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Shen Wang left the car and opened the hood to stare with great concentration at the densely packed vehicle components. He checked the car’s fan belt like how Su Nuo taught last time, making certain that the fan belt was tied securely. There weren’t any issues whatsoever.

Feeling dismayed, Su Nuo had already exited the car to stand in front of him, “It’s a problem with the engine, can’t be fixed.”

Shen Wang was taken aback, frowning with tightly furrowed brows.

Calling someone to pick them up right now definitely won’t allow them to be on time. Since it’s rush hour, it will be difficult to come across an empty taxi. He glanced at his watch. The minutes and seconds trickled by. The final preparations for the conference loom imminent. Shen Wang can’t help but go, yet all he can do is wring his hands in anxiety.

“Wait for me a second,” Su Nuo suddenly said.

“Don’t run around carelessly right now.” As soon Shen Wang spoke, Su Nuo gathered up her skirt to run across the road.

It was a car rental agency. From the dirty crooked store sign, this store doesn’t seem kosher.

Not long after, Su Nuo pushed over a black motorcycle in front of Shen Wang and threw a helmet into his hands with a cold face, “Get on.”

The helmet was heavy and dirty, and who knows how many hundreds of people have worn it already without cleaning in between.

Seeing the hesitation in his eyes, Su Nuo said while putting on the helmet, “If you disdain it then go back on your own.” Upon saying this, she nimbly rolled up her long skirt, revealing the safety shorts underneath and sat up to start the engine.

The scene was very shocking. Shen Wang inhaled deeply, accepted his fate, and gritted his teeth to wear the helmet, “Get off, I’ll drive.”

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Su Nuo laughed mockingly, “I sure don’t remember that you can ride a motorcycle.”

Shen Wang, “I don’t remember that you can either.” She was a delicate young lady. From when she was young until now, she has been doted upon by her family and nestled into the depths of their heart to spoil. Anytime going in or out would be chauffeured by a driver. Her living conditions were all taken care of by the housemaid, even her clothing and accessories had a dedicated person managing, only missing being hand fed three meals a day. Just in the past, Mother Shen refused to let her learn how to drive on the grounds of her poor health and inability to drive in the summer heat. This girl doesn’t even know how to drive a car, how could she drive a motorcycle.

“You have never tried to understand me before, how do you know that I can’t?” Su Nuo asked.

Shen Wang’s tongue was stuck in his throat and he had no way to refute.

Su Nuo’s tone was impatient, “Are you coming or not. If not, I’m leaving by myself.”

Seeing Su Nuo so fierce, Shen Wang’s temper rose. He took off the helmet, squated by the roadside, showing a sulking side profile without looking up.


Su Nu internally swore nonstop in her heart for the first time. He is a grown man, isn’t he too childish?

She was too lazy to bother with him. She got on the motorcycle and revved the engine. With a “hong” sound, she was off.

Shen Wang’s slender and strong fingers clutched the helmet straps, his black eyes burning, and his thin lips pressed in a straight line. He didn’t dare believe that Su Nuo seriously abandoned him by the roadside and left. This part of the road is a big highway, isn’t she afraid of something going wrong!

Three minutes later, Su Nuo, who had gotten accustomed to the feeling, returned to Shen Wang’s sight. The motorcycle wheel kicked up a patch of dust and grit got into his eyes, stinging him back into explosive irritability.

“Su Nuo!” The call of this name sounded as if he was pushed to the limits of his tolerance.

“Getting on or not?” Su Nuo stared at him.

After a long internal struggle, the proud man obediently secured his helmet and reluctantly sat in the back seat. His trembling fingertips slowly grabbed Su Nuo’s waist from behind.

“What are you doing!” Su Nuo viciously slapped Shen Wang’s grasp, “Don’t touch me!”

Shen Wang’s face glowered, “If I don’t touch you, who do I touch? Are you taking responsibility if I fall?”

Su Nuo, “Falling won’t kill you, why is your life so precious?”

Shen Wang didn’t put to heart Su Nuo’s ridicule and sarcasm in the least. He had watched many videos of motorcycle youth mod enthusiasts. There were too many uncertain factors for a vehicle like motorcycles. No matter how poor he was, he was still a President and still wanted to live a few years.

Thinking of this, the solidly strong arms tightened a bit.

