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Week 7 down, week 8 of remote learning/WFH on. I’m quite proud of myself how my family and I have not left our apartments. I’ve been browsing Facebook more often as a result. There are a small and growing minority in my feed that I noticed of people who think the response is overblown and been used as political leverage. They live in NYC too! I don’t get it… It’s like the anti-vaxxers, the Sandy Hook or 9-11 deniers, the conspiracy theorists. I don’t get it.

I’m all for people having their own opinions, agree to disagree or what not. I am not okay with trying to change or sway things to your viewpoint that may cause harm to others. Complete lack of consideration.

It took the longest for Western societies to view mask wearing as essential as there was a stigma associated with it for the longest time. Maybe because it was viewed as a very Asian thing to do and there’s a racist component to it.

I don’t think it a coincidence that the Asian societies/countries seem to be faring better with flattening the curve for many reasons (though some virtues may become flaws depending on context and situation):

  • More homogeneous society
  • Higher social cooperation (and hence higher pressure to conform, less emphasis on the individual, more shaming components)
  • Pressure to be considerate/polite
  • Emphasis on clan or extended families versus nuclear family
  • Centralized governmental power (for better or worse)

Anyway, I’m stepping off my soapbox. Talks of reopening regionally for NYC has started as the Pause orders expire 5/15/2020, so 2 weeks… I feel like my company is also starting to prepare for that but school has been announced as remote learning for the rest of the year and that is till end of June… Got a headache thinking about it.

Thank you all for your many comments, likes and support! It really bolsters me!

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Once Su Nuo logged into the forums, she immediately saw the red headlines at a glance.

[818* The white lotus that seduces other’s lovers and robs resources]

TL: I couldn’t figure out what this meant. The closest I came was 88, which means bye bye. Chinese internet slang uses a lot of numbers. For example, 233 is their lol. 520 is their ily, 250 or 213 is their retard/idiot/moron or 748 is like their GFY.

The post was trending hot. In just one afternoon, there were already hundreds of replies. The original poster wrote a long litany ranging in the thousands of words to tally up every single one of Su Nuo’s malicious exploits. For example, running dungeons with people in the middle of the night* or for instance, when she snatched materials through binding. Finally, a few screenshots were posted and amazingly enough, one of the pictures was when Su Nuo exited the dungeon with Love One Sword Length.

*TL: I’m confused by this because it’s common for gamers to do this but I guess this is related to her stealing lovers accusation. So childish, just want to roll my eyes, like so damn hard. This is an example where the pressure to conform is bad, it promotes more sheep like thinking, less critical thinking though not that people who are highly individualistic can’t be manipulated into being stupid sheep >_>.

[Original poster:* My close friend and her online lover are a real life couple. Recently, she has been busy with schoolwork and hasn’t had time to log on. And so as a result, someone then tried to dig up the foundation*? How shameless is that!]

TL: Oddly enough, (楼主) directly translates into floor owner or landlord and then all the subsequent posters are labeled as floor 1, 2, 3, etc. This phrase (挖墙角) is commonly used in the context of relationships as when you dig under a wall enough, it will destabilize and collapse.

[1st Post: Holy shit, isn’t that the milk daddy?]

[2nd Post: Oh, so that’s her. On a side note, her movement skill is frigging awesome.]

[5: Even if its more awesome, someone’s character being no good is still no good.]

Su Nuo browsed two more pages of the thread with her mouse, didn’t continue to read anymore, pursed her lips and closed the page.

In game, Su Nuo has already been killed and de-leveled 5 times. At this rate, she estimates that it won’t be long before she has to return to the newbie village. Letting out a big sigh in her heart, she prepared to just log off directly.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

[900M Young Girls’ Dream]: Girlie, don’t go yet. Come join our chat group.

[Glutinous Rice Candy]: …?

[900M Young Girls’ Dream]: When 01 signs on, we can then strategize on what to do.

He transmitted a string of numbers.

TL: I’m assuming that’s how you join a specific chat group in WeChat.

After Su Nuo replied with an okay and logged off, she joined the chat group with an alternate account.

TL: So she didn’t join with her main account, meaning the one that she would be known as Su Nuo. She is a semi celebrity so maybe that is why but obviously, for the sake of plot.

