Hi everyone. I actually read some reviews on the Novel Update page for this story from readers that MTL the whole book. Apparently, a lot of people don’t like the ending. I’m kind of concerned but I feel like I’m too far in to give up translating. I just hope that the ending doesn’t disappoint, especially since I don’t translate ahead. I do like what I am reading so far though. Hope that you guys are too.

Again, trying to mass translate to make up for the long hiatus. Apologies for any glaring mistakes. :grovel: Please accept my sincere apologies!

I offer this chapter as tribute and compensation!

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The opening started with a piece of awe-inspiring music. The camera began with a bird’s eye view of the city, then zooming across, and finally stopping in the city center. On screen, the demons are brutalizing the commoners amidst ever burning flames and tragically pitiful screaming. The scarlet blood and the ash gray background contrast sharply.

The entirety of Huaixing Studios’ personnel has expended all efforts into the special effects, the details are so delicate that it is almost perfect, and there is no flaw to be found even in the far distance.

Just as the demonic blade lifted and swung down, a pink and white streamer flew from afar to wind itself around the sword handle to pull it. The sword was swept down to the ground and the camera shifted to a young girl.

Her dress flowed all around her and the thin peach pink garment became the sole hue painted in this ashy gray world.

Su Nuo’s clear brow was cold and strands of her hair danced behind her face. Her waist twisted sinuously, and her sword danced out into a brandish. This flourish flowed smooth like a stream of water, elegantly floating and ethereal, yet not losing one iota of heroic bearing.

The audience couldn’t refrain from exclaiming, carefully watching with wide open eyes.

Not only the guests, but even Shen Wang had harbored some misgivings towards the promo advert’s outcome.

It was as if Su Nuo was born to be a Dancer, slender and agile with an unearthly nature, every particle of her whole body could only be imbued with the description of “beauty”.


The last mob fell to the ground.

The young girl held the sword in one hand, red blood drops dripped along the blade. She stepped on her toe tips and started dancing. Countless peach blossoms flowed out from her fingertips and flew out towards the land. The originally shattered city was purified in an instant.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

TL: The Dancer class fights with cloth streamers so I don’t know where this sword came from. Author forgot most likely and was more concerned about creating that imagery.

The clouds retreated and the sunlight beamed on her face. She closed her eyes, and the camera was still focused on that beautiful scene.

“Boss.” Qian Lai came over to nudge Shen Wang’s arm secretly. “Now you know why we don’t show you this movie no matter what…”

After the promo film was finished, they had never let Shen Wang see it, all in order to surprise him.

Little plum blossom completely awes people as well as pleasantly and surprisingly exceeded expectations. They had never expected that the result of the promo film would be so perfect. After watching the film, they thought that the promo film would definitely shock everybody.

Qian Lai snuck over to spy on the audience’s reaction, and sure enough, things were as he surmised.

Shen Wang came to his senses. He couldn’t help but seek out Su Nuo on either side of him, and finally spotted her in the seat right next to him.

The girl’s body was half hidden in the dim with calm face, attention on the screen. That pair of eyes seemed to be like inlaid black crystal gems, bright and moving, flickering and gleaming.

His heart suddenly stirred, he unexpectedly wanted to get closer.

After the promo trailer was played, the lights turned back on again. A big round of applause sounded and Su Nuo became the focal point.

Amongst all these people, only Meng Yiran didn’t applaud.

She was flustered.

The sound of the system in her head resounded.

[Charisma value-10]

[Charisma value-20]

[Charisma value-30]

[System warning: Your heroine charisma value is steadily decreasing. Charisma below 100 will mean death.]

[System warning: The original heroine, Su Nuo, is absorbing your charisma value. Advising the host to please act as soon as possible.]

Meng Yiran intently tugged on her dress, breathing quicker and quicker.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

She transmigrated, crossing over into a novel about doting childhood sweethearts and became the female lead. The system advised that if she wants to continue living and return to her original world, she must absorb more than 100,000 charisma points. The more popular she becomes, the more charisma points. Thus, Meng Yiran re-entered the performing arts circle just like her previous life experience and has been liked by countless people. Yet that is far from enough, so long as her anti-fans increases by one, her charisma will drop by one point.