Su Nuo bit her lip and the look in her eyes toughened. She clenched the handlebars, and the motorcycle flew straight out like an arrow sprung off the bow. The fast speed made the wind into a sharp blade, causing face stinging pain. Su Nuo’s hair flew back, releasing the aroma of roses into his nose. But at this moment, this scent became like arsenic, making his heartbeat, thump, thumping along with it.

“Su Nuo, slow down!” Shen Wang shouted desperately for his life. He saw a huge truck passing by his shoulders and his blood pressure spiked.

Shen Wang felt that today, everything would be all settled until here. *

(*TL: implications that he will die, lol)

“Then you let go!”

“I let go.” The scenery flew into a blur by him and Shen Wang’s lips trembled. “So, so can I grab just a bit?” He has never been as humble before as he is today.

Su Nuo considered for a moment, and bowed her head, “A little bit is fine.”

“…” His hand changed from holding her waist tightly to holding her waist loosely.

“Can’t bump into me!” Su Nuo turned her head and shouted.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Shen Wang was scared dumbfounded, his good upbringing and manners disappeared, “You fucking look at the road!”

“Being fierce to me?” Su Nuo’s voice that was broken up by the wind was clearly cold.


Fuck, can’t even rile this little miss aunty one little bit.

Knowing his life is in Su Nuo’s hands, Shen Wang gritted his teeth and swallowed down his anger. His hands got looser and looser by degrees, until finally his thumbs and index fingers finally tugged on only a small corner of her clothes. “This okay now?”

Su Nuo finally slowed down.

Twenty minutes later, the motorcycle arrived at the conference venue.

Su Nuo took off her helmet, and her rich hair instantly cascaded down. She swept up her hair, very chic and sexy. Immediately her gaze turned to Shen Wang, he had just got off the vehicle, covering his abdomen and retching on the side of the road. His usually handsome face was white as a sheet, his eyebrows furrowed, and even his lips lost color.

“Hypocrite.” The completely unscathed Su Nu muttered quietly.

Shen Wang looked up, glared at her for two seconds, then straightened up, “Wait till I return and tell my parents.” Presumably because of fear, his voice became hoarse.

Faced with a threat like that a child would make, Su Nuo was unmoved, “Do you think Mom and Dad will believe?”

“……” Won’t believe. 100% unbelievable. Actually, it may even be possible for them to assume that he was drag racing, and afraid after the fact to then push the blame onto Su Nuo. Can’t be helped, Su Nuo has always been so obedient from young until now. The only other male of their age besides Shen Wang is the chauffeur’s son, who is even already married.

He felt frustrated, fixed his tie grumbling, and walked up to the building.

Su Nuo pulled out the key from the ignition and gracefully followed him.

Shen Wang graduated from a famous University and is the son of a wealthy businessman. Naturally, he is also exposed to the upper crust elites in high society. All whom were invited, not one declined and all expected guests appeared at the conference center. In addition, all the major media were onsite. Before the press conference had even officially started, the seats were crammed full of reporters.

Shen Wang has always been a highly regarded figure in the business world. The prestige of the Shen Family’s consortium has followed him since birth. With his top grade looks and smart mind, countless people predicted that he will be the next business wizard to replace his father at the top. But no one ever expected that Shen Wang, keeping it secret from his family, changed his major from financial management to the computer department. The sudden turnaround made people speechless. Soon after, Shen Wang rose to prominence in the World Computer Games with his roommates. Then after, he took over a nearly shuttered software studio and switched it over to game development. Goes without saying that this series of actions shocked a lot of people and he even got criticized by the media for “obsessed with playing.” *

*TL: This is actually an idiom that criticizes one for being overly indulgent in their fun activities and loses all ambitions to make something of oneself.

Today’s arrivals are not just friends giving their sincere blessings, even more are people out to see a spectacle. A rich second-generation young master, so proud to give up countless opportunities of fame and success within fingertip’s reach but instead used up five years just for one game. They want to take a gander at what type of fame and success a mere online game can come up with. If things are done well, your name will become world renowned; if not done well,  then one can only become a laughingstock.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Su Nuo walked through the back door, so she was not photographed by the media. Currently, she was sitting on the sofa in the guest lounge and watching the situation outside on the TV.

The red carpet is laid out, the lights are flashing, various luxury cars stop at the entrance. Celebrities and the rich all enter, one after another. There are fresh faces and also popular faces that don’t often appear in front of the camera. This luxurious lineup makes the event seem a grand party.

