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So my kids are at home doing remote learning for the near foreseeable future, my work is allowing remote work, which was something I thought would never happen! My dept progressed to full remote working early on so I have been very fortunate in that regard. Just transition pains. Like A LOT.

This whole thing is so scary and my gov’t/country not handling it too well though I feel at the state level, they are trying their best. Just been caught up in the food stockpiling panic, remote learning, juggling time, etc. I was having a very hard time getting grocery deliveries because of lack of time slots for deliveries. First world issues right now, I know.

At least I have a job and I can pay my rent since both my husband and I are essential workers as we work for a utility company. We are in the same company but different departments. I was able to do night shift so I can do remote learning for my 2 kids during the day.

My husband also got sick too at the start of all this, no fever though. So they wouldn’t test him because he had no serious symptoms. He was negative for flu and strep. I don’t know if I caught his cold or w/e he had, I only had a sore throat and a dry cough for a bit. I made sure to not leave my apartment at all. Same for my kids. It’s basically been about three weeks now since we have gone outside.

It’s just scary. I have friends that work in healthcare too so I don’t even know what they are dealing with. There is also a big rise in tension and anti-Asian sentiment.

My husband’s coworker also tested positive but I think they just missed each other at the work place. Every little symptom keeps giving us crazy worries, like my son had bad congestion and cough just this past week after we find out about his coworker (last weekend).

I am so thankful for WFH. The subway had been getting very tense and on edge before my dept switched to WFH. I would have never thought my husband would be working from home but he was too the week after I started. So he’s only been work from home 2 weeks. I had seen a lot of people getting into verbal arguments over distancing or covering mouths or what not. So I am glad he is at home too.

There’s already such a change in people’s views and outlooks from this nearly month long ordeal (which is still ongoing).

Also no telling what type of recession or how bad it will be for how long even after pandemic over.


Anyway, thank you all for your support. I don’t have that much time to translate as I am homeschooling with the remote learning in the day and working at night. I have had a hard time juggling all the housework and home schooling and cooking all the meals too for my household along with work. It’s hard to even squeeze in time to just translate. I need like a contiguous block of time to translate, I can’t just do snippets. I’m sorry for the much longer than expected hiatus and will try to get things started again.

I really do like reading all the comments and I apologize again that this translation hobby fell on the back burner. I will try to keep it up and carve out some time for it.

Thanks in advance for your understanding! Thank you all for the support!

I hope everyone stays safe and well.

This seemed like a very long chapter to me…

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The four had already launched an attack towards Su Nuo. Su Nuo avoided the crowd control, and stun locked her target. Then right as the Hidden Flower was about to back-stab her, she quickly turned around to disarm them, pulled a big move and immediately dropped him.

“WTF!” The two brothers behind her were stunned.

[Nearby] WTF?

[Borrow your wife to use use]: Are your mother’s eyes blind? Dancer one shot Hidden Flower?

TL: I get the impression here that Hidden Flowers are like assassin/rogue type class that are good at sudden kills. Dancers sound like cloth, “squishy” type class like Priests or whatever so the fact that she burst down a pure DPS class as a non DPS is utterly broken. It wouldn’t happen realistically unless the non DPS outclassed the DPS in level, gear or both. Skill usually wouldn’t be able to compensate for this class balance gap. I need to rant about this actually.

[Borrow your husband to refresh refresh]: This Dancer wrecked face, obviously a Daddy!

TL: like the matching user names about the husband and wife? Hahaha. The daddy comment is again a play on the fact that healers are colloquially called milk mommies (nursemaids). I translated wrecked face when it’s Chinese internet slang again with the use of the word hammer.

[I’m Still a Baby]: Bringing your IDs up…. ummmm…

[A Single Assassin]: Look, look at your doggone strategy! If you don’t strongly heal the Hidden Flower soon, this old man will die in front of your eyes!

Su Nuo downed some medicine and continued to kite. Like starlings swirling in the sky to immobilize that Daoist, yet not attacking. She moved her mouse to target Ling Ling Xi, then used a small light body maneuver to jump over the Daoist to fly straight at Ling Ling Xi’s back. As Ling Ling Xi watched Su Nuo come over to thrash her, she immediately panicked. Her movement operation became messy and she could only chaotically toss out random attacks. Su Nuo sneered and burst killed her in a second.

Dancers and Daoists are both long range classes in this game. Daoists cannot counter Dancers easily in the first place. In addition to Su Nuo’s continual harassment, Sun Wuji felt shamed a million times and outright surrendered.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Watching the 4 people that had lost their levels, Su Nuo typed: Satisfied yet?