In order to complete the mission quickly, she can only accept advanced tasks – have the original male lead like her, have the supporting male partner who liked the original heroine like her, and also let the original heroine’s adoptive parents like her. She must leech the original female lead’s halo bit by bit onto her own self, only in this way will the charisma value multiply.

In fact, she executed things very smoothly. However somehow, ever since Su Nuo woke up from her attempted suicide, her charisma value began to drop. The formerly infatuated Shen Wang also cut contact with her, and all the other capture targets are indifferent. If it weren’t for Shen Wang still detesting Su Nuo under her influence, she would have doubted if something was wrong with the system.

Meng Yiran thought that Su Nuo, a useless dodder flower of a female protagonist, couldn’t make waves. How could she possibly make a satisfactory promotional video with her acting skill. So long as she lost face at the press conference and caused an ugly scene, Shen Wang’s ire will trigger because of this and hate her even more. The more people who hate Su Nuo, the faster her charisma will increase.

Meng Yiran’s internal calculator had premeditated very ruthlessly.

Yet now…

Things are completely different from the plan!

Instead of earning dirty words, Su Nuo won the favor of many people.

Meng Yiran’s temples suddenly throbbed, she must quickly gain back the lost charisma.

Contemplating, Meng Yiran turned her attention to Zhao Yunqing and internally querying: [System, how much charisma points from contacting Zhao Yunqing once?]

System: [Physical contact +50, Intimate contact +500, Love and marriage +50,000]

It’s really that high?

Meng Yiran was stunned silly. It must be known that marrying the original male lead would only earn 30,000 charisma points yet the cannon fodder, Zhao Yunqing, was so high?

She decided now, her capture target has changed. So long as she got together with Zhao Yunqing, then it wouldn’t be a dream one day to return home.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Meng Yiran’s thoughts slightly moved, she held her temples and gently moaned, pretending as if she was about to faint on him.

Her head was just about to touch Zhao Yunqing’s shoulders when Zhao Yunqing suddenly moved his side, raising his arm to pat the arm of the person next to him.

“Senior Brother, what’s wrong?”

Sitting next to him is a small fresh-faced male actor, a junior behind Zhao Yunqing one season and deeply admired him.

Zhao Yunqing’s clear voice in a low whisper, “Can we switch seats?”


“I feel your feng shui is good here.”

Little actor: “…????”

The little actor changed his seat with Zhao Yunqing with a confused face. Once he saw the goddess in everyone’s heart next to him, his entire body’s aura became refreshed and his expression bloomed into smiles. “Is Sister Meng uncomfortable? Do you need me to help you do anything?”

Meng Yiran sat upright with a grimace, “No need.”

The little actor lowly hummed understanding and withdrew his gaze with an aggrieved expression.

Zhao Yunqing leaned against the back of his chair leisurely. He was born an emperor with countless women being delivered into his embrace; how could he not see through Meng Yiran’s puny little trick. His heart found it funny and further felt more fond cherishment towards Su Nuo.

Such a beautiful girl like her that originally deserves to be spoiled a million times over, but finally everything ends up in another’s hands.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Zhao Yunqing calmed down and thought back again to the scene of when he first met Su Nuo. Su Nuo is the most captivating treasure he has ever set eyes on. From that day he rescued her from the cliff on, his heart has been completely absorbed by her.

However, Su Nuo always secretly said in her heart that he was fierce. So, the tyrant retracted his sharp aura, then learned to be gentle and warm. She disdained him as impatient, so he summoned an embroidery maid to study stitches one by one and temper his character. Su Nuo also grumbled about his ruthlessness in bed, so he secretly called over a male prostitute to study love techniques.

Zhao Yunqing was ready to dig out his heart and lungs to treat her well, but then…

Zhao Yunqing sighed audibly, a bitter taste in his throat, looked down and covertly touching his cell phone.

[Zhao Yunqing: Junior sister, someone sexually harassed me.]

Sitting in front, Su Nuo glanced over, turned her head to meet his resplendent eyes full of humor. After her doe eyes scanned back and forth twice over, withdrew her gaze, leaving him only the sight of a delicate back.

[Su Nuo: I have never seen harassment between the same genders yet, I want to see it.]