Su Nuo leisurely leaned back against the soft sofa, turned off the TV, closed her eyes and prepared to rest her spirits for a bit.

Suddenly, the door opened, and someone came in.

She half-opened her eyes and only caught a glance of a pair of long legs. Her eyes traveled upwards. The man was dressed in a suit, showcasing his narrow waist and long limbs. Moving further upward, there was a sexy Adam’s apple, a smooth, sleek jawline, and full lips suitable for kissing, and… a beauty mark on the tip of the nose.

Su Nuo’s heart jumped sharply and she rushed up to sit up straight.

A male voice laughed lowly beside her ear.

Su Nuo’s eyelashes fluttered, “I really didn’t expect you to attend such a conference.”

Zhao Yunqing replied, “Boss’ idea, I as the employee naturally have to listen to the order issued from up top.”

Su Nuo drummed her cheeks and couldn’t help but say, “Based on Senior brother’s status, * there should be a separate solo lounge.”

 *TL: the way it was in the text is actually coffee, apparently big stars are referred to as big coffees? It’s weird.

Zhao Yunqing’s eyes showed good humor. He rolled up his sleeves and sat beside Su Nuo. He emitted a mysterious aroma, not strong, but as gentle and soft as his temperament.

Su Nuo inexplicably felt unhappy and silently moved her butt to the side.

“Junior sister is afraid of me?” He glanced at her askance.

Su Nuo’s face full of color, “I’m not afraid.”

His humor became more obvious, “Then why do you keep avoiding me?”

Su Nuo, “You are famous, I’m being considerate towards your reputation.”

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Zhao Yunqing blinked his eyes and then yet again. His  tone was leisurely, “Then if you say it like that, I must thank you.”

Su Nuo without any modesty, “No need to be polite.”

Zhao Yunqing was stunned for three seconds by her candor, and then laughed after coming to his senses, curling his long fingers to bounced gently on her smooth and full forehead, “Silly kid.”

The light from his eyes was bright yet not burning hot like fireflies.

How many fans in the world obsess about seeing Zhao Yunqing laughing, yet reality saw him keeping everyone no matter who at arm’s length, with an indifferent and remote personality. Yet at this moment, Zhao Yunqing gave Su Nuo all his warmth and patience, only she did not want to accept it.

“Senior Brother.” Su Nuo’s eyebrows twisted together, “Do you have crooked ideas towards me?”

She is not a fool. Afraid that even if this man covers up well, she can still feel the strong possessiveness welling from the bottom of his eyes, and this feeling has existed since the first meeting.

“Yes.” Zhao Yunqing responded and ridiculed himself. “I didn’t expect to be discovered by you so soon. I still wanted to hide it for a while.”

Su Nuo was a little stumped at his frankness, and quickly lowered her head again, biting her lip and strategizing.

First, Zhao Yunqing is seriously sexy. For instance, the men she met in her transmigrations, none of them aroused her feelings, especially not the eggheads from the last two worlds. They were rude, ruthless and inexperienced.  For instance, they didn’t pay any attention to the captain of their little company being bullied during the apocalyptic times.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Zhao Yunqing is different. He is very gentle, his voice is nice to the ear, and also his eyes are full of affection. When he held her, she feels that she is being loved with all his heart.

Su Nuo is not as pure and innocent from before her quick transmigrations, just like Pandora’s magic box. Once opened, it can never be sealed again. In the deep quiet of night, she still wants someone to come and soothe her restlessness.

Su Nuo clenched her fists and courageously declared, “I’m not ready to date right now.” She thinks that men are not anything good, all with their own agendas and will hurt her.

“Un.” Zhao Yunqing crossed his legs and supported his cheek with one hand. “So then?” He listened patiently.

“So…” Su Nuo eyes flickered. “If you don’t mind, we can be bed companions.”

Zhao Yunqing’s hand supporting his cheek shook and fell over.

He gazed at her, feeling complicated. It has only been this long, and she already became this… tolerant?

Thinking of the little miss who was always crying shyness in bed saying such things to him, Zhao Yunqing’s heart soared to an unspeakable heat.

Calming down, “Go on.”

“We can go three times a week. Best to stay outside the city. You must wear a disguise. I don’t take medicine.”

He didn’t say a word and stared at her heavily.

