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It would be time for the luncheon very soon. Su Nuo packed away her things and left with Zhao Yunqing.

Unexpectedly, they bumped into Shen Wang at the corner.

He didn’t know if they had just arrived or were just leaving. His look towards them released a hint of detached aloofness.

Zhao Yunqing’s expression was even as he stretched out his hand towards Shen Wang, “Congratulations, President Shen.”

Shen Wang lowered his gaze and did not answer.

Zhao Yunqing’s smile deepened, and he voluntarily retracted his hand, his temperament still like warm and gentle jade, “I’m going to film an ad in a short while. I’m afraid that I can’t attend the luncheon. Congratulations again.” He turned, bent down to whisper by Su Nuo’s ears, two ear-tingling raspy words drifted straight into her ear, “See you.”

“I’ll be off first.” Long fingertips wiped away the red lipstick marks on the corners of his lips. Zhao Yunqing detoured around Shen Wang and stepped into the elevator.

His every behavior was full of provocation, and Shen Wang’s glinting sidelong eyes followed the receding figure of Zhao Yunqing’s back intently into the distance, indescribable fury rising from the depths of his heart. Of course, he saw it. His childhood sweetheart offering slightly puckered red lips, coquettishly beseeching a man for a kiss.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Shen Wang pursed his lips, his eyes fiery, “Su Nuo, this is my territory, I hope that you can be more aware.”

Su Nuo was astonished for two seconds, then frowned, “How am I not aware?”

Shen Wang aggressively and forcefully, “I find it inappropriate for you to be in the same room as a strange man while behaving ambiguously.”

“Oh.” Su Nuo looked up. “Based on what status are you using to lecture me? Who are you to me?”

“I’m your…” Looking at Su Nuo’s eyes, the words, older brother, were swallowed down by Shen Wang like stones plopping into his gullet.

[From now on, I, Shen Wang and you, Su Nuo, take our own paths, with absolutely nothing to do with one another.]

At the engagement banquet, he proclaimed this to Su Nuo in front of all the guests and media present.

She chased him wearing a cocktail dress, crying out his name. Shen Wang shoved her to the ground without even turning his head back to look.

Those words were uttered by himself of his own volition, no one forced him.

Shen Wang’s jaw tensed, he finally said, “This is my company.”

Su Nuo’s expression iced over, “Is this how you validate spying?”

Shen Wang was taken off guard, his phoenix eyes narrowed, “You said I was spying?”

Su Nuo didn’t want to look at him and moved forward to walk away while holding her small clutch, “Downstairs shouldn’t have any more matters needing me, I wish continued success for President Shen’s career, goodbye.”

Her head and chest were carried proudly upright with a slender and clean figure, that somewhat sinuous waist was languid and sexy.

Shen Wang’s brain boiled over as he suddenly strode forward to snatch her arm to turn and bring her into the closest lounge. Relying on his height advantage, he trapped both of Su Nuo’s arms and pinned her against the cold wood door without much sweat.

Su Nuo was stunned initially for a few seconds. After she came to, her face became even frostier, “What the hell are you doing?”

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

She moved her toes and was ready to knee Shen Wang’s jewels at anytime.

Shen Wang regarded her, then shortly after, his grip slowly loosened, “You are Glutinous Rice Candy, aren’t you?”

It was a rhetorical question.

Su Nuo’s long eyelashes fluttered, tone completely indifferent, “So what.”

“You recognized me, so you deleted the account.”

Su Nuo broke free of him, her wrists already red and slightly achy from the coarse manhandling, her eyes wary, “Whether I deleted my account or not has what relation to you?”    

She was aloof and snappy with jagged edges all over, like a poisonous viper baring fangs hissing at Shen Wang. The moment that he moved, there would be no hesitation to rush forth with a strike and bite down.

Shen Wang’s thin eyelashes trembled, the usually clean and cold face was dyed with a shade of bafflement.

He found that he truly couldn’t see through Su Nuo. The girl in front of him won’t ever treat him again as an elder brother despite their 14 years of interaction together. In actuality, he wasn’t even being regarded as a stranger. He was more like a surging horde of beasts stampeding and once close, Su Nuo built high citadel walls.

He couldn’t say anything, but his senses felt dulled, and his entire chest ached.

Thinking of the intimate ambiguity between the two just now, Shen Wang could not help but sneer, “Yes, me and you have no relationship between us, the only one with a connection to you is Zhao Yunqing.”

Su Nuo pursed her lips, then barged past Shen Wang about to fling open the door to leave.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!


