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Su Nuo kindly handed him the paper tissues she carried on herself.

Zhao Yunqing took it with a low voice of thanks. After slowly wiping off the bird droppings on his shoulders, he crumpled the paper towel into his hands.

“There’s a trash can over there,” Su Nuo reminded softly.

“Throw it away in a moment.” He masked his distress without a trace, and his limp hand squeezed the crumpled tissue stained with bird crap even tighter.

Su Nuo felt it faintly funny, but forcefully changed the subject: “Senior Brother came here to film an ad?”

Zhao Yunqing sounded an “un” and said, “Shooting a public service ad to protect the environment.”

He usually does not do commercials. This time is purely out of civic obligation, not accepting any pay and even donating out much.

“How about you?” Zhao Yunqing’s eyes flashed.

Su Nuo: “Came out with my family to take a family portrait.”

Speaking of which, Lin Zhi and Yuan Guohong and also the two little kids came over from close by.

“Nuo Nuo, is this your friend?” Lin Zhi inspected Zhao Yunqing up and down, feeling that this person was familiar, but could not think of where they had met.

Su Nuo opened her mouth and was about to answer, when Yuan Che burst out in excitement, exclaiming, “Oh crap, Big brother*?” *TL: Like Oppa or Aniki or Leader

…Big brother?

“When did you recognize this brother?”* Yuan Ze heard it from the side and lifted his feet to kick his ass.

Yuan Che covered his hips and felt wronged, “My brother’s Big brother, Zhao Xingchen.” TL: So actual Big brother of their sworn brother does make Zhao Yunqing a Big brother of sorts to the Yuan twins

Zhao Xingchen?

With that being said, Su Nuo had an impression now.

“Zhao Xingchen is your younger brother?”

Zhao Xingchen smiled faintly, “My misfortune, he indeed is my little dog brother.” TL: Very derogatory way to refer to his little brother, kind of implying that he is unworthy.

…Why pretend.

Yuan Cheng and Yuan Che rolled their eyes in unison then ran off to the side to pet the fawns.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

“Uncle, Aunty, I am Zhao Yunqing, and Su Nuo’s Senior brother.” He introduced himself in neither an overbearing or overly humble manner. His extraordinarily gentle temperament easily won over Lin Zhi’s favor.

She inspected back and forth, from side to side, and looked yet again and again. The more she looked, the more satisfied.

Yuan Ze’s eyes narrowed: “Eh?”

Zhao Yunqing continued smiling, “Yuan Ze is also my life-saving benefactor.”

Yuan Ze’s brow relaxed and opened.

“We will go to dinner in a little while, Little Zhao* can join us.” Lin Zhi warmly invited. *TL: Referring to Zhao Yunqing in a close manner

Zhao Yunqing glanced at Su Nuo and said slowly: “I just don’t know if it is convenient or not.”

“There is nothing inconvenient, the more, the merrier.”

He nodded.

In a blink of an eye, Zhao Yunqing and his assistant spoke for a few, changed his clothes and followed them to a restaurant in the scenic area. Yuan Ze wanted a private room, which was spacious and wouldn’t feel crowded even if their group was large.

Zhao Yunqing naturally sat next to Su Nuo.

“How old is Little Zhao this year?” There is still some time before the dishes are served, so Lin Zhi strikes a conversation with him.

Zhao Yunqing modestly: “I am 27 this year.”

Lin Zhi twisted her eyebrows and muttered under her breath, “Eight years older than Nuo Nuo…” Then she dithered for a while, before then asking, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

That pair of black pupils deepened, peeking involuntarily at Su Nuo’s face. A girl’s slender hands encircled the tea cup, completely clueless and heedless towards their chitchat.

Zhao Yunqing’s lips hooked and said, “No.”

Lin Zhi: “Have you had one before?”

“Wife.” Yuan Guohong tugged at her sleeve and whispered quietly, “It’s a little rude to ask this.”

Lin Zhi also realized that things were a little inappropriate and lowered her head, smiling abashedly.

“No problem.” Zhao Yunqing quietly broke the deadlock. “There are no outsiders here, and it is understandable to ask these questions. I haven’t had a girlfriend before, because I debuted too early. I have always been busy with work, and things unknowingly dragged on till now.

Lin Zhi grabbed a hold of the key clues in his words and peered closely, only to notice that Zhao Yunqing is a big star who often appears in movies. She was suddenly both shocked and happy, yet also agitated and unspeakably concerned. Finally, she wasn’t able to suppress it anymore, lowering her head to cough a few times.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

As soon as she coughed, the whole family’s eyes turned grim.

