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Su Nuo’s brain felt groggy in a hazy daze that only until her shoulder was patted did she return to her senses.

Looking up.

The twins were sweating heavily all over and tearful eyes gleamed at her.

“What about Mom?” Yuan Cheng’s voice quavered.

Su Nuo looked towards the ward.

The two said nothing more, just staggering, tottering to rush inside. Through the transparent glass window, Su Nuo watched the twins surround Lin Zhi while crying and hugging.

“Little Cotton.” Not long after, Yuan Ze also arrived.

Su Nuo was reticent,  merely passing over the diagnosis sheet in her hand: “The doctor said that the Mom came too late. Now radiotherapy can only help reduce the pain…”

As soon as she said this, Yuan Guohong came running, breathless and panting.


Yuan Ze trapped him against the hospital wall with his arms. He looked down condescendingly at Yuan Guohong, sleepy phoenix eyes full of violence: “Mom is sick, you should know. If you did know, then why didn’t you notify me?!”

He was sternly interrogated, and also the strength exerted was a death grip. Yuan Guohong was gripped until his face to his neck flushed red with fury but he grit down his teeth hard to tolerate.

“Say something!” Yuan Ze yelled angrily, the fierce tone attracting many people’s attention and curious gazes.

“I couldn’t reach you.” Yuan Guohong hoarsely spoke, saying only these few words.

Yuan Ze felt his soul shuddering and studied him for a while. But he finally loosened his grip then slowly retreated two steps, his shoulders slumping down in disquieting dejection.

Yuan Ze was at odds with his family starting from junior high school. A single fight during high school completely lit the fuse. He took merely a single photo of Su Nuo and 100 yuan, absconding overnight in a black taxi to the nearest city. Since then, he never contacted the family again.

Yuan hated that home, hated the damn old lady that he called grandma, and what’s more, hated himself even more. Back when he went to the amusement park with Little Cotton, grandma went to the restroom and his attention was attracted by the park’s clowns. When he turned back and noticed, his sister had disappeared.

It wasn’t until a year ago that he knew that Little Cotton was deliberately abandoned by his grandma, taking the opportunity while he wasn’t paying attention.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

Yuan Ze clenched his fist deathly tight, blue veins throbbing on his forehead, that pair of eyes not only hazy with tears but full of vexation.

“Sorry…” Yuan Ze bowed his head to his father for the first time. “It was my willfulness, I was stubborn, and I’m just an animal.”

He was afraid that his father would find him, and his mother didn’t understand him. So he changed his name, and completely cut off the past cleanly. Even after making money and gaining fame, he did not return to that home.

All these years his head was full of memories of his younger sister, but he had forgotten about the parents and brothers that were still there in front of him.

“It’s all my fault, it’s all of my goddamned fault…” Yuan Ze stood upright with tears streaming down his face, crying like a child.

Yuan Guohong came up and patted him on the shoulder: “My words that day were too heavy. In fact, that’s not my real feelings. Dad-, Dad is very proud of you brothers.”

What he said then was: “Yuan Ze, you make me ashamed of my whole life!”

This was the most regretful thing he had ever said in his entire life.

“Don’t cry anymore, go in and see your mother. She didn’t want me to tell you all, just because she was afraid that you all would be too sad.”

Yuan Ze hummed assent, carelessly swiped away the tear streaks on his face, took a deep breath to calm down, and pushed the entrance in.

Su Nuo didn’t go in, neither did Yuan Guohong.

Yuan Guohong sat next to Su Nuo, he fumbled out a cigarette from his pocket. After seeing the no-smoking sign on the wall, he returned the cigarette back into his pocket. His eyes were hollow, and finally, a sobbing sound came from his throat.

Yuan Guohong quickly repressed the urge to cry sorrowfully, jowls shaking along as he struggled hard. 

“Actually, it was already too advanced once the diagnosis came. In the beginning was medicine. Later on, the doctor recommended hospitalization.” Yuan Guohong rubbed his face and continued brokenly, “I originally wanted from the start-, wanted to tell you from the start. But your mother didn’t allow it, she was afraid- … afraid that you and the Shen family would misunderstand-, misunderstand as letting you return because of money to pay for medical costs. Your mom has considered her children for a lifetime, so even if she’s sick, she doesn’t want to add any psychological burden to all of you. We were initially going to tell you all soon but didn’t think that you would know earlier than expected.”

Su Nuo looked down, curly eyelashes covering up the heartbreak lurking at the bottom of her eyes.

She pursed her lips and slowly placed her cold hands on the back of Yuan Guohong’s hands. His fingers moved and held them gently.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

When her father’s hand returned her grasp, Su Nuo fell into a momentary trance. Yuan Guohong’s hands were very dry, and the old calluses on the palms of his hands painfully abraded her skin. Su Nuo suddenly realized that her biological parents were already old. They were the most ordinary of average people; they did not have the experience of the conditions of the Shen family to maintain themselves. Their years have already wilted and faded away, spending half of their lifespan in pursuing her whereabouts.