TL: She didn’t realize that Meng Yiran was originally next to Zhao Yunqing since she turned back to look after the seating change. LOL

Zhao Yunqing looked at the small fresh meat on his left and the small fresh meat on his right, “…” It’s worth serious consideration.

Following this is the Q&A session. As the spokesperson, Su Nuo will naturally go up for the interview. She doesn’t dare fool around anymore. * After putting her mobile into do-not-disturb mode, she stands up and follows the lead creative staff to the front of the stage.

*TL: means to fish in troubled waters or to cause chaos.

Today, Su Nuo is wearing a silver mermaid tail dress with not much adornments in her hair, which is casually draped down around her round fragrant shoulders. She stood in the most inconspicuous corner, yet still attracts everyone’s attention. Su Nuo’s skin shimmered in the light, white as porcelain, her eyes black as ink, her lips like cherry blossoms. Her hand held a microphone. Her slender figure and posture like the spring scene of flowers and trees, * her appearance was perfectly gorgeous, a slightly remote and cold aura emanating from deep within her bones.

*TL: This is an idiom which is used to describe a woman’s figure and compare it to beautiful foliage.

Truly an elegant beauty.

The focus of the interview was on Shen Wang. After a few questions, the reporters’ attention was finally directed on her.

“I heard that Su Nuo suffered a foot injury during the filming of the promotional video. Is it all right?”

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Commonly, stars that aren’t very popular will naturally act pitiful when faced with this kind of question. They will stick a “professional” label on themselves and once the public buys it, they will naturally attract a lot of traffic.

Su Nuo said faintly, “Just a slight twist, doesn’t interfere too much.”

The reporter also asked, “Is it true that the compensation for this job is low?”

The corner of Su Nuo’s eyes glanced at Shen Wang and the corner of her lips quirked up, “There is no need to talk about money amongst family.”

Just a few words directly washed clean the vague relationship between her and Shen Wang.

Su Nuo gazed at him again, intimately speaking, “Right, Wang-ge.”

Shen Wang’s hands holding the microphone gripped white. He put the microphone next to his mouth and with a low word, “Yes.” He said, “Many thanks to my little sister for helping me.”

Su Nuo’s chin slightly lifted, her smile full of faint pride and satisfaction.

“Since Su Nuo is the spokesperson, she definitely plays the game.”

In seeking out the source, suddenly there was a commotion in the audience.

All the photographer’s lenses swept over.

It was Meng Yiran who spoke, she wore deep red lipstick, emphasizing her beautiful features like a rich oil painting. Meng Yiran has always been labeled a lush worldly flower and the media also think that Meng Yiran is beautiful and stunning. However, with the unexpected comparison of Su Nuo, everyone suddenly feels that though Meng Yiran is beautiful as can be * yet lost some inexplicable degree of charm.

*TL: 则美矣 apparently means that no matter how beautiful something is, it will still be imperfect. So it basically means that as beautiful as something can be though with the understanding that beauty has its limits.

The beauty that floats surface deep is far from touching the poignant heart moving quality emitting deep from within Su Nuo.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

“President Shen showed us the game’s concept and innovation, but only through words. I believe that none of us can understand it. How about we let Miss Su Nuo personally allow us to experience it.” Meng Yiran was smiling faintly.

She was purposefully creating difficulties.

In the original book, Su Nuo, this little white flower, don’t even mention MMO games, she can’t even play up to level 20 on Candy Crush. * Every single time, she coquettishly begs for Shen Wang’s help. Although it is a typical brainless small fluff novel, Meng Yiran truly views it with great distaste. For the entirety of her existence, she can’t tolerate and hates utterly the most is the type like Su Nuo, a completely useless little white flower that can do nothing but rely on men.

*TL: The original game named is a Chinese only game called Anipop. It’s basically a typical match 3 game popular with kids and the elderly.

Now, as soon as Su Nuo makes a spectacle of herself, the media will naturally lose all favor towards her and the lost charisma value will be restored as a matter of course.

Meng Yiran within was full of disdainful sneers, she was already prepared to see her ugly loss of face.

While imagining it, Meng Yiran suddenly felt a cold and malicious stare. But when she looked over, her gaze crashed into a pair of male eyes that were faintly like a mysteriously deep, ancient pond.