The chat group was apparently just formed, it was four people including herself. Upon seeing her enter, the other three change their usernames into their game names.

[Birds Don’t Poop]: Girlie, don’t be afraid. We already reached out to the admin to delete the post. That kind of evil mud smearing has no point.

[Glutinous Rice Candy]: It can’t count as blackening my name.

[Birds Don’t Poop]: Eh? You really seduced the other party?

[Glutinous Rice Candy]: … Did not.

[System Notification] 1 joined the group chat.

[900M Young Girls’ Dream]: The boss is here! Let me tell you, Boss, our girlie was bullied by people!

[1]: ……?

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Once he said something, Su Nuo noticed his avatar, then instantly dithered.

Clicking open the profile page, it has a simple background, the friend list is set to invisible and there is nothing extra whatsoever. Even despite all of that, Su Nuo can still tell immediately with a single glance who is the exact owner of that account.

She gripped her phone, her lower jaw clenched tightly.

At this moment, Su Nuo’s heart felt disgust from as if she had just swallowed a fly.

900M Young Girls’ Dream recounted the whole story once completely from start to end.

Su Nuo took a deep breath, fingers dancing quickly across the touch screen: No need, I’m getting ready to no longer play this game anymore.

[Birds Don’t Poop]: Girlie, dont ah! Don’t quit over something that you didn’t do.

[He Dare Use Chrysanthemum]: That’s right, whoever bullied you, we will help you bully them right back.

[900M Young Girls’ Dream]: The open beta is right about to start, so there will be a lot of login bonuses during then.

[1]: Un, don’t mind other people’s opinions. Go online, I will protect you.

The entire group spared no effort to have her stay. Su Nuo’s pair of eyes were fixed, staring at those words, [I will protect you], mind completely out of sorts.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Before she had passed away yet, how much she longed to hear those four words.

TL: Remember she did die, then the system told her the truth and she did the 10 quick transmigration missions to come back.

Su Nuo didn’t say any goodbye, decisively and immediately leaving the group. Following that, she logged back into the game. The assassins that took the hit were still camping the site for her, on the assumption that she would log back on.

She sent a private message to the other parties.

[Glutinous Rice Candy]: I will give you three times the amount of money, help me whoever hired you until they are glad to yield.

[Assassin]: ?

[Glutinous Rice Candy]: Is it not enough? Then 5 times.

[Assassin]: Deal.

They were emotionless killers in the first place. Whoever gave the most money, they will do whatever is ordered, any type of reason or logic weren’t considered.

After Su Nuo bought off the other two assassins into her control, she went off to find the location of Lingling Xi and Devoted Love For You. The two were in the middle of killing a world spawn boss mob, only a sliver of HP was remaining. Su Nuo came over, unerringly and unwaveringly sending over a ribbon, neatly one shot slaughtered the boss and also, collected the loot on the ground.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Her actions obviously enraged the duo and they took to the world chat channel to rant.

[Lingling Xi]: Glutinous Rice Candy, you crazy? Robbing my boss?

Su Nuo typing quietly: Wasn’t it you that denounced me all over as liking to rob things from others? I’m just living up to the crimes charged to my name.

[Devoted Love For You]: Missy,* Aren’t you being a bit outrageous like this?

TL: This is sort of hard to translate because it seems to be a mix between just saying plain miss and when in olden times you would call someone Young miss or Miss/Mistress. It (小姐姐) can literally be translated to Little Big/Elder Sister, or Miss Sister. It’s just a way for someone to address a female peer that they are not very acquainted with, I believe.

[Glutinous Rice Candy]: I feel that this is just a common sort of outrageous, even more outrageous things will follow.

After saying thus, Su Nuo began her vengeful assault, masterfully operating her abilities to drop them both to the ground. Her Dancer character’s ultimate skill was forceful resurrection. Su Nuo revived the duo, then came another round; they were both healers, in addition, their control skills were not as good as Su Nuo, leaving them with no ability to retaliate.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Some people passing by could no longer stand it and one by one, stood out to criticize.

Su Nuo ignoring them, continued typing after she finished killing them: I have no interest in your man. If you feel that your man is in such high demand, ceaselessly worrying about someone stealing him away, then why don’t you just find a chain to tie around your waist and save yourself the stress? And also, even without saying that I didn’t rob that stone, even if I did rob it, what can you do to me?