His powerful palms gripped tight and black pupils looked down from on high, “Su Nuo, I’m telling you, Zhao Yunqing is the heir of the Zhao Group. The Zhao family is a huge business with complicated family matters. Go ahead and ask around and you will know exactly what kind of people his father and mother are. Afraid that even if you manage to climb onto Zhao Yunqing, you won’t be able to enter his household! Because… “Shen Wang approached nearer, each sentence and each word were concise and powerful, “They won’t accept an abandoned woman as their daughter-in-law, that is called a disgrace. “

When all is said and done, it’s just some sarcastic barbs.

Su Nuo had no response, didn’t even give him one look, just carried her bag and left with only a care for herself.

Her figure gradually disappeared into the horizon. In the still silence, the dumbstruck Shen Wang abruptly returned to his senses. Then all of what he said just now echoed back clearly into his ears.


One leg kicked the door while hands pulled at two tufts of hair in agitation.

He thought he must be crazy or too easily provoked. When Su Nuo persisted in entangling him, he felt annoyed; when the person drove themselves away, he began to feel disquiet. Once he saw Su Nuo being intimate with other men, his entire being felt like a bomb, almost as if he was on the brink of explosion.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

 Shen Wang took two deep breaths to calm his mood. Once he went out the door, he bumped into Meng Yiran who was waiting ouside the door.

Frowning, “What’s the matter?”

Meng Yiran’s red lips danced open, an alluring voice, “A-Wang is uncomfortable?”

“No.” He was indifferent and walked forward with both hands in his pockets.

Meng Yiran did not expect that Shen Wang would brush her off so callously, and hurried to catch up after she came out of her stupor, “Are you angry with me? Shen Wang, I just wanted you to take the initiative. So long as you take one step forward, we can still… “

“It’s impossible for us.” Shen Wang interrupted.

His face has lost the past gentle warmth, his eyes are chilly and contain not an ounce of emotion when regarding her, “Miss Meng, I lack the qualifications to enter your flowery world and I don’t want to play cat and mouse with you. Let us take a clean break right here, without disturbing each other, “he said. “Take care. “

Meng Yiran was utterly dumbfounded.

She couldn’t figure out what was going on, why  was each and every one of them escaping her halo effect.

“System, what is the Shen Wang’s favorability rating towards me now?”

System: [0.]

… 0.

How could this be……

Meng Yiran started felt short of breath, crouching down slowly into the corner, clasping her hurting glabella.

She toiled these three years, worked hard for three years to finally have Shen Wang’s favorability value towards her reach 60. The original male lead was always a passionate lover. Once he fell in love, his heart was set. Hence, Meng Yiran let him go so that the heart can grow fonder with distance and provoke Shen Wang‘s jealousy. This way the favorability value will soar rapidly to 100 and she can quickly harvest the charisma value quicker.


Since the original male owner has no more utility, she can only start to act against other people.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Meng Yiran revitalized herself again, “Help me search for other targets.”

System: [Zhao Yunqing, deeply loves the former heroine Su Nuo: the capture difficulty is five stars and successful capture can obtain 50,000 charms.]

System: [Yuan Ze, the biological brother of the former heroine Su Nuo, the capture difficulty is one star. Successful capture can obtain 50,000 charm.]

The system continues: [Yuan Cheng and Yuan Che…]

“Alright.” Before the system was finished, Meng Yizhen interrupted with gleaming eyes, “No need to continue on.”

She at least realized it. She can’t afford to offend people like Zhao Yunqing. Since Yuan Ze and Zhao Yunqing are both worth the same 50,000 charisma value and the capture difficulty is also low, why not aim for capturing Yuan Ze?

Meng Yiran perked up again and prepared to go back to seek out Yuan Ze’s information.

Su Nuo didn’t intend on attending the noon or evening banquets. While waiting for the elevator, someone stopped her from behind.

An unfamiliar middle-aged man, Su Nuo was sure that she never met this person before.

“Is anything wrong?” She asked, civilly reserved.

“Hello, Miss Su Nuo.” He paused a moment, took out a business card from his pocket, and handed it over. “I’m an agent of Yifeng Entertainment. This is my business card.”

Wang Cheng.

Holding the thin business card, she arched her eyebrow slightly, “The company that Zhao Yunqing is with?”

After Wang Cheng froze, he laughed, “Yes, Yun … Zhao Yunqing is our company’s hottest artist, but I have no connection with him.”

“Oh.” Su Nuo played with the business card, internally pondering to and fro. She smiled for a moment, her eyes glowed, “Senior Brother asked you to come?”

“…” Fuck, how did you guess so fast that he had something to do with Zhao Yunqing?

Wang Cheng’s outward appearance is a steady poker face, * but in fact he has been panicking for a while. He faked innocence, “What?”

* TL: the literal translation for this was agitated like an old dog, meaning that one is so experienced that they don’t freak out like an amateur.

Su Nuo took a deep breath, “Senior Brother asked you to sign me?”