Ling Ling Xi was originally not satisfied and was about to call over more people, when she was stopped by Love One Sword Length, who had swiftly arrived upon hearing the news.

[Love One Sword Length]: Forget it, Ling Ling Xi. We’re all one clan, isn’t it just a stone. Just go back to dig it up and the matter is finished.

[Ling Ling Xi]: You’re on her side then?

[Love One Sword Length]: I’m just speaking reasonably.

[Ling Ling Xi]: Fine. You guys just wait.

After delivering this proclamation, the four beat a hasty retreat with their tails tucked between their legs.

[A Single Assassin]: ……Coach, I want to play Dancer Daddy!

[Your Daddy]: ?? Who do you want to hit?

This is a pun that is pretty much lost in translation since Dancer Daddy sounds like Ni Die and your daddy is also Ni Die. The verb for hit is used in both sentences though it means more as play in the first sentence.

[A Single Dancer]: Playing a face wrecker healer, this old man will first admit this loss. This old man will become a healer daddy!

[Little Dancer comes with Milk for you]: No more milk, I’ll become a daddy! My chance to become a daddy is here!

As the players that were watching the spectacle scattered, Su Nuo ignored Love One Sword Length, who was on his way over to chat, and turned around to hastily depart. Seeing that the main character had left, everyone else left as well, one by one to their own devices. The mines were restored to their quiet solitude once more.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Su Nuo went to the training sect to craft the outfits, the two little kids on the side watched her, completely riveted. “You play LoL? Bring us to play!”

There’s also a connotation of “carry us” in the way they are asking her to bring them along. Like to take care of them. LoL is League of Legends, I’ve heard of this game but never played. I think it’s PVP heavy and extremely popular.

Su Nuo raised her head, only uttering four words, “Go do homework.”

The duo looked at each other, then muttered stingy in unison before leaving the room with hunched shoulders.

Five minutes later, the mount outfit [Cloud Rainbow Light Streamers] was successfully crafted. There was even a poem embedded in it, Su Nuo moved her mouse cursor over.

[May I be a Star Lord akin to the Moon, Streaming light nightly like the bright white autumn moon]

This one single line is very hard to translate as I believe there’s a lot that I am missing. I think there is a romantic component to it. I couldn’t translate as just plain stars and moon as there’s a lord in there. Kind of like a Star King. I may fiddle with this at a later date. There’s also a symmetry that’s lost in translation, since there are 7 characters/words in both phrases for the poem. I am definitely no poet.

Su Nuo, “……” Isn’t it a little inappropriate? But whatever’s made is made already. The person has already even been offended quite thoroughly, not sending it over can’t really be justified.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Su Nuo glanced at the time, it’s currently 11 o’clock. The names on her friend list are all grayed out. As she was just about to log off, Tester01’s name lit up. The others also discovered Su Nuo and sent her a party invite. After she clicked accept, Su Nuo arrived by their side.

Tester01 carried his qin silently, completely motionless, almost as if he was being disconnected.

[Glutinous Rice Candy]: He’s not here?

[Birds Don’t Poop]: Here, but he’s mentally blocked.

[Glutinous Rice Candy]: What happened to him?

[900M Young Girls’ Dream]: If we speak about it, then I’ll laugh to death, hahahaha! He was defeated by his family’s little sister, well deserved!

[System notice]: 900M Young Girls’ Dream has been banned by the party leader.

Su Nuo understood the basic gist of things, typing some comforting words: Girls can be unreasonable sometimes, don’t be too angry.

[He Dare Uses Chrysanthemums]: How can he not be angry? Today, Boss almost became a cold corpse, can be considered lucky.

As they continued speaking, things sounded even more worse. Seeing Tester01’s continued gloominess, Su Nuo also felt the gravity of the situation.

[Glutinous Rice Candy]: Then your sister still owes some lessons. If somebody gets harmed, its no longer a trivial matter. I suggest that you teach her well, like my little brothers. After teaching them a round, they don’t dare show me bad expressions again.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Probably Su Nuo’s consolation had some effect as Tester01 typed a single word (un) of acknowledgment in the party chat.

[Glutinous Rice Candy]: Are you free now? I have something for you.

[He Dare Uses Chrysanthemums]: Yo yo yo, what thing? Do we get a share?

[Birds Don’t Poop]: Hey girlie, you can’t start playing favorites with me now, we don’t got a share?

…There really isn’t.

Just as Su Nuo was formulating her words, Tester01 kicked out this group of people.

She breathed out a sigh of relief and traded over the completed Cloud Rainbow Light Streamers.