TL: Savage! I like.

[Glutinous Rice Candy]: Hope you guys can properly deal with things yourself.*

TL: Idiom (好自为之) meaning none of my fucking business, basically. Go deal with your shit, lol.

After delivering this parting, she deleted her account, uninstalled the game and carelessly tossing the computer onto the desk.

Right as Su Nuo left, the paid off assassins all started executing their business. Once Devoted Love For You or Lingling Xi signed on, they will appear soundlessly and unknowingly out of nowhere like ghosts. After being killed countless times like this, the two finally birthed some trauma in their heart and don’t dare appear in game, let alone daring to post screenshots on the forums. After all, Su Nuo already deleted her account in protest of her innocence.* If they continue on, then matters will turn into them making a something out of nothing.

TL: I never got this since I know it’s a theme in the olden times that people would suicide to show their innocence. That never made sense to me. I think this is a similar concept. She committed suicide virtually so to speak to denote her innocence. This novel seems to focus a bit too much on suicide imho.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Although Su Nuo deleted her account, but the underworld still circulate her legend. After all, she is the originating founder of the violent healer. The scene of her 1v4 is still just like yesterday. Her solo killing Lingling Xi and Devoted Love For You multiple times gave people an endless source of entertainment. Not even two days past, that whole crowd forgot about that gossipy forum post and instead, raving about her operation control skill. Following a round of exaggeration, Su Nuo was inexplicably and strangely hoisted up on a pedestal.

With only one day remaining till the open beta of the game, inside a Heavenly Road studio, Shen Wang and company are operating the final testing of the game.

Liu Jinjin, who was sitting next to Qian Lai, found himself idle with nothing to do and decided to slack off to fish in muddy waters. He clicked open a post about Glutinous Rice Candy to peruse. The original poster had recorded their screen. The level 20 something little Dancer in the video executed their moves with gorgeously unreal capability. The operation is smooth and seamless, the accuracy in using cool downs were almost cheat-like. One look reveals that much effort was invested.

Liu Jinjin’s heart felt no relish, “How did it go from perfectly fine to deleting…”

Thing were fine if no one said anything, but once said, all the others also lost composure.

Wang Donghu said, “So cyber bullies can kill people.”

Liu Jinjin watched the video again, “But speaking seriously, girlie’s operation skill is really powerful, definitely secretly practiced before.”

Their conversation caught the Shen Wang’s attention, who pursed his lips and clicked with his mouse into the page.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

The little miss was entrapped and surrounded by a group of people, killing once then once more, standing up then falling, falling then standing up. It was raining in game, her entire body misty and gray. Shen Wang’s dark pupils fixedly stared at the video, his heart actually tugged a bit.

She is a girl who ignored in-game announcements and foolishly used precious materials to craft mount fashion for him, sincerely naive. In what way did she resemble a girl that would seduce away someone else’s lover.

Shen Wang sighed deeply, then also clicking on the next video.

Liu Jinjin and them didn’t exaggerate, her operation control skill is very powerful, almost to expert god-like level. If one didn’t truly like the game, how could one have the mind to invest the effort to practice various combos.

It’s just a pity, this type of girl will no longer ever appear in this realm again.

“Boss, Heavenly Road posted on Weibo, saying that Su Nuo has already terminated the contract with their company.”

Shen Wang looked up and momentarily froze.

Qian Lai frowned, “What about the contract with us?”

“Depends on if she signs on with a company or not. If she signs, then we just transfer the authorization. If not, then we can pay an agency fee.”

Wang Donghu had some misgivings, “Then tomorrow’s press conference… directly contact little plum blossom?”

After he finished speaking, several people’s gazes fell upon Shen Wang, one by one.

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Author’s Note:

Okay, no more game plots!

Then she talks about her throat and how she is sick, her treatments, which will affect her updates, etc. Then she writes another summary of a novel she wants to write, I think.

I just… a truly, cold-natured man.

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TL Notes:

The stupid forum crap. Why they frigging shaming a girl for running a dungeon with another gamer. That’s the frigging point of gaming. So can only run dungeons with the same sex? Wth, so stupid. She didn’t even do that much, it’s all a simple misunderstanding. I have seen and been a part of gaming drama, it takes time and more incidents for it to explode. So stupid and asinine, the author brewed up some bullshit drama, not even worth any popcorn.