Su Nuo glanced at the time: “Mom, it’s time to take medicine.”

She opened the backpack and took the pills out for Lin Zhi to take by mouth.

Lin Zhi took it with water, directing an embarrassed smile at Zhao Yunqing.

He didn’t ask further and shifted to a more appropriate subject to break this awkward silence.

The dishes were quickly served, Su Nuo peacefully ate whatever her eye fancied. Suddenly, two peeled shrimps, one right and one left, were delivered to the small dish in front of Su Nuo.

She looked up, Zhao Yunqing by her side and Yuan Ze straight across from her were currently regarding each other face to face.

Yuan Ze narrowed his eyes, his eyes were slightly gloomy.

Zhao Yunqing smiled leisurely: “Would you like me to help peel one for you?” As he spoke, he peeled another shrimp and then sent it into Yuan Ze’s bowl.

Yuan Ze: “…”

“I’ll peel one for you too.” Su Nuo followed along to shuck one.

Looking at the two shrimps in the bowl, Yuan Ze slowly could only express a  “?” In his heart, how come he feels something off about this.

“What does Little Zhao’s family do?”

The sound of Lin Zhi’s voice made the three react, and Zhao Yunqing quickly replied, “It’s not worth mentioning just a small business.”

Yuan Ze sneered: “Don’t listen to him pull your leg, Mom. If their family is only a small business, then there aren’t any big businesses.”

The Zhao family is a large clan and business that established the largest domestic industrial petroleum company. Not only domestically, but also among the best in the world. In recent years, they broke into market sectors such as real estate and overseas trade. The family business is getting bigger and bigger. Not to mention his (paternal) grandfather has many meritorious deeds under his belt and his reputation is not small. Although outsiders do not know Zhao Yunqing’s background, the entertainment circle knows him from root to tip. Because of this, third-rate actresses dare not easily entangle him nor maliciously smear the family. In addition, he possesses a humble disposition and has excellent acting skills. From his debut on, the prizes collected are endless and widely considered as one of the best in the world. Even when encountering someone from a generation above, afraid that they would still call him “Teacher Zhao” completely sincerely.

That-, small business? ?

Are you playing?

Yuan Ze didn’t dare to tell his parents about Zhao Yunqing’s background in detail, as he was afraid to scare them. Fortunately, the two elders didn’t ask much, only understanding that he was a big rich celebrity.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

As the meal neared to a close, Zhao Yunqing secretly settled the bill with the help of the assistant, and furthermore had them buy two gifts from the jewelry store in the manor garden.

The assistant very quickly sent the packaged gift bag over.

Zhao Yunqing specially sent the items to the hands of Lin Zhi and Yuan Guohong. “This encounter was too abrupt, I didn’t have time to prepare the greeting gift. I can only buy some small impromptu gifts. Please don’t disdain me.”

He had directed the assistant to prepare a gold necklace and also a simple and elegant men’s watch.

Father and Mother Yuan who had received the gift were shocked silly.

The stores that can operate in this kind of place are naturally not small stores. They recognized at a glance that this is the C family brand. A small tiny earring was the cheapest, yet sells for tens of thousands. Now the necklace that Zhao Yunqing gave them and the watch is the latest model of the C family. Lin Zhi had already forgotten where she had seen the price tag before, but the long string of zeros were enough to make one suck in their teeth.

“This is too expensive, hurry and take it back.” The couple both don’t love taking advantage of others. Naturally, such valuables will not be accepted, not to mention it’s only the first time that they met.

“Just accept it,” he said. “I got in a car accident half a year ago, it was out in the middle of nowhere and also at dawn. If it wasn’t for Yuan Ze passing by who saved me, this life of mine would be long gone.”

Lin Zhi looked at her husband and he looked back. With things said to such a degree, they may be deemed pretentious if they kept rejecting. After smiling sheepishly, they accepted the two bags.

“I still have work, so I’ll go first.” While saying this, Zhao Yunqing’s eyes were fixed on Su Nuo’s face. “See you later, Junior sister.”

Seeing Zhao Yunqing’s upright figure becoming distant, Yuan Che furtively jostled Yuan Ze, and whispered in his ear, “Did this brother of yours set his sight on Su Nuo?”

Yuan Ze with penetrating eyes and a magnetic smoky voice: “Who is Su Nuo?”

Yuan Che, utterly oblivious to the warning signs in Yuan Ze’s tone, replied, “Your sister.”

Yuan Ze with cold eyes: “My sister is your what?”