Wang Cheng merely smiled meaningfully in tacit silence.

The elevator has already arrived and Su Nuo is preparing to enter.

Wang Cheng hurried to intercept. Since there was no need to continue pretenses and hide matters, “Fine, I am Yunqing’s personal agent. He truthfully did mention you to me, but don’t get me wrong, his intention wasn’t to open the back door for you. It’s my own idea to find you this time.” Wang Cheng was deathly afraid that Su Nuo wouldn’t listen anymore, so he blurted out a lot,“ I just watched your video. I think your image and your grasp of the camera is very good, so I wanted to sign you. “

Su Nuo said nothing.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Wang Cheng continued, “I’m not afraid to tell you but after you and Heavenly Road terminated the contract, Wu Manni will collaborate with her connections to ensure that no one will sign you. You also know that the entertainment industry today is dominated by the dual giants of Heavenly Road and Yifeng. Wu Mani’s pull in our circle is not worse than that of old senior presidents. So, whatever she decrees, other than Yifeng, all the other little companies wouldn’t dare not heed.”

Su Nuo, “Then the reason for your visit this time?”

Wang Cheng laughed darkly, “On the surface, Heavenly Road and Yifeng are in a cooperative relationship. Yet in reality, there is a hidden struggle for life and death underneath. Not to keep things from you, I am acquainted with Wu Manni. Since she thinks you are a waste, I insist on cultivating you into a bright jade to let you shine for everyone beneath your feet. “

Regarding his words, Su Nuo didn’t doubt. After all, Zhao Yunqing was lifted up high by this person.

Wang Cheng has a unique vision, being an agent until present and raising four artists, that all without exception, have become industry heavy hitters. * Zhao Yunqing is the most successful one that he has nurtured.

*TL: the literal translation was hot bowl in hand.

She can’t go back to Heavenly Road and there is no future to be found in other small places. So, there is only one way to go all things considered.

Su Nuo extended her hand out to Wang Cheng, “let’s have a pleasant cooperation.”

Since Meng Yiran wants to step on this head of hers, the former heroine, to soar high into the sky while relying on the system to achieve her wish, then she would just insist on not allowing her wish to come to fruition. She will let Meng Yiran understand that she is the true sole protagonist of this world, which is an immutable fact.

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Author’s Note:

After waiting for little Meng to seek out Yuan Ze —

[Capture Difficulty 10 star hell mode, advise to give up]

Xiaomeng: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Didn’t you tell me that it was one star!

Then something about updates.

By the way, the Armani Black Tube 302 is really good-looking. The fairy color number, and the single-coating are all good-looking. I used it to over Mac Ruby Woo today, wow, so beautiful!

I couldn’t understand the lipstick talk. I don’t use make up so I had no real context. I tried my best… but sounds like our author is a red lipstick fan ala Taylor Swift.

In addition, Armani’s black tube base makeup is also easy to use. Besides being expensive, there’s no problems _ (: 3∠) _.

Armani and mac, privately message me to sponsor me!!! Sponsor me, hear me!

Speaking about it, there really were people who wanted me to promote products, I was embarrassed to tell you what the promotion was….

Breast Enhancement Tool.

Just keep laughing.

I also don’t understand it. We only have 10,000 fans, of which 3,000 were bought by Taobao for ten dollars. Why did they find me? They must be attracted by my f cup!

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TL Notes:

Shen Wang is seriously childish and with no manners. Zhao Yunqing was being polite and congratulating you. He’s essentially a stranger that hasn’t outright offended you and also a celebrity so as a President, you shouldn’t snub them for no reason! Rude! Shen Wang is really the example of forceful male that doesn’t care about consent. Shen Wang really makes you hate him so much. The worse part is that totally can see someone being like this in real life. The patriarchy is real.

Ugh I hate that Meng Yiran must be after both Zhao Yunqing and Yuan Ze!! I’m surprised that Zhao Yunqing is 5 star difficulty whereas that siscon Yuan Ze is only 1 star, is this right?? I wasn’t going to translate the author’s note and then I read it. Haha, sounds as if that 1 star difficulty rating is very misleading~

Introduction of a new character! Wang Cheng, haha. I feel like he’s like the emperor’s eunuch or whatever. His name, 王成, means king and success or fruition. Wang is the surname.

Yifeng (艺风) means Art Wind and I couldn’t think of a way to make it sound nice in English so I left it as is in pinyin.

Su Nuo ready to counterattack in the entertainment industry!

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  1. Thank you so much for the chapter! I just finished binging… This novel is so refreshing in a sea of overbearing ceos and annoyingly perfect people that would never exist in real life! You do a really good job at keeping everything grammatically correct and flowing smoothly, so keep up the good work!

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