someone likes it.”

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Madam Zhao was just about to speak, and then suddenly thought of the son tailing behind, with a frown, she pulled the person out from behind. “Don’t even know to greet someone when you visit their home, little kid, are you ignorant or not.”

The teenager that was tugged out had inky black hair, long eyebrows, and a pair of peach blossom eyes that are surprisingly similar to someone familiar.

Eyes gaze at the person across.

Both remain silent.

The next moment, the teenager blushed red from face to neck.

“Go greet them.” Madam Zhao pushed him again.

Zhao Xingchen mouth gaped open and shut for only a long time before he finally uttered, “Big sis-, big sister…”

Su Nuo held back laughter and said lightly, “Hi Little brother Xing Chen.”

The adults all froze.

Madam. Zhao asked quickly: “Do you know each other?”

Zhao Xingchen rubbed his red earlobes and nodded: “Know.”

Madam Zhao hurriedly asked, “How did you meet?”

“Mom.” Zhao Xingchen, protesting in annoyance, gruffly muttered, “When visiting someone’s home…”

Madam Zhao also intuited that there was some impropriety, and gave him a look warning of consequences later. She regained her original poise, “We were rude. I was just a little surprised. My son is not accomplished, even if he doesn’t have just ten fair weather friends, then he would have at least eight. I only just found out that he knew Su Nuo. “

“Don’t just stand there, it’s time to eat. Let’s sit down to talk as we eat.”

The party entered the dining room and assumed their seats, Zhao Xingchen quickly grabbed a chair on Su Nuo’s left and arched an eyebrow provocably towards Shen Wang. His throat choked up, and then without making any sound, sat by Su Nuo’s right hand side.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Su Nuo looked around. After seeing all the adults chatting, she patted Zhao Xingchen on the shoulder. “Xingchen, let’s switch seats.”

Zhao Xingchen gave one glance at Shen Wang, rolled his eyes, he smiled wide and nodded, “OK.”

The two got up and changed seats.

This move again caused Shen Wang’s heart to feel momentarily suffocated.

The adults over there are chatting there, and they can’t really insert themselves in the conversation.

Zhao Xingchen was initially unwilling to come over. Now once he saw Su Nuo, the dissatisfaction disappeared completely and his joyful expression between his brows was undisguised.

“Big Sister, so this is your home?”

Su Nuo: “Un.”

Zhao Xingchen got closer to her, “Then we are really fated. You see, your little brothers are my good buddies. Now my parents and your parents are in a collaboration. Big Sister, do you think that this is the legendary predestination?? “

Without waiting for Su Nuo to speak, the eavesdropping Shen Wang off on the side could not help but softly snort sarcastically.

Zhao Xingchen acted as if he completely did not hear anything, “Hey, big sister, are you free tomorrow? Let’s go out and play together.”

Shen Wang again: “Hnh.”

Zhao Xingchen’s expression changed, and his eyes glared at him. “Big Bro, is your throat uncomfortable?”

The adults chatting around the table all cast their eyes on Shen Wang.

Madam Zhao was very solicitous: “There has been a severe flu going around recently this summer, so please pay attention to your body.”

Mother Shen also asked, “Ah-Wang, are you uncomfortable?”

Shen Wang, grinding down on the molars of his teeth, could only play along,”A little bit.”

“Drink more hot water.” Father Shen summoned the helper auntie, “Change the young master’s drink to hot water.”

“…” Not afraid that having him drink hot water on a hot summer day would let him die.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

The food was served up. Except for the nonstop chattering Zhao Xingchen, Su Nuo and Shen Wang had not spoken, only answering when prompted by the elders.

This meal could be considered as harmoniously concluded and so after, they had to discuss business. Mother Shen asked Su Nuo and Shen Wang to take Zhao Xingchen around on a tour.

The Shen family villa ground is very large. In addition to the garden and swimming pool, a small golf course has been built, with a basketball court built on the other side. The basketball court is Shen Wang’s turf. This court has been unused ever since he left home to venture out as an entrepreneur.

They coincidentally strolled to the basketball court. The basketball in the duffel bag was very worn out. Su Nuo stooped over and picked it up, and saw Shen Wang and her own name on it. Very small words, that was in her handwriting.

Su Nuo was stunned dumb.

She remembers that Shen Wang in high school loved playing ball with a passion. She played here for half an hour every night. At that time, Shen Wang had started to alienate Su Nuo. She didn’t dare to approach him and would always secretly hide behind a tree to watch him. The coolly remote teenager in  athletic wear playing in the deep night would always make her heart pump. Later, when Shen Wang left home to attend college, Su Nuo, who was having a difficult time missing him, secretly and furtively wrote their two names on the ball with a black sharpie, as if they were still together.

At that time, she was truly childish.

Su Nuo caressed the stubbornly left traces from prior washings, and threw the basketball back into the bag without any reluctance.

“Hey, there’s a ball here.” Zhao Xingchen found the basketball, went forward to pick it up, turning it twice, peach blossom eyes beckoning, “Big sister, would you like to play with me?”

Su Nuo shook her head: “I can’t play.”

Zhao Xingchen didn’t mind, “Then you watch me play, I’m awesome at playing.” As he spoke, he dribbled the ball and threw a layup, easily tossing the basketball into the hoop.

He bounced the ball and jogged over to Su Nuo, in high spirits showing off great pride: “Awesome, right.”

Su Nuo was preparing to say something to the praise seeking child, but then heard Shen Wang’s throwing barbs at the side. “Empty show off, any random chicken I grab and put on shoes can play better than you.”

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Zhao Xingchen: “…?”

Zhao Xingchen straightened his neck: “If you’re not satisfied, come at me then, who can’t run their mouths?”

Are you joking, a scum man like him would dare to challenge him, Pei*! TL: spitting sound onomatopoeia

Do you know who he is? People gave him the nickname Little Basketball Tyrant, who hasn’t ever lost to anyone in basketball before.

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