Before I had kids, I was pretty hardcore into PvE raiding. My husband just jokingly mentioned it today about how if we left guilds, they would die afterwards because we were their best healer and dps, etc. He mentioned this because he’s playing this cell phone game that has a heavy social cooperation component to it and there is drama. It comes with any MMO.

The biggest drama is always from when established groups implode, not free for all, PUG environments, that’s only momentary drama and tides over quickly since there would rarely be high stakes involved in those types of settings. I find it extremely hard to believe that this flimsy trumped up charges of harlotry and banditry would pull in hundreds of comments. It actually paints Chinese internet society in a very bad light that they are so quick to be judgmental.

You know what they say, when you point at someone, 4 fingers are pointing right back at you (point for yourself to see).

Poor Su Nuo, it’s true that all she wanted back then was to receive the love and care from Shen Wang. How ironic that she gets it now effortlessly now that she has cut off her feelings. What a waste. She must feel bitter that she wasted so much time and effort and feelings only to get what she wanted so badly before with very little effort now.

She was having fun gaming but she made the right decision. There is no way she would have been able to live it down if Shen Wang found out she knew and kept gaming.

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11 thoughts on “SFLQT CH 26

  1. Thank you for the chapter!

    The in game drama was def pretty contrived.

    That said, I’m glad she stopped before she dug herself into a hole with SW.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I swear most novels in this genre have authors who never played MMOs. Do they realize MMOs have several servers? You can often pick which server your character logs into (usually you’re locked in after picking but not always). If someone put out an in game hit on me, I’d just create a new character on a different server, walla! No one knows where I am now! (And hiring assassins to wantonly kill players… seems like a broken game mechanic…. I thought most MMOs limited pvp??) If they somehow found me anyway (impressive!), I’d just go to a new game. Like…. it’s a GAME…. why would I let myself get bullied? And those forums…. where are the mods? Seriously, WHERE. ARE. THE. MODS?? Professional games have professional mods on their forums! And would anyone take such a spat seriously? Like, most people aren’t on one server, they won’t know those people… they won’t care… and even if there were people on the same server, unless they were personally involved, why would any of that matter to them? I feel like, in the real world, the person making a “this biatch stole my gal’s guy!” post would get ruthlessly mocked for being petty and stupid. No one would care about some girls fighting over the guy, but they’d wonder why a player would post that on the forums for everyone to see… (Done ranting, lol)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yea, the post was definitely not tea or popcorn worthy. Very contrived so I’m glad that the author is going to drop the game elements from her note.


  3. Gringy with the imaginary game content indeed but good that she left his game, better off without him and this toxic alpha phase gaming community…

    Thanks for the update! Your situation seems rather challenging if work moves to BAU but kids stay at home schooling 😵

    Liked by 1 person

  4. DANG!!! I can’t recall which chapter mentioned the ML’s commentary over the 8 years of following MC.


    He isn’t a stalker, he was just with her throughout the quick transmigrations and actually that seems kind of cute?!

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  5. Mmos definitely come with their shares of drama but this is something else… In general I’ve found Chinese games are a lot about forums and gossip and stuff, and buying friends with money lolol. Well, I’ve only ever read about it so I can’t be sure. I did use to have a Chinese gaming friend who lived in the US and he told me how his guild mates on the cn server would spend thousands of dollars, even hundreds of thousands, on the game for themselves and their friends.
    But I mean, I once joined a guild for a new game and got along well with everyone for a couple of months, being best friends with a static group, and this female officer I never had an argument with but always ignored me suddenly made a post about me, saying I sound like the girl that used to always stir up drama that they banned before in another game and everyone need to be careful around me. Listing every thing I’d “done” in the past. God I was so confused, and people actually stopped talking to me except for the static group. Needless to say, that kind of isolation made me stop joining comms and eventually I quit the game.

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  6. >You know what they say, when you point at someone, 4 fingers are pointing right back at you (point for yourself to see).

    I personally find that unless you contort your thumb in quite painful ways, you tend to have only 3 fingers pointing back at you, with the thumb either pointing forwards or up.

    /ends useless pedantry

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  7. Kinda glad that the game plot is over. As much as I have fun reading it… I just love to see more of Su Nuo’s faceslapping life XD

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