This gaze …

Su Nuo’s heartbeat suddenly quickened, and she looked away panicked, “If you think you don’t have enough time, once a week is fine, but I usually go to class and usually live in school, so I don’t go out at night.” It’s also not safe.

Still as obedient as he remembered…

Zhao Yunqing stretched his limbs, his lips slightly quirked, “Okay, three times.”

Su Nuo let out a breath of relief. Maybe it was an illusion. Just now, she thought that the solemn appearance of Zhao Yunqing was surprisingly the same as that of Rong Qing Wang, but that was impossible. The tyrant rarely revealed a smile on his face as for when he graced her, * mostly full of possessiveness. When would he ever talk to her patiently or gently.

* TL: I put grace her because it should be translated as doting but it’s not normal doting. Literally, it means doting by the dragon to signify when royalty sleeps with you. So it is like a grace given to you because you have the chance for dragon seed (aka baby).

Su Nuo boldly continued to ask the “cheap man” who sent himself to her doorstep, “You don’t have any strange addictions, right? Let me say first here and now that I don’t like that.”

He pondered carefully and teasingly smiled, “Do costumes count?”

Su Nuo’s eyelashes fluttered. Those amorous eyes made Su Nuo’s ears uncontrollably red, and she bowed her head to say, “I don’t mind if you wear them.”

Think about him being so good-looking, if he wears a maid outfit should also …

Zhao Yunqing: “…” This little miss has become a bit excessive.

“Then our discussion is over?” Su Nuo whispered.

“Un.” Zhao Yunqing nodded. “You’ve said everything on your side.”

Su Nuo tilted her head, “Do you have any objections?”

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Zhao Yunqing, “No.” He didn’t dare to object. The little missy seems obedient, but in fact, she had a very arrogant temper. He dare say, that the moment he has an objection, Su Nuo would immediately get up to leave, blocking and blacklisting this dragon. She will never have extra entanglement with someone with no use or value. This bit is something learned from him and of course, utilized very effectively and ably.

Su Nuo suddenly remembered an extremely volatile factor, leaned over, nervously holding Zhao Yunqing’s arm, and purposely lowering her voice, “Also, can’t let my brother know about this, I’m afraid that he will cut you up.”

Based on Yuan Ze’s savage temper, even if he did not hack up Zhao Yunqing, he would at least chop off two or three limbs.

Zhao Yunqing raised an eyebrow, “Thank you for your concern, I will still pay attention to my personal safety.”

Su Nuo sat upright again, and now she had nothing more to say.

The room silent again, during which the waiter came over with tea. Five minutes before the conference started, the lead creative staff phoned over to inform them to enter the premises.

Su Nuo got up and was about to depart, Zhao Yunqing touched her waist from behind, her spine stiffened up and she turned her head back to watch him vigilantly.

Zhao Yunqing stretched his finger out to point and said, “Helping you smooth it out.”

There was a crease on her skirt at the back, which should be the mark left from when Shen Wang pulled on it. Su Nuo relaxed and let Zhao Yunqing help her tidy.           

“All done.”

His clear voice came to her ears.

“Thank you.”

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Su Nuo was about to leave when a powerful big masculine hand suddenly pulled her arm and turned to rest her against the wall.

He was very tall, almost 185, * and his presence felt extra domineering in close quarters. Su Nuo was trapped in place. Even if he did not use much strength, he still caused her some unsaid discomfort.

*TL: about 6 ft tall, so yes, that’s tall

“Junior sister.” Zhao Yunqing released her a bit, and returned to the gentle demeanor, appearing harmless to humans and animals again, “When do I get graced?” *

* TL: The way he phrased it is very particular. The phrasing is very old (侍寝), it is generally meant to refer to when concubines get graced by the imperial presence in their bed.

Su Nuo, “…”

Just after ten o’clock, the <<Nine Heavens>> game conference officially started.

The conference hall was full of people. As the game spokesperson, Su Nuo naturally sat in the first row with the main creator. She noticed Zhao Yunqing sitting behind at the side. The man sat peacefully, his eyes and brow still and quiet like snow. His noble temperament can conquer one with a single glance, akin to an immortal on high.

After feeling Su Nuo’s regard, he glanced over again and smiled slightly. That moment the icy snow thawed, countless flowers bloomed, and a gorgeous scene blossomed.

Su Nuo hastily refused to look up, her hands obediently placed in her lap, but slowly curled into fists.

