Isias caused me to get slammed with mandatory overtime. Normally, it is just my husband but my dept got roped in too. Tomorrow, I will actually be working overtime and my husband is not, which is so rare since he is the overtime fiend. I banged this chapter out quickly so it might not be … Continue reading SFLQT CH 32


I was experimenting with different ways to save my translation files. I at first saved them individually and now I just have a master document. It's basically well over 100 pages now, close to 200 pages at this point... I didn't load all the chapters into it (maybe 5) but will be over 200 pages … Continue reading SFLQT CH 31


I'm going to see how long I can mass translate. I don't want to burn myself out either. I hope everyone is still enjoying the translated chapters. Thanks! Keep safe and healthy! Previous / ToC / Next The staff moved a table up to the stage, placing a laptop on it. After hooking it up … Continue reading SFLQT CH 30