[Glutinous Rice Candy]: Thank you for taking care of me before. This is for you. Your crane will definitely look good wearing it.

Observing the golden glittery outfit, Shen Wang facing his monitor was very shocked. [Cloud Rainbow Light Streamers] was the game’s sole free to learn mount outfit. At that time, the Development Department mixed up the programming, making this ordinary outfit’s production difficulty into legendary grade. All the required materials are grade 5 and up. The large majority of players wouldn’t use such precious materials on a mount, so the number of players that crafted this outfit was zero.

They even announced this fix for the next content update, notifying that the bug will be fixed next week. Didn’t this silly child see?

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Shen Wang felt helpless, the heart made anxious by Su Nuo even became quite calm.

He summoned the crane wearing the equipment. The light streamers twinkled, the tail of feather plumes dangled, the red glowing precious gem orbiting the forehead shone in harmony with its eyes. Full of cold majesty.

The celestial crane spread out its two wings, letting out a long cry to the sky, a line of words appearing overhead.

[May I be a Star Lord akin to the Moon, Streaming light nightly like the bright white autumn moon]

“No way, this girlie used the precious seven colored stone and celestial spirit feathers to make this plaything?” Liu Jinjin that had crowded over with the others were stunned.

The corner of Shen Wang’s lips rose, suddenly pulling on his still overly painful nasal canal. He suppressed a groan, then glared at these people while covering his nose, “You guys have nothing better to do?”

The group looked at each other and returned to their seats.

He slowly, typed out: Thank you.

[Glutinous Rice Sugar]: It looks good.

Su Nuo contemplated, then added a cutesy emoticon at the end.

Shen Wang’s mood felt much lighter, his long fingers typed out on the keyboard: Want to ride?

[Glutinous rice sugar]: …

He couldn’t help but laugh: Don’t be afraid, really will bring you flying.

Su Nuo clicked with utter happiness on the other’s mount sharing request. This game required possession of a flying mount in order to take to the air. Su Nuo had no money, so she couldn’t afford one. At this moment, she was astride the celestial crane, Tester01 behind and grabbing a hold of her, loose clothing flying and dancing.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

The sky and earth are endlessly vast, the clouds surrounding like a shroud, the distant stars are dripped endlessly as if cloth, the sun and moon rising together, painting a majestically beautiful scene. Beneath her feet lie deep snowy mountain ranges and fiery barren wastelands. In this fantasy game universe, anything impossible is possible.

“Girlie is so obedient,” Liu Jinjin holding up his chin with great amusement.

Qian Lai, “Yeah, much more obedient if compared to a certain little plum blossom.”

Wang Donghu, “Even sent you an outfit, unlike little plum blossom, who will send you to go die.”

This group of people teased with a strange and odd tone, Shen Wang’s expression settled down, “For the open beta, no need to fix the Cloud Rainbow Light Streamers anymore.”

“Wha-?” This group were dazed.

“Add in new mount outfits.”

“What about this one then?”

Shen Wang pursed his lips, “Out of production.”

Besides Su Nuo, probably the entire server does not have anyone willing to make it, so even if it’s taken out of production, there will be no impact.

Shen Wang logged into the developer’s back end program and deleted the sentence in the update change log about the Cloud Rainbow Light Streamers.

The group all looked at each other, one by one, then finally silently went in unison to do as he asked.

“Also,” his fingers tapped on the keyboard. “I’m going to make a trip to Heavenly Road tomorrow. The meeting will be handed over to you guys.”

They all made an okay gesture with their fingers, then lowered their heads to continue working.

The next day.

Su Nuo got up very early, went out to exercise for an hour and even made breakfast for her family. The Yuan couple had long been accustomed to her rising early to make breakfast and hence, didn’t say anything about it.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Looking at the couple whispering very closely with heads together in front of the table, Su Nuo deliberately coughed to catch their attention. Only with this was Lin Zhi and Yuan Guohong able to realize their impropriety, separating lightning quick to sit properly.

“Big brother paid off all of the family’s debt, you guys should be clear on this matter.”

Yuan Guohong scratched the back of his head, then lightly nodded.

She opened the small box, handing over the keys and the real estate certificate inside. “Big brother bought you a kiosk so you don’t have to drive around. And this key is for a house right in downtown. I’ve checked it, more than two hundred square meters, pretty large. The environment seems quite good too. Most importantly, it’s near the vicinity of Yuan Che and their school. In this way, they won’t need to wake up as early for school and also it’s more convenient for you guys to live over there.” This house is the one given by Yuan Ze to her, but Su Nuo couldn’t use it. Instead of letting it sit there, it’s better to let family live in it.