She was so indifferent to their familial relationship that she even suspected their intentions.

Right now, Su Nuo was suddenly ashamed of her own small-minded and detached thinking.

“Dad.” She leaned back, “Let’s take a family portrait tomorrow.”

After Yuan Guohong stilled for a moment, he laughingly agreed.

The family all agreed with the idea of ​​taking a family portrait. The next day, Yuan Ze procured a car and took his family over to an isolated peaceful and exquisitely refined scenic manor garden tourist spot.

Large patches of lavender fields are planted behind the manor. Many people are usually taking pictures here, but now is not the peak period yet. So when Su Nuo and them arrived, they did not meet many people. After finishing the photo session, Yuan Cheng and Yuan Che were accompanying Lin Zhi while Su Nuo followed next to the photographer to review the pictures on his camera.

Clear skies and bright youth, Lin Zhi, who was surrounded by her children, laughed happily. This should be her happiest day in recent years.

“I made a reservation in the restaurant, and we’ll go over in a little bit.”

Yuan Ze walked to Su Nuo’s side and raised his hand to help her shade against the dazzling sunlight beaming down her head.

“Let’s play thoroughly for one day, then we will go back at night.”

Su Nuo sounded “un”.

The siblings returned again to Lin Zhi’s side, then took them all over to enjoy the scenery.

The next destination is the zoo in the scenic garden. Fawns teemed, running all over the ground. A few swans can be seen in the heart-shaped lake right in the center. Tourists are not allowed to feed the animals here. Don’t know what Yuan Ze did exactly but, the administrator agreed to the feeding and even directly gifted him two packs of feed.

Yuan Ze secretly scooped a handful of feed into Su Nuo’s hand and in a low whisper, “Go feed the deer.”

Su Nuo looked up: “Don’t Yuan Cheng and Yuan Che have any?”

Yuan Ze is particularly honest: “Won’t give them.”

Su Nuo laughed a bit, and delivered the food cupped in her hands straight to the fawns’ mouths. The deer here are not yet full grown, with a small head, wet glistening eyes just like those of the childhood Su Nuo. Studying the grown up Su Nuo, overflowing with cheerful smiles while feeding the deer, Yuan Ze suddenly felt emotional.

“Little Cotton.”


“If mom…” Looking at that pair of eyes, Yuan Ze still swallowed down what he originally wanted to say in the end.

Su Nuo’s long eyelashes lowered, and her mood was already not as excited as before.

In the still quiet, she darted a look out of the corner of the eye towards that figure. He was standing amidst the greenery, white shirt fluttering in the wind, the brows nestled under ink black hair were gentle and warm as jade. He stretched out both arms and shut his eyes tightly. Doves spiraling beside him, the man in the scenic image seems to float unattached to the world, as if his rise to the heavens as an immortal were imminent.

Su Nuo steadily watched him.

He looks very good.

No words can capture how good it looks.

That distinct and extraordinary aura of his from deep down in his bones made him like the brightest star in the crowd, eye-catching, isolating, high class, and unapproachable or untaintable.

Su Nuo frowned, and suddenly felt a weird premonition in her heart.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

“Cut! One take and done. You worked hard, Teacher* Zhao.”

*TL: They call actors teacher, I guess it is more similar in connotation to Master

“I troubled the director.” Zhao Yunqing calmly opened his eyes and the assistant hurried over to tidy up the feathers on his shoulders.

Zhao Yunqing let the assistant fuss, drinking the delivered water slowly.

He didn’t say much, his disposition was extremely quiet, and his eyes seemed covered with hoary ice. It was obvious that everyone around him was afraid of him, and with the exception of the assistant, any other person did not dare to approach.

At this time, Zhao Yunqing felt someone’s regard. Gaze drifting over, the originally frosty eyes suddenly became a cool sunny day with one glimpse of Su Nuo.

His eyes curved and countless amorous intentions flowed from his peach blossom eyes.

When the staff saw Zhao Yunqing smiling this way, they followed over to his line of sight. Su Nuo instantly became the focal point of the crowd.

Zhao Yunqing placed the water bottle in the assistant’s hand and walked in her direction.

The assistant froze, then he agitatedly shouted, “Wait a minute, teacher, on you…”

Zhao Yunqing had already arrived in front of Su Nuo, bending his waist low: “What a coincidence, Junior Sister.” His lips slightly hooked up with some undisguised joy.

Su Nuo nodded without speaking, her stare fell straight on his shoulder.

“What are you looking at?”

Su Nuo pointed down.

Zhao Yunqing tilted his head, appearing confused.

Su Nuo sincerely pointed out: “You have bird crap on you.”


The assistant behind couldn’t bear to look anymore, he had asked you to wait a goddamned moment.

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