Shen Wang is talking on stage, the huge screen behind him is showing the design concept and creativity of the game. Facing the realization of his dream, he at least can discuss it.

Next, the opening animation of the game was to be played. While the lighting is dim, Su Nuo secretly placed the small key in her palm into her clutch. This is the key that Zhao Yunqing gave her just now.

As soon as it was placed inside, the mobile phone in the bag vibrated and she opened it.

[Zhao Yunqing: After it’s finished, my driver will pick you up at the back door.]

[Su Nuo: You gave your driver to me, how are you going back?]

[Zhao Yunqing: Borrowing someone else’s car.]

[Su Nuo: No need, I can ride a motorcycle over.]

[Zhao Yunqing: …?]

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

He was stunned dumb a moment, his head swiveled to contemplate Su Nuo directly ahead of him. The girl had shut her cell phone already, her face was quiet and beautiful.

This, how does this look like a motorcycle rider.

“Next is our first promotional video, please enjoy it quietly.”

Upon mentioning promo, everyone finally remembered that Su Nuo was the spokesperson for <<Nine Heavens>>. Compared to this, the media was more interested in the love hate affairs of Shen Wang as everyone knew that their engagement imploded at the banquet. Regarding today’s promotional video, it is very likely that Su Nuo had the Shen family force Shen Wang to cast her for the shoot.

Since her debut, Su Nuo has mimicked Meng Yiran’s style, but her acting and appearance was always worse in comparison. Finally, being regarded as an inferior knockoff and became a joke. The creation of <<Nine Heavens>> was clearly difficult with limited funding. This kind of low budget shooting combined with her superficial acting skills is expected to likely not produce anything amazing or fresh.

Thinking of this, the group of reporters began to feel distressed on behalf of Shen Wang.

They predict that <<Nine Heavens>> will be unpopular due to the trailer.

The promotional video is about to be played. The guests are not very interested, but they still forcibly perk up to look at the screen.

Except for Zhao Yunqing, his spine stood straight upright, and his brow was full of concentrated focus.

Sitting next to Zhao Yunqing was Meng Yiran. Today, she wore a red dress, very flashy. Giving a sidelong glance at the man next to her. After her gaze swept over a few rounds, she hummed softly, “Senior brother Zhao, my head suddenly became dizzy. Can you help get me the medicine in the bag? I don’t have any energy right now … “

If it is a normal man, they will definitely not reject Meng Yiran’s charming halo.


“Can’t.” He showed no mercy, his sight not even giving way in the least.


Meng Yiran’s face changed, and simultaneously, the big screen lit up.

The trailer was broadcast.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

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Author’s Note:

Zhao Yunqing to Meng Yiran: Women, I advise you to go for a check up

Zhao Yunqing to Su Nuo: I want imperial grace, I want imperial grace, I want imperial grace.

The imperial grace (侍寝) here is the same one before where the concubines get graced by the emperor’s sexual advances. So a little bit of gender reversal here, lol.

In conclusion, being a motorcycle mod girl enthusiast is not recommended! No matter what, driving without a permit is not permitted, the female lead’s actions are wrong! Good kids won’t learn from this example and if they come across such instances, must report to the police! [Extreme desire to survive]

This chapter is two in one

So I guess this chapter is longer than usual.

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TL Notes:

Shen Wang has a very low opinion of Su Nuo but admittedly, she was very very pampered and it’s great that Su Nuo recognized that with all her experience in her transmigrations. So as the story unfurls, I look forward to seeing all her character development. Still doesn’t really excuse Shen Wang’s transgressions against her. If he just ignored her but didn’t harm her, that would be understandable but to let her remain or get in harm’s way with him thinking that it’s valid??! What kind of human being are you then?

Shen Wang is really a manchild, yet he accuses Su Nuo of being the brat. Ugh, I hate manchild MLs. I get the impression that Shen Wang is always clutching his pearl necklace or w/e. I like how the author says he got irritated again when that is his default personality setting.

I like how Zhao Yunqing doesn’t hide his interest in Su Nuo. She also straight up confronts him about it, instead of mincing around. I like how devoted he is to her and knows not to entertain another woman in his sphere if he wants a shot attaining Su Nuo’s honest affections.

Su Nuo propositioned him, hahah. Just kind of sad for her that she got so hurt that she basically closed herself off emotionally.

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