200 square meters is about 2100+ square foot, really big! I live in a 2 bedroom apartment that is about not even half that for a family of four. It’s an apartment, not a house.

Lin Zhi was completely flabbergasted, “You guys?”

Su Nuo knew that these two misunderstood, rushing to explain, “I will go in a while to the company for discussion of the contract cancellation. The day after tomorrow, I will return to school. Besides Saturday and Sunday, I will normally need to live at school.”

Lin Zhi let out a breath of relief, tightly grasping the key in her palm, “Look at what you said, I almost thought that you…” Pausing a moment, “Yuan Ze, that child is really something. He returned and won’t even stay for two days.”

Su Nuo comforted her, “I went over to big brother’s yesterday to check it out. He’s pretty busy. But he did say, that when he has time, he will come back.”

Lin Zhi’s eyes lit up again and her smile brightened. Then her expression changed, she dug out a tissue to cough into a few times.

Yuan Guohong’s expression changed along too, delivering a cup of water right by her mouth, “Quickly, wet your throat.”

Lin Zhi balled up the tissue, lips pale white, “Wasn’t Nuo Nuo going to the company, hurry and go, it’s already late in the day.”

“Un.” Su Nuo rose up, then pondered before saying, “Let’s take you to the hospital tomorrow for a check up. I keep seeing you coughing recently, make sure it’s not pneumonia.”

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Lin Zhi smiled weakly, “When you guys weren’t here yesterday, your dad and I already went to the hospital. The doctor said that it was caused by a lung infection and already prescribed me medicine. You don’t need to worry. Hurry and go.”

She repeatedly urged her away, Su Nuo was also in a rush and didn’t manage to say anything. She hurried out the door with her bag.

Her gaze following the figure of Su Nuo’s steadily distant back, the tears that Lin Zhi was holding back now fell without restraint. In a choked voice, “All this time, she has been my only wish. God pitied me, letting me in the later half of my life to see her again…”

Lin Zhi gradually loosened her grip, the blood stained tissue had been crumpled into a ball by her.

“Yuan Ze has always doted on her since she was young. When I am not here, it’ll be up to you and Yuan Ze.”

“Don’t you speak nonsense…” Yuan Guohong’s entire body wouldn’t stop trembling. “You’re not allowed to speak nonsense.”

Lin Zhi squeezed his hand tightly. The couple sat side by side silently, without speaking again, leaving a room full of quiet despair.

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TL Notes:

It’s true for a healer to burst down DPS classes is complete bullshit because it either signifies that the class itself is completely OP’ed or there is a big level difference in favor of the healer and/or gear imbalance as well. This is not really a gap that can be overcome by sheer skill alone. Like if she whittled down the group in a long drawn out PVP fight in a battle of attrition, that is way more believable than her kiting and bursting down multiple opponents without any help from any other DPS or support classes. Completely bullshit.

I will use WoW as an example since that is what I know. They had 3 different types of healer that wear different armor: cloth, leather, plate. So obviously the plate healer is a lot less squishy and more tank-y than the clothie but to offset that, usually less instant cast heals. So there is some type of class balance at play here.

I would have to say that Shen Wang and company designed a poorly balanced game. If certain classes are OP than you will see those classes become prevalent. That’s why you will see constant updates to fiddle around with class balance or spells in between releasing big game contents patches.

The author should know something of it as they mention class balances and how certain classes counter others…

Sorry, just annoyed by it. I’m rooting for Su Nuo but the PvP was SO unrealistic (not that I was any good at it). Assassin type classes are much better suited to solo PvP as they usually have some type of cloaking ability or sneak attacks.

Also, it doesn’t make sense for Su Nuo to be master player yet type slow! You need to have a very good sense of where all the keys are and hence, good gamers will tend to type fast. It’s a big deal about APM, reaction time, etc etc etc.

Love One Sword Length is really the MVP! Good friend and back up! Don’t exactly know why Su Nuo choose to ignore him. She isn’t being a very good friend right now, even though he stuck his neck out for her several times.

OMG, I need to make a page to keep track of how exactly I translate all the user names… or something… I keep having to reference back and forth because I don’t exactly remember the chapter. Please point out any mistakes to me!

Even Shen Wang’s friends know that he is an asshole. Seeking death! Yet they have to turn around and somehow make it into Su Nuo’s fault? Seeking death! It’s hilarious though that they all agree she will send him to death, haha!

Su Nuo dropping a rock on her own foot and creating trouble for herself. Author, why!