Yuan Che finally realized the atmosphere, his body became stiff as a board, and he shakingly looked over. Yuan Ze captured his sight with a gaze like a fierce beast. How could Yuan Che withstand this, he immediately acceded and swallowed hard, “My elder sis, my elder sis, alright?”

Yuan Ze humphed and released him.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

“But I mean speaking seriously, did your bro set his sights on my elder sis? Look at him seeming so weaselly, what upright standing person would look at other girls like that? And also, his money wasn’t blown in by a strong wind out of nowhere, buying a watch for more than 100,000 yuan, buy it just like that?

The more Yuan Che thought about it, the more he felt it was odd. Even if he didn’t want to admit it, Su Nuo truly had some charm, otherwise Zhao Xingchen would not become fascinated into losing his mind. Especially after the publicity for <Nine Heavens> was released these last two days, the male students in the class were like crazed loons howling lustily at the tablet every day, “Little sister is really so good-looking” or “I want to be little sister’s husband,” or a few rounds of little sisters. Su Nuo is obviously older than this group of little rabbit rascals, alright?

Fortunately, they didn’t know that Su Nuo was his and Yuan Cheng’s elder blood sister, otherwise they’d be sacrificial lambs.

“Food can be eaten messily, but words can’t be spoken carelessly.” Yuan Ze rubbed Yuan Che’s sloppy hair roughly. “I’m the life-saving benefactor of that guy surnamed Zhao. He dares to have ulterior motives about my sister if he doesn’t want to live, understand? “

“It’s not that, Big brother…”Yuan Che was about to continue speaking, Yuan Ze interrupted impatiently: “Okay. Yun Qing is my brother. I know him. He has an adult’s sense of propriety. You two little vegetarians* go play off to one side, Don’t talk about the matters between adults. Don’t say if it ’s nothing, even if there’s something, it’s none of your business. ” TL: vegetarians, meaning they never ate ‘meat’ aka virgins

Yuan Cheng played innocent: “It’s nothing to do with me, big brother. Don’t add me in there while you are scolding him.”

Yuan Ze didn’t bother minding him and he went to find Su Nuo on the other side with both hands in his pockets. When Su Nuo turned back, his lips were hooked up and his eyes curved, looking just as docile as Zhao Xingchen’s big white cat at home.

“Fuck.” Yuan Che raised his middle finger. “This damn siscon has no brains, you deserve to have someone rob your little sister.”

“Forget it, forget it, Big brother won’t pay us any mind.” Yuan Cheng patted his shoulder, then hooked his arms to drag him to play in the flower beds.

After the two kids idly took a few selfies of themselves, they lost interest. They lay down on a clear patch of soft grass and watched the clear sky, sinking into a deep contemplation.

For a moment, Yuan Che turned to his side: “Seriously, if Big Brother Zhao chases after Su Nuo successfully, what about Xingchen? Won’t he go crazy?”

Zhao Xingchen has been enamored with Su Nuo to obsession, inquiring about Su Nuo’s status multiple times in just a few days, even thinking about the names of their future children. When chatting everyday, the words “Su Nuo” are inevitable every two sentences, stirring up the duo’s endless annoyance.

Everyone knows that Zhao Xingchen and Zhao Yunqing don’t see eye to eye. If they also know that Zhao Yunqing is pursuing Su Nuo…

-Just watch till the end.

“Big Brother said it right, it’s none of our business.” Yuan Cheng closed his eyes, and was very zen.

If you are not seeing this on hongbaihe.net, this is a stolen translation Please do not repost without permission!! Please support the original translator by viewing it at the source!

After strolling in the manor garden for a while, the whole group lost interest. As they were about to drive back, Lin Zhi beckoned over Su Nuo.


Lin Zhi adjusted the floral skirt on her body, “I think this scenery seems very good. You help mommy take a solo picture.”

Behind her flowed a little creek with clear pristine waters, reflecting the gorgeous green mountain scenery.

Su Nuo opened the camera, pointing the lens at Lin Zhi.

Lin Zhi stood upright, her makeup still couldn’t quite hide her sickly pale skin and frailness. She smiled brightly and steadily stared into the camera.

Su Nuo took two more photos, Lin Zhi took her time choosing, but they were both quite satisfied. Finally, she chose the best one and deleted the rest.

Su Nuo suddenly realized another use for this photo, lowered her long eyelashes, and repressed her thoughts.

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I think Su Nuo realized that this photo can be used for her funeral… It was hard for me to find a proper picture for my mom’s funeral…

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