His eyes were gloomy, even full of killing intent.

That feeling can’t be described, just like… immediately about to be swallowed whole.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

 Zhao Yunqing quickly averted his gaze, took a deep breath and restored the usual gentle smoothness like jade.

Meng Yiran panted chaotically, her back completely soaked through with cold sweat. She bit her lower lip in slight disbelief. Meng Yiran is already an old veteran in the business. She has debuted for over a decade and has come across all types of characters, but today… One look alone was able to scare her out of breath.

On stage, Su Nuo calmly spoke, “Since Ms. Meng has said so, naturally I can’t refuse.”

Shen Wang and all the creators by the side wrinkled their brow in worry.

Su Nuo, “It’s just that I don’t play very well, I hope everyone doesn’t mind too much.”

Under the sway of that delicate and pliant smile, everyone’s protective instinct was instantly stirred up.

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Author’s Note:

Su Nuo: Come on! Let’s compete being white lotuses! Bring it on! Bring it on!

Zhao Yunqing: I’m merely a humble man _ (: 3∠) _

Senior Brother is super mysterious!!!

Something about red pockets here.


Suddenly remembered that I stated Senior Brother is 183 cm, then said he is short! Couldn’t help but contemplate deeply, has the fictional male lead height inflated yet again? I remember that 180 was the standard back then, and now suddenly it is 185, 190. So then I…… changed Senior Brother’s height to 185! Ah! I have no principles whatsoever! This author will keep abreast of fictional trends! Definitely will not lose!

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TL Notes:

Kind of interesting that Meng Yiran has her own reasons for acting that way. I guess the author doesn’t want to make her a pure villainess. However, she is very vicious in her calculations. I guess she has dehumanized all the people and regards it just as a story and a game so that she can act this way against Su Nuo.

She’s trying to get her dirty claws into Zhao Yunqing! As if! Too bad our Zhao Yunqing is on guard! Puahhaha, he didn’t even let have the 50 points from slight physical contact. Ruthless! LOL!!

I’m shocked that Zhao Yunqing did so much to change himself for her to the point that he called over a male prostitute. That is very, very demeaning, especially for an entity like an emperor. I wonder why Su Nuo insistently has the impression of him as a despot, maybe she was too hurt by what that Crown Prince in that world did to her?

I guess Meng Yiran is a black lotus masquerading as a white lotus but she is also a green tea bitch? She disdains Su Nuo for being useless and hence, feels that Su Nuo deserves her comeuppance but at the same time, she’s been spoiled from youth so she is reacting the way she is with her lack of maturity and experience! Completely hypocritical and self righteous, all to validate her evil actions. If she didn’t look down on Su Nuo so much and instead validate as she is trying to survive and can’t care too much about other people, I may respect her more. She is trying to pretend to herself that Su Nuo deserves the actions that she has taken to guarantee her own survival. So hypocritical and pretentious!

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  1. I have no idea how anyone makes sense of a story when they MTL it. I’ve tried that and it’s so confusing my brain hurts. I feel like a lot of detail is lost when a story is MTLed, so I take those reviews with a grain of salt, especially if they’re negative.

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  2. Honestly, I kind of like Meng Yiran better knowing she’s doing this because she has a death threat held over her head & is desperate to return home. Previously it seemed like she was doing this for shallow reasons: wanting to be the “star” of the “show”.

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  3. She might have her reason. But for her to disdain original Su Nuo for being reliant to men, or pampered, so what makes it different with her after she transmigrated into the novel? In the end, she also needs the affection from the men, in order to increase her lifeline. If she thinks that’s important for her own lifeline, why can’t she think that Su Nuo also like that for her own life? Moreover, she is a leecher. So, she doesnt deserve to call out people.

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    1. Yup, it’s hypocritical but it’s telling that the author is giving her a “reason” to be a villainess. At least she won’t be a flat one dimensional character it looks like.


  4. So the system is the main villain here. Meng girl is only doing these distasteful moves bc she wanted to go home… However, I can’t fully sympathized her bc she obviously got hatred to Su Nuo.

    It’s hypocritical when she’s doing much worse than Su Nuo by relying to men to earn points.

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