I also liked that the mom, the first thing she thought about was worrying about Su Nuo not wanting to live with them versus the fact that she was handed the keys to a big new house in an expensive, urban area. It really highlights how much she cherishes her long lost daughter. You know how Asians loveeee buying real estate, so it says a lot right there. ;p

Such an obvious death/cancer/sickness flag going up for Lin Zhi though…. Seems like only Yuan Guohong knows though. My mom passed away from a long sickness years ago, I hope it won’t get me too much…

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  1. The impression I got from the last chapter is that the role of the dancer class is not rigidly that of a healer. Maybe since she is mostly playing solo she didn’t focus on the healer aspect and more on the crowd control aspect? Still, I see your point on class balancing. Thanks for the chapter! hope you and your family stays safe and healthy!

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    1. Ya, I didn’t get chance to translate authors note but I skimmed it and apparently the Chinese readers don’t really like the game part of the plot. She said something about it not being super important, just to set up some plot points. So I don’t think she really thought it much about the game play mechanics.

      Thank you for your well wishes! I hope you and your family keep safe and healthy as well!


  2. I can’t wait for them to find out Little Plum Blossom is actually Glutinous Rice Candy. 🤭

    I hope she finds out about Lin Zhi’s health sooner rather than later. Yuan Ze as well.

    Thank you so much for the update!
    Be (you and your family) safe and healthy!

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    1. Thank you for your patience! I can’t wait for them to find out either. I also hope that Su Nuo discovers it soon. It would be heartbreaking if they just need early enough intervention for a cure and then that doesn’t happen.


    1. Thank you for your patience! I don’t think the gameplay is super important to the plot, just about the player interactions. As long as it superficially makes sense, the author didn’t dwell too deeply on it. It’s just my pet peeve lol.


  3. Thank you for your sharing about life in NYC, and your hard work at keeping us in touch with Su Nuo. My country has been in a national lock down for 3 weeks now. I totally feel your stress because it is pretty much the same for me in my part of the world (South east Asia). Fortunately my kids are independent to be doing their online classes… the stress I have with them is getting them out of bed! During school days they have NO problem … they might be “frozen” till maybe they get to school and finally thaw out by 10am? Maybe, I don’t know…but so far I haven’t gotten any complaints from school yet!

    And yes, deliveries can be a pain… even queing at the supermarkets can take up to an hour. We need to keep a distance of about 3 feet, and before we step into the entrance, our temperature is taken ( by a secuirty guard on the left), and when you are clear, the guy on the right will either hand you a pair of plastic gloves or hand sanitizer. The trolleys are wiped down by another guy before he gives it to you. And another long queue at the check-out. Upon reaching home, I have to wash everything that can be washed, and unpack and repack before storage, wash the shopping bags, clean up the house, a thorough head to toe wash and finally the laundry. At least 4 hours …not including the shopping earlier. Although the roads are clear, the journey can be like a crawl due to road blocks by the police. Anyone who has no business to be on the road (shopping for groceries has to be within 10km radius of your residence and we have to bring proof – e.g. utilities bill) can be heavily fined. There are one or two cars abandoned by the road due to breakdown… the car workshops aren’t open. And those poor homeless people have no one feeding them… restaurants are only allowed for take-aways. And the daily wage earners particularly foreign workers are suffering too.

    As much as we all are feeling the pain, I keep reminding myself and friends that we cannot complain of hardships and inconveniences because if it means we can stay alive, and that if deaths can be prevented, we do what we can as gracefully and gratefully as we can.

    My husband is a medical doctor (and he cannot by law take leave!) and we haven’t seen him as he stays at another house after work (his workplace is abpit 35km away from home; the other house is nearer). We are all hanging in there… and just so you know it… I send prayers to your part of the world in the evenings as well! May you and family be safe, well and happy 😍

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing what’s going on in your side of the world. Kind of amazing how there are similarities despite how far we are from each other. We really are all in this together.

      So long as the food supply is good, I will be fine. Otherwise, it will be hell. Just scary at the thought of it possibly happening when only a few weeks ago, that seemed a fantasy.

      Thank you for your support!


  4. I play healer/DPS combo in ESO and FFXIV. I can’t play straight up healer, as I mostly solo the games. Dungeon queues are so much faster as a healer… I also find it quite challenging trying to make sure no one dies.

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  5. I’ve been reading this novel just now, and I had the urge to share my sentiments on the DPS healer. I’ve played an MMORPG before and I saw some healers class that can out dps some DPS classes(aside from a tanker of course). But this certain player can actually be a tanker + healer of the team. That’s just how OP they are. Also p2p, doesn’t really affect the game much when you’re at max level already and good gears are crafted so it is grindy. But really, having good gears + good rotation skill can really do significant damage even if there is